Win Clogau Earrings CD 20/10/12


One of our best sellers is Clogau jewellery. To celebrate our Clogau day at 

RMA Williams Jewellers on the 22nd of September I am running a competition for one of my lovely readers to win a pair of Clogau silver and gold earrings.

Clogau Awelon Earrings

For over 20 years Clogau (pronounced Clog-Eye) has specialised in creating unique handcrafted jewellery containing rare Welsh Gold - the gold of royalty. The British Royal Family has been using pure Welsh gold to create their wedding rings, since 1923. The tradition of the British Royal Family using Welsh gold wedding rings was carried into its 88th year during the most recent Royal wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on 29th April, 2011.

It is a touch of this very same rare Welsh gold that is contained within each piece of Clogau Gold jewellery, making it some of the most exclusive jewellery in the world. The content of Welsh gold can be identified by the Welsh dragon stamp, and other unique marks that denote a genuine piece of Clogau Gold. 

Clogau Butterfly Pendant

I find our customers love Clogau as they have a range of jewellery to suit all tastes from traditional Celtic designs in rose and yellow gold and more modern designs in silver and gold. Every piece of Clogau Jewellery comes complete with a certificate of Authenticity to say that it contains Welsh Gold.

Clogau Tree of Life ring

For you chance to win follow the Rafflecopter steps below and good luck!

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***Well Done Rachel Dancer we will contact you soon to arrange your prize***

What Is The Meaning Of Life?

I was pondering this question the other day, and felt the need to research and discuss it in more detail, as you do! This question has been pondered for years by lay people, learned people and philosophers.

"Why are we here?", "What is life all about?", and "What is the purpose of existence?" has been asked down the generations and has been discussed and deliberated through history.

Part of the problem is that it needs a subjective answer. The meaning of life is different to all people, all races, all creeds.

42 is not just a number...

We all want to belong, to feel needed, to be nurtured. We need human love and interaction. Some of us turn to religion to find the meaning to life, some people turn to illicit substances, some people strive to better themselves, to be the best they could possibly be, to always do good and do the right thing. But why are we put on this earth? Is it just to procreate? Is the answer to the meaning of life too profound to be understood?

I am not an expert in philosophy but would like to know what does it mean to my readers? 

According to 'The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy" the meaning of life is the number 42, but what does it mean to you!?

Why I'm Proud Of My Son

My son J is a lovely boy. He will be 16 next year and I love him more than anything. He's funny, he's creative and bright as a button (although I sometimes tease him he hides it well).

Me and J 2012

When he was a child he had problems with his speech. He didn't say anything before the age of two. He had speech and language therapy to help him, although it seemed like a long journey at the time. I am a trained teacher and I have a lot of time for educational professionals however when he attended his first nursery school at the age of 2/12 he was told he would never attend mainstream school. The reason for this? He would not line up in the yard to go into class, and he would not put his hand up on the carpet to ask a question. He would get frustrated as he couldn't communicate well and sometime he would show his temper but we would never get physically aggressive. What did I do? Well, I took him out of the nursery and placed him in a more relaxed playgroup and he seemed to flourish well. I have no strong religious beliefs although it was a Christian playgroup but have to say the kindness they showed us was amazing.

After my marriage broke up J had to get used to my partner M from the age of 3. The number of times they argued when he was younger, once was over a Thomas The Tank Engine kite! We laugh about it now but it was a big adjustment for both of them at the time.

                                   Wedding meal - Me and J aged 9

I have two proud moments I would like to tell you of. When I got married to M we had a meal for family and friends in the local restaurant. J was 9 at the time. After my husband's brother gave a speech J got up impromptu and said this "I would like to say I feel proud today. I am proud of my nanny, I am proud of my grandad and I am proud of my mum, but most of all I am proud of My stepdad M!" It touched me as he had obviously thought about it and even with his speech difficulties and through all their trials and tribulations he felt he wanted to say how much he was proud of his stepdad.
Another proud moment was when at the age of 11 he had his end of year prom. Looking proud as punch with his shirt and tie on, he appeared all grown up. The best feeling was when I received his SAT grades and he had all level 5 grades at the age of 11 (level 4 being a good grade). I am so glad I didn't believe the professionals at the age of 2 1/2. 

J proud as punch - age 11 before his prom

So all you mums and dads, don't be afraid of questioning the professionals if you feel what they say isn't right, you know your children best. I am glad I did. If your child isn't ready to line up to go into class at the age of 2 1/2 it is not necessarily a bad thing. Think if the environment they are in is right for them.

This post is my entry in the Mellow Mummy  "I Made This" competition.

I decided on this topic because

"I'm not the best at baking or knitting a jumper too,
When I made a Blue Peter advent calendar, I got covered all in glue.
I can't crochet or do applique,
And my embroidery is totally pants,
And the Tracey Island I made is now covered all in ants.
But one thing I have made,
That has made me proud as can be,
Is my lovely Son  J, I hope you do agree!"

IPAD3 Giveaway - Are you a London University Student?

Nido Student Living is the newest way of experiencing student life, providing unique student accommodation in London. Nido offers stylish and contemporary housing with intelligent design in three central locations - King's Cross, Spitalfields and Notting Hill. Residents will be living in the heart of the capital and are well connected, with short journeys to all universities and eclectic areas in London.


The living accommodation is well designed and secure and has extra-fast cable and wireless internet,a gym, laundry services, 24 hour security and much more. But what makes Nido Student Living special is the 'Residence Life' concept that looks after your individual needs and offers regular events for all residents. 

Nido Student Living are giving away a fabulous IPAD 3 to one lucky student on twitter.

For more information check their website out the Nido Twitter Competition.

For your chance to win follow these easy steps:

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Win a Bike with Jenny Craig

Jenny Craig are celebrating their new website and blog by running a fabulous competition. This competition is open to bloggers and this is what you have to do-

On your own blog describe a question you would like their weight management experts to answer.

Link the competition to their post
Tell them the URL of your blog in the comments on their page.

Well as I have booked a holiday I thought this was right up my street. With some weight to lose (yes I will have to get on the scales and find out really how much!) 

What I wish to know is do you have any ideas on how to kick start a diet?

Stunning Welsh Gold From Clogau Gold

My shop RMA Williams Jewellers have been stocking gorgeous Clogau Gold since we opened four years ago. It is a bestseller as people love their designs and the fact that a piece of rare Welsh gold is incorporated in every design.

Clogau Gold is a family run business, like ourselves, with over 20 years experience in creating beautiful jewellery of the highest quality.

Due to the increase of the price of gold internationally in the last few years, Clogau now create many designs in a mix of silver and gold which are reasonably priced.

I am pleased to announce we have a fantastic Clogau day on Saturday the 22nd of September, at our shop in Porthcawl, South Wales. Check our our About Us page on how to get to us. On the day we are offering fantastic incentives to purchase a piece of Clogau Gold including a prize draw with a number of prizes from Clogau.

Please pop in and have a glass of wine and a cupcake and browse our stock. If you cannot attend on the day, you can always ring us to place an order. If you are starting to think of Christmas or a big birthday we can reserve an item for you with a small deposit. We offer free delivery and gift wrapping and you can pay by credit or debit card over the telephone. You never know you may have a surprise turn up with your order, if you are lucky enough to win!

Do you love Clogau Gold? Tell me which item you treasure or dream of having...