Airports Facts That You Didn’t Know Before

I know how we all wish we could be away on holiday on a white sandy beach overlooking the calm, blue seas… but unfortunately, we can’t. So, the closest we can get to a holiday is by reading about holiday-related articles, at least that’s what I’m doing.

While reading about holidays, flying and airports, I found out fantastic bits of trivia about airports that could be handy in future pub quizzes, virtual quizzes or simply something interesting to know! Today, I’ve also partnered up with Aviation Spares & Repairs, aviation equipment supplier, to expand on my airport trivia facts.

Animals to the rescue


Therapy animals work in airports around the world to keep travellers and workers at ease and stress-free. These are not your regular pets, therapy animals vary from dogs to pigs and even miniature horses. In San Francisco International Airport, Lilou the world’s first therapy pig offers mass therapy to staff and passengers while Southampton International Airport is home to the canine crew, a team of four-legged volunteers that reduce anxiety and brighten people’s day.

Beat airport boredom

butterfly garden

Do you think that the most exciting thing you’ll find at the airport is tax-free cosmetics? Think again. Many airports offer free activities for travellers to enjoy during their stay, making you wish you could stay at the airport for longer and not the other way around! For instance, at Singapore’s Changi Airport you can go on a natural trail around their themed gardens, from their rooftop cactus garden and sunflower garden to their orchid garden and butterfly garden.

Reduce noise pollution with art


As Breathing Travel mentioned in this article, Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport reduced noise pollution with a bespoke landscaping work by landscape architect and artist Paul De Kort. The airport “discovered that after the land between the runway and the surrounding areas were ploughed, the noise reduced. With this in mind, Paul De Kort started to create a series of hedges and ditches which reduced noise levels by more than half. His landscaping work has now become a 36-hectare park called Buitenschot.”

Green spaces matter

Zurich airport

Have you ever wondered if anything is done to the green areas surrounding the airports? Or how can airports keep animals away from coming in and paying a visit to our fellow travellers? Many airports, such as the Zurich Airport, employ wildlife managers that look after the wildlife surrounding the airport and keep an eye on animals, so they don’t interfere with take-offs and landings.

Do you know of any other interesting airport-related facts?

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