Win Fabulous Fashion For A Year - Mr Price Competition Ends 25/11

Have you heard of MRP?  MRP stands for Mr Price, and they are the South African equivalent of Primark and wow what prices they have! Really brilliant prices for great cost effective fashion and they are coming to the UK soon.

How would you like to win a years supply of fashion with them? I know I would. Well just click on the competition banner at the bottom of the page and it will take you to the competition, just fill in your details and you are in it to win it!

What do you think of the clothes? I love the Chelsea boots above, and the polka dot boyfriend jeans are really cute too. Whilst rummaging through the site I found some real bargains - A t-shirt dress for £3.50, a man's bomber jacket for £8 and baby clothes for £2.50. They pretty much have something for everyone. And if you like high fashion and want to change your look on a regular basis it is definitely worth checking out their website. Perfect for cost-conscious teenagers, students, and those with an eye on the latest looks, with these prices you know you will always be 'bang on trend'.  Good luck and fingers crossed.

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Garrett Popcorn - Yummy!

Garrett Popcorn is THE original gourmet popcorn. Since its beginnings in 1949 it has become a household name in Chicago and the rest of the USA and has since spread to the Far East and Middle East.  Well I have some great news for you as Garrett's Popcorn is launching its first UK shop very soon in London!

Garrett Popcorn pride themselves on using only the best ingredients for their popcorn and they hand make it in old-fashioned copper cooking kettles. They hot air pop their popcorn and add a mix based on secret family recipes. Everything is freshly made daily.

So what about the flavours? Well their signature flavour is Chicago Mix. This is a mix of caramel crisp and cheese corn. I was dubious about trying this at first. I prefer sweet popcorn to savoury popcorn. However I did really enjoy it. It was an interesting mix of sweet and sticky and salty and cheesy. My husband particularly enjoyed it. The cheese popcorn was particularly distinctive having a strong cheddar cheese flavour. 

Luxury popcorn

Chicago Mix - A mix of Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn

Then we tried the caramel crisp popcorn. This type of popcorn has a rich buttery flavour, made from brown sugar and is really delicious. They describe it as having a creme brûlée crunch and it certainly does, it is very sweet with a very slight bitter flavour. This makes it moreish but intriguing. Definitely grown up popcorn! I think this would last a long time as you only need a handful or two to get that satisfying flavour.

Gorgeous Retro Tin

As you can see from the photograph above the popcorn has a lovely retro tin which it is presented in. I also received popcorn scoops and bags to serve it in. All of this added to an authentic retro American experience. The tins come in a range of sizes from small to extra large suitable for all from individuals to large families.

Other flavours in the range include 

Almond CaramelCrisp
Pecan CaramelCrisp
Cashew CaramelCrisp
Macadamia CaramelCrisp

On their website they have all the nutritional information needed too if you are keeping an eye on calories. The plain popcorn has a very reasonable 80 calories per 30g and no saturated fat making it a healthier alternative to crisps and almost all their popcorn is gluten free. Obviously the caramel crisp popcorn is higher in calories but as it is very satisfying I think you will agree if you do try it that a little goes a long way.

I'm saving some popcorn for the next new blockbuster, I'm going to dim the lights get comfy on the sofa with my hubby and son J and enjoy!  

So keep an eye out for Garrett popcorn coming to the UK very soon if you'd like to try authentic American luxury popcorn made the old fashioned way.

* I was given some popcorn to try for an honest review
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Win With The London Jewellery School - Ends 10/10

I'm like a magpie, I like pretty things, the sparkly the better, so I was excited when I heard that the London Jewellery School was running classes in making your own jewellery.

The courses are run by young successful entrepreneur Jessica Rose who at the age of 24 now runs the largest jewellery making business in Europe. Jessica fell in love with jewellery making ever since leaving school and since she began teaching others how to make jewellery she has never looked back. From humble beginnings, in a community hall, she now runs the London Jewellery School in Hatton Garden. A few short years later and the London Jewellery School is a huge success attracting 1000's of students and visitors from London, the UK and abroad.

Jessica Rose

Jessica's future looked very different in 2009 when her A-level results weren't what she needed to get into her choice of course at University. But Jessica decided to focus on a different plan and the London Jewellery School was born. 

You may be wondering what sort of courses they run at the London Jewellery School. Well, they run a myriad of courses for those with simply an interest in jewellery but no experience in making it, to an accredited diploma in Creative Jewellery Making. 

Jessica says, “Jewellery-making can be a very positive experience – it allows you to express your own style and have a creative outlet. When people have stressful jobs or lives, having a creative outlet can be really important to help them cope – taking some time to think about colours and shapes, and the sense of satisfaction you get from making something is really beneficial. It can also give people confidence and real lift."

Jewellery you can make

Prices for courses start from £50 to £4000 for the diploma course and can be taught full-time, part-time, evening or in the day. In fact, there are courses to suit everyone whatever their budget or circumstance. With each course all the materials are included too, all you need to bring is enthusiasm and a love of jewellery. Day classes usually run from 10-5pm and evening classes from 6.30-9.30pm.

Some of the courses are below.

  • Beginner’s Silver Jewellery
  • Pearl Knotting
  • Enamel
  • Fused Glass 
  • Metal Clay
  • Stone Setting
  • Resin and Perspex
  • Tiara making
...and much more.  

The jewellery taster courses are particularly good value for £50, and they seem so much fun. I love the idea of the cocktail ring class, making a silver charm or a pair of chandelier earrings, and I can imagine wearing what I made at a Christmas party. In fact, I love the idea of the Gift Vouchers, for a special present for someone who has everything, mum, best friend, wife or girlfriend it would suit most ladies and men who like being creative, after all, some of the world's greatest designers are men.

Mel Dawson a student says
“I started with a cocktail ring taster class – I came along with a friend - and made 5 rings in an evening. It was a great way to get some creativity into my life and very different to my day job. The quick results from the class got me hooked so I came back for a make a silver ring class. I couldn’t believe that I could make something in precious metal after just an evening – the tutors are brilliant at helping you to learn quickly. I wasn’t sure I was the sort of person who made things so having a go was a revelation.
Now I’ve done several day classes and have a whole box of jewellery making supplies at home – if I need stress relief or a little lift I can get out my bead box and create a new pair of earrings or a necklace. I’ve definitely got the jewellery making box – which is great for me and for many friends and family who are getting lots of new jewellery as presents.”

Make A Stunning Cocktail Ring

All the courses are taught by professionals but in a fun friendly manner, who knows even a taster course may spark a passion in the jewellery business, you could be the next Jessica Rose.

Make Some Pretty Chandelier Earrings

If you would like to read about Jessica and why I think she is an inspiration to young people check out this post. 

Do you love jewellery as much as me? Have you ever wanted to try making jewellery? Well, this is the exciting part as The London Jewellery School have given me a prize for my lucky readers of a place on a taster course for two. Who would you bring with you if you were so lucky to win? I will leave that up to you!  Good luck.

To enter the competition please visit The London Jewellery School Taster Classes page, and then enter by answering the questions via the Rafflecopter application below.

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The Best Hotels In London

Our capital city is a great place. With lots to see and do London is such a vibrant city. But how do you choose where to stay in London? This post is my take on the best hotels in London.

Best Modern Luxury Hotel 

The Corinthia

Beautiful modern design in a grand Victorian building this stylish hotel ticks all the right boxes. Fantastic Spa - check, cool cocktail bar - check, outstanding service - well of course! Whether you can afford to stay in a sumptuous suite or a superior room I don't think the Corinthia will disappoint. Voted by Trip Advisor as one of its Travellers Choice hotels 2013, it is the place to see film stars and those mere mortals that like the best things in life - like me! I have to admit I won afternoon tea at The Corinthia and it was the most amazing experience.

The Corinthia Hotel London

Best Traditional Luxury Hotel

The Ritz

The Ritz is the place for old school glamour. Known for its faultless service and its scrumptious afternoon tea, this British institution has moved with the times whilst still maintaining the traditional standards for which it is known. With some of the best customer service in the capital, your every need is met with a smile, whether you are an Arab sheik or a a normal person, everyone is treated with the same courtesy.

The Ritz

Best Hotel in The Heart Of The Action

The Dean Street Townhouse

Perfectly situated in the heart of Soho, The Dean Street Townhouse is that something special for a keenly priced London hotel. Those that have read my previous review may realise how much I loved this place. Everything was in the detail, and I mean everything. You could literally turn up without anything and find all the toiletries you may need there, razor, shaving gel, deodorant  lip balm, I mean lip balm! The cookies are to die for. I won't go into any more detail just read my review here. Oh and it has a very lively bar full of media types.

Dean Street Town House

Best Hotel For Shopaholics

Saint George's London

Saint George's London is a well situated hotel. Placed on the corner of Langham Street and fashionable Regent Street - it is only a short walk from Oxford Circus tube station. A perfect hotel for shopaholics, Oxford Street is close by and all those fabulous shops are on your doorstep. Rooms are from £120 which is a steel for London, especially when you get well stocked mini bars, flat screen TVS and free wi-fi. The Height's restaurant on the 15th floor has fabulous views of London too. The hotel is undergoing refurbishment at the moment and is definitely a hotel to check out if you want to be close to great shopping. At the moment if you quote TEN at checkout you will get 10% off.

Saint George's Hotel

Best Family Friendly Hotel

The Athenaeum

This 5 star family-run hotel near Hyde Park is well-known for its family friendliness. Their children's menu is created by children for children. Child-sized bathrobes and slippers, age appropriate books, toys and games are available including Wii, Xbox and more. At nighttime cookies and milk automatically arrive. They even have nannies and a kid's concierge. Rooms are well appointed as you would expect for a luxury establishment.

Athenaeum Hotel

Best Foodie Hotel

The Mandarin Oriential

Timeless English elegance and immaculate style make this one of London's most distinguished hotels. Why do I rate it for the food? One word Heston. Heston Blumenthal's Dinner restaurant has been named number 9 in the top 50 restaurants in the world in 2012 and has one Michelin star. Signature dishes such as 'meat fruit' make this a memorable dining experience and a menu that has achieved worldwide recognition from chefs, critics and customers alike.

 'Meat fruit'

This is a taster of my opinions on the best London hotels. I look forward to reviewing them in detail in the near future.

What are you favourite London hotels?

* This is a sponsored post but all the words and opinions are my own
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What Is Great Customer Service?

Service with a Smile
Service with a Smile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What is great customer service about? Great customer service is going above and beyond the norm, ensuring your customer is happy and satisfied and that you do everything you can to meet their needs.

A good example of this, is if you are in a supermarket and you ask an assistant where an item is, they will tell you an aisle, however if the assistant tells you, but then shows you exactly where it is, they are the ones that provide great customer service. 

A positive attitude and a smile also goes 
a long way, knowing that the person is happy to serve you (or appears happy!) can make all the difference. Companies that know the benefit of great customer service to their sales figures are the savvy ones. In this day and age, and these tough economic times, companies can't afford to ignore staff training in this area. 

Small businesses often know and value great customer service. After all the owners may work in the business or have close links to the day to day running. I run a business in the luxury retail market and I know the importance of chatting to customers, building a rapport, and trying to meet their requests and needs.

Some big businesses do it well. John Lewis for example. John Lewis staff are partners in the business, and are highly trained to offer helpful and impartial advice on all products. Their service doesn't end with your purchase – they are great at providing excellent after sales and a great choice of expert services to help you, from delivery to installation. But so often big businesses get it wrong. 

Recently I went to a chain restaurant , I had no issue with the food but the customer service seriously let the place down. When we got there, there was no warm welcome, no smile, no, "How Are You Today?" No attempt was made at pleasantries. We had a reservation but no one thought to ask us if we did. We were plonked down on a tiny table by a noisy (and smelly area). I am not going to go on about the restaurant as this post is not about them, but I would say staff had little warmth about them and poor explanations of the menu selection were given. They were busy I could see that but what a very underwhelming welcome. 

To improve the service all that was needed was a brief chat, asking how you were today, if we had a reservation, an explanation of the menu and a personable waitress that nothing was too much trouble for. It was all the more awkward as I had to blog about my experience for the company. 

The great thing about social media is that there is an easiness to which you can complain if things go wrong. Companies sit up and take notice of you. The consumer does have 'clout' for once. I witnessed this when I had problems getting my car to be repaired under guarantee. Taking to social media channels helped the issue become resolved, and blogging about my experience in the restaurant helped the management take notice of the issues, which they are addressing as we speak, which I give them full credit for. I am glad I was constructive in giving feedback, as if consumers don't complain how can companies know how to improve.

I have visited America on a number of occasions and they get so much right there.  Efficent service with a smile, nothing is too much trouble, always helpful they seem to almost always get it right. Maybe the system where tips are a larger part of the wages help provide better service?

What does great customer service mean to you? Have you ever had any issues with customer service resolved through social media. Let me know!
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The Ultimate Chocolate Baking Challenge - Can You Rise To The Challenge?

Have you been watching The Great British Bake Off? I admit, it's one of my guilty pleasures... I love cooking but never seem to have the time these days, and one of my resolutions is to have more time to bake this year. There is something utterly satisfying about creating and baking something delicious for friends and family. So when I saw this competition run in conjunction with The Great British Bake Off and Elizabeth Shaw I thought it would be of interest to my readers too.

Chocolate Cake - credit Elizabeth Shaw

How many of us would love to be on TV where your baking skills speak for themselves. Or get excited watching Jamie, Heston or Nigella perform their skills in the kitchen. Well, now is your chance to be involved in a chocolate baking competition with some fantastic prizes available. Classic chocolate brand Elizabeth Shaw are inviting everyone to submit their chocolate baking recipe to its website to be in with the chance of winning a meet and greet with The Great British Bake Off judges, Paul Hollywood & Mary themselves and have your recipe featured live on The Great British Bake Off Stage at the BBC Good Food Show Winter.

Elizabeth Shaw has teamed up with the team at the BBC Good Food Show Winter, 27 November - 1 December and as a result is hosting its very own ‘Chocolate Baking Challenge’.

My Friend's Karen the Master Bakers Cake 

Five finalists will be invited to London on 24 October 2013, where they will showcase their mouth-watering creations, made with Elizabeth Shaw chocolate, to the VIP judging team, which include: John Whaite, 2012 The Great British Bake Off Winner, Sarah Cook, Food Editor of BBC Good Food magazine and Jo Pratt, TV cook and bestselling author.  As well as the chance to meet the crème de la crème of the baking world, there will also be a Q&A session with the 3 judges as well as a champagne tea, so you can have all your baking questions answered.

From the five finalists, one winner will be chosen on the day and will win a prize that money can’t buy! There are also a number of runners up prizes including a year's supply of chocolate.

For more information and to submit your chocolate baking recipe click here:

Red Hot World Buffet - My First Visit

A little while ago I was lucky enough to be picked as a taste tester for Red Hot World Buffet. Red Hot World Buffet is a concept built around World foods in an environment where you can eat as much as you want. Indian, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican and Japanese food are featured highly in the menu. Food is kept hot with the hot plates, and there is a number of serving stations where food is freshly made before your very eyes.

I admit it, I'm not a big fan of buffets in general although I do eat out a lot, but I was looking forward to sampling the food and seeing what this experience would be like. To sum up the food was better than expected but the staff let the place down a little.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant was busy but not full. I had booked ahead so they should have known we were coming and also that we were coming to review the restaurant. 

When we got to the restaurant the waiter at the door looked confused, and there wasn't a warm welcome. He sat us on a tiny table, next to the service area,where all we could hear were  dishes being washed and something unpleasant like the smell of bins.

I asked politely to move and he moved us to a different area which was much better although it was a similar table and just as cramped. I was a little disappointed to be honest. Another waitress settled us down, but I had to ask how the concept worked as I was not sure, and the information wasn't forthcoming. She appeared pleasant though

Then another waitress came over and the service picked up, although I had to explain again when we were there. She quickly took our drinks order and explained how it worked but it was so quick and seemed rushed. I did feel the staff lacked warmth and the information given was poor, it was a bit of a shame as the food looked good. Some of the staff seemed off hand as if we were an inconvenience. First impressions of the restaurant area were that it was quite dark for 1pm in the afternoon. 

I would suggest a proper meet and greeter would improve the experience for the customer, with staff being trained in making customers feel welcome.

Virgin Mojito

Onto the food - the food area was much lighter than the restaurant and the food was split into sections. Sushi, Italian, English, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese and much more. I have to give credit where it is due the food displays were very appetising and fresh looking. Due to the busy nature of the restaurant that afternoon I was confident that most food was freshly cooked and turned over quickly. I started with a dish off the Teppanyaki area. Here the idea is you pick your meat and vegetable, noodles and a sauce and the dish is cooked on a hot plate before your eyes. The food when I tried it was hot, fresh and tasty.

Teppanyaki Station

My son went on to have a selection of Indian food, he found the Chicken Tikka Marsala in his words "the nicest I have had for a long time", however, didn't really care for the Egg Fried Rice as he thought it was bland.  He tried the Pizza twice and it much much better the second time when it was made fresh. If you want to have the nicest food I would wait around the stations to see what was being prepared and cooked there and then. The food that was hanging around the longest did not taste as nice as the freshly prepared food.

I went back to try the Indian food, the Butter Garlic Nan Bread was very tasty and the Onion Bhaji was very nice too and not too greasy, they were both hot and fresh. I tried a selection of Indian dishes, including Chicken Tikka Masala, and Lamb Rogan Josh, the meat in the first seemed dry however the Rogan Josh was very flavourful.

Pizza And Salads

Onto the desserts. My son had a selection of Creme Brulee, Marshmallow Kebabs dipped in chocolate, Lime Jelly and a Chocolate Truffle. He highly rated the desserts. I had the Banana Caramel Pancakes. These were like little drop pancakes and were made freshly on a hot plate. These were certainly the best part of the meal for me, totally delicious and sweet without being too sickly -they certainly made the meal.

A Selection Of Desserts

To sum up I wish the staff were more welcoming as this started off our experience on the wrong foot. The food when freshly prepared and cooked at the cooking station was tasty, both the Teppanyaki and the pancakes were the nicest parts of the meal.  

The drinks selection was decent and they had a lovely choice of 'mocktails' without alcohol. Prices at the Red Hot World Buffet vary between £8.49 to £12.99 for lunch and £12.99 for £14.99 for dinner. Kids always eat at half price which is a good offer.

So Red Hot World Buffet, please look at your staff training and the welcome experience. I really wanted to love your Cardiff restaurant - the food was better than I expected but the staff let it down. I look forward to revisiting for an improved experience.

Update: Red Hot Buffet have taken my comments on board. The manager of the Cardiff branch sent me an email to say that they appreciate my comments. They have said that they were disappointed that my welcome was not how they would have expected. They have re-emphasised the welcome process to the staff. They also stated they would ensure staff asked where customers would like to sit in future and have taken on board my comments on the size of the table. They will also ensure that the concept of the Red Hot Buffet is explained properly. 

I am pleased that they seem to be taking my comments on board. I look forward to my next visit!

* I am a Red Hot Buffet TasteMaker, I was given this meal to blog about for an honest review.

Dean Street Townhouse - It's All About The Detail

I like a little bit of luxury - don't we all? I also love to travel. So when I go on holiday or visit another part of the country I try and book a hotel that's just that something special. When I want that great service with the individual touch I look for a unique boutique hotel.

Recently I visited London and booked the Dean Street Townhouse. This 39 bedded boutique hotel in the heart of Soho in London is a favourite with media people, being part of the Soho Hotel group but you don't need to be in PR or media to stay here, although you may spot a celeb or two at the bar or restaurant.

Bedrooms are sized according to tiny, small, medium and large and offer a high standard of comfort. Sony flat screen TVs, DVD players, iPod docking stations and free wireless Internet are standard. There is nothing more annoying than checking into a hotel and finding out you have to pay £20 to use the Internet. You also get tea and coffee in your room, a minibar and great bathrooms with a rainfall shower, or roll top bath in the bigger rooms.  The style is traditional yet modern, comfortable and chic.

So as you can see a high level of accommodation. But... here is where it gets interesting... it's all about the detail.

The tea tray is lovingly stocked with china cups and a teapot and lovely homemade looking cookies. I can testify they tasted as good as they looked!

The bathroom is stocked with full-size Cowshed products. This premium British brand prides itself on its Organic luxury products, and they smell divine. Warm fluffy robes that actually feel soft against your skin add another touch of superb luxury.

Mouthwash, Toothpaste, Deodorant and Condoms as well as everything else you could need?

Also, the bathroom has a lovely stash of free products to use. How often do you see lip balm, deodorant, razor, shaving gel and condoms as well as the usual shower gel to use and take away? You could literally turn up without any toiletries and the Dean Street Townhouse would have everything you need.

China tea set,  Extensive list of DVDs to borrow for free, Cowshed Products, Delicious Biscuits

When you can tear yourself away from the comfy bed and yummy biscuits, and want to venture out into the vibrant capital, don't worry if it's raining, as you can use the umbrella in the room. You are only charged if you take it on check out.

We booked a small room and paid in advance online. It came to £180 which is a steal for the centre of London and this high standard of hotel.  I was worried it would be really small, but no! It was actually a really good size, bigger than my bedroom at home.

large comfy bed

The staff were very accommodating - when we checked in our room wasn't ready so they took our bags whilst we completed our details and gave us bottled water for our trip into London. Two hours later my husband had a phone call, our room was ready. Now I have stayed in a number of 4 and 5-star hotels in the world and I have never had this happen! I was very impressed I can tell you!

It's all in the detail

Being in the centre of Soho I was concerned about the noise. We stayed on a Monday and did not notice any discernible noise. If you stayed on a weekend it may be a different matter, but as I did not I cannot comment on this.

So to sum up a stylish, chic hotel where the finishing touches really make you feel special. Recommended *****

September Comping Round Up

This is a new feature on my blog. Every month I will try and write a comping round up to share with my readers. This will include a mix of competitions with big and small prizes, and I will post it at the start of the month.

Blog Competitions

Chris at Mummy Of Three Diaries has a great competition running to win a Cadburys Sweet Selection  ends 14/09

Helen at Mummy To The Max has a Baby Born Nappy Time to give away ends 16/09

Jo at Given to Distracting others has a competition to Win a Slow Cooker ends 26/09

Rachel is given away some Spiritual cards at Breakthrough ends  24/09

Sarah at Life in a Breakdown has a competition running to win £100 to spend with Zelando ends 19/09

Lucy is giving away a Hairy Bikers baking book at It's a London Bird Thing ends 11/09

Lilinha has a Lumilove Night Light to give away on Lilinha Angel's World ends 27/09

Helen at Two Monsters and me is giving away a £25 Tesco voucher ends 13/09

Rachel at UMeAndTheKids is giving away lots of Skylander goodies ends 30/09


Win a £500 Shopping Spree with Red Magazine and Francetti Bond (registration required)  ends 30/09

Win £500 of Children's Furniture with Yeo Valley ends 30/09

Win £1000 to spend at Whistles with The Guardian ends  14/09

Win a Suitcase full of Holiday Essentials with AOL ends 10/09

Win a Laptop with Stylist Magazine ends 10/09

Win £1500 to spend at Screwfix with Absolute Radio ends (registration required) ends 11/09

Win £500 gift vouchers for M & S with Vogue ends 15/09

Win an Intel inspired Ultrabook with The Guardian ends 20/09

Win 2 nights and dinner in the Channel Islands with ends 08/09

Win £1000 to spend on jewellery with Monica Vinada and ElleUK ends 30/09

So good luck compers and don't forget the competitions I have running too. Both of these you can tweet every day for an extra entry and leave a blog comment every day for an extra entry too

Win a Ti Sento bracelet with Johnson Jewellers ends 22/09

Win a Designer Jewellery cuff with Jessica Flinn designer jeweller ends 21/09

Ti Sento Bracelet Giveaway with Johnson Jewellers - Ends 22/09

Johnson Jewellers are one of those family run jewellers that make you feel proud to be British. They pride themselves on their approachable, knowledgable staff and the advice they offer. Being a member of the National Association of Goldsmith's (N.A.G.) means that they are a name you can trust on your high street.

But what about the jewellery you may ask? Well Johnson Jewellers have a wide range of both jewellery and watches of all the well known brands as well as wedding rings, and gifts for that special someone. The brands that they stock include Pandora, DKNY and Swarovski, Omega, Tag Heuer and Raymond Weil. 

When browsing their website I came across this lovely Hugo Boss watch for my husband (below). This classic black watch is stylish and will go with everything. My favourite watch that I would love to wear myself, is this rose gold coloured Juicy Couture watch. Rose gold is very fashionable in jewellery at present and I love the rich tones of this watch. I feel this rose gold watch would add a touch of class to any outfit. 

Hugo Boss Mans Watch    Juicy Couture Ladies Watch

I also love the Links of London jewellery brand, and this Links of London Effervescence bracelet is rather cool. Links of London is a global jewellery brand and they were named Jewellery Brand of the year 2005-2007. Their iconic sweetie bracelet set a nationwide trend and their friendship bracelets are lovely too.
Links Of London Friendship Bracelet

I am also a big fan of Ti Sento. Ti Sento is an Italian brand that create romantic, feminine jewellery with a contemporary feel. Their jewellery is hand crafted and each stone is set by hand.

Each piece of Ti Sento Jewellery from Johnson Jewellers has a two year guarantee too so you know you are in safe hands. This beautiful imitation pearl bracelet would be a fabulous addition to any wardrobe don't you think? 
Ti Sento Bracelet

Well I hope you are feeling lucky today as Johnson Jewellers have given me this stunning bracelet to give away by Ti Sento.

To enter please have a look at the Johnson Jewellers website and then enter the competition by completing the steps below. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest jewellery news.

Good Luck and if you are looking for a special gift check out Johnson Jewellers today.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Johnson Jewellers have given me an item of jewellery to give away for a honest review
  Win competitions at