Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cremation Jewellery

One of the most meaningful ways to hold onto the memory of someone who’s passed on, cremation jewellery is growing increasingly popular throughout the UK. A beautiful memento unlike any other in the world, a piece of cremation jewellery is truly unique and can be fully customized to represent the person or pet you want to remember.

What is cremation jewellery?

Cremation jewellery is a unique keepsake people use to honour loved ones who’ve passed away. Made from the cremated ashes of a family member, friend or a pet, this type of memorial jewellery allows someone’s memory to live on forever.

Cremation jewellery takes many different forms, from small containers used to hold ashes to glass pendants swirled with ashes and even genuine diamonds made from ashes.

How is diamond cremation jewellery made?

Due to their incredible durability and dazzling sparkle, many people are choosing to turn loved ones ashes into diamonds. Cremation diamonds share the same chemical markup and visual appearance as mined diamonds. This makes them genuine diamonds in every way possible.

This is how the cremation diamond process works:
  1. Pure carbon is extracted from the ashes.
  2. The carbon is combined with the diamond growing foundation. Over time, a unique crystalline matrix is formed.
  3. The matrix is placed inside an HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) machine. This machine recreates the conditions for growing diamonds which occur naturally deep inside the earth. After several months, a diamond is born.
  4. Following the growing phase, specialists cut and polish your diamond according to your preferences.
  5. The diamond is then placed into the jewellery setting of your choice and delivered to your door.

What does cremation jewellery look like?

Cremation jewellery takes many different shapes and forms. From simple stud earrings, glistening chokers and statement necklaces to subtle wedding bands, dazzling diamond rings and delicate bracelets, cremation jewellery is just as varied as any other type of jewellery.

Here are some examples of beautiful cremation jewellery:

A set of diamond stud earrings, with a blue centre diamond and a halo of white diamonds in 18k white gold.

A solitaire ring with a red diamond, 9k yellow gold band and 9k white gold prongs.

A single pendant necklace with an orange-yellow diamond in a 9k yellow gold setting.

Because there are so many different styles of cremation jewellery, you can tailor your unique piece to perfectly represent the person or pet you want to honour.

For example, if you’re creating a set of diamond earrings from the ashes of your ginger cat, you can choose orange-yellow diamonds to represent the fur. Alternatively, if you’re making a keepsake of your mother who used to have silver-white hair, you can choose white gold as the metal setting.

How much does it cost?

Cremation jewellery is a lot more affordable than many people think. At Heart In Diamond, one of the leading cremation diamond manufacturers in the UK, diamond prices start at just £515.

To make cremation diamond jewellery even more affordable and accessible, the company also offers flexible payment plans so you can spread the cost of your beautiful keepsake for up to 24 months without incurring any interest charges.

A burial costs an average of £5,033 in the UK, while a cremation costs an average of £3,885. This is a difference of £1,148. This means that you could have your loved one cremated and turn their ashes into a unique piece of cremation jewellery while still spending less money than you would on a burial.

Why are people choosing cremation jewellery?

Cremation jewellery helps many people work their way through the grieving process and come out on the other side stronger. The act of designing a unique piece of jewellery so it represents the appearance and the character of the person you want to remember is incredibly healing.

Here are some of the most common reasons people choose cremation jewellery


  1. Have someone be there on a special day. People often make cremation diamonds out of the ashes of parents or grandparents. This way, they can still be a part of major life events, such as weddings and births.
  2. Pass on through the family. Because diamonds are ever-lasting, making a piece of cremation jewellery is a wonderful way of ensuring someone’s memory lives on. You can pass the diamond down through generations, so the person is never forgotten.
  3. Create a family heirloom. Cremation diamonds can be used to create an incredible one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery. Every time a member of the family passes on, a diamond can be added to the piece of jewellery, creating a meaningful heirloom.
  4. Keep them close forever. A cremation diamond provides a tactile keepsake you can physically touch whenever you feel lonely. This way, you’ll always feel close to the person you’ve lost.

A beautiful way to keep their memory alive

Cremation jewellery is the perfect solution for when you’re not ready to say goodbye. Focusing your time and attention on creating a unique diamond from the ashes of someone you shared a connection with makes the grieving process easier to handle. Not only does designing a piece of memorial jewellery act as a type of therapy, but it also results in an elegant piece of jewellery you can cherish forever.

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Mother's Day Jewellery Gifts From Abelini Jewellery

Buying a present for mum on Mother's Day can be difficult. Especially when you want to spend something extra on her this year. Maybe she's had a difficult year and you want to show her how much you love her with a gift or maybe you have a little extra money and want to give her a special present.  Then I recommend you checking out www.abelini.com. This is an advertorial.

Who are Abelini Jewellery?

Abelini Jewellery are a UK based jewellery company with a showroom in Hatton Garden London. Selling a range of precious jewellery in silver, gold and platinum, many of their pieces are hand made in their in-house workshop. They use CAD technology to manufacture jewellery to the highest standards and produce excellent quality jewellery that is beautifully made.

For this post, Abelini Jewellery has invited me to browse their website and pick my favourite items for my wishlist, here it is below.

White gold heart pendant

9ct white gold pave heart necklace £103

This dainty white gold pave heart necklace is a well-priced necklace for the best mum ever. The heart design has a number of little diamonds detailed at the bottom of the heart that add a lovely touch. On a 16 inch curb chain and also available on an 18 inch chain, this pretty necklace will make a gorgeous gift and one she will treasure forever.

Star cluster diamond earrings
cluster earrings

9ct rose gold star cluster diamond earrings 0.15 ct £124

My next choice is these star-shaped 9ct rose gold cluster earrings, that would make any mum happy. Available in a choice of white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum these naturally mined diamonds are at a bargain price. I bet they really sparkle in the light too. In fact, I like these myself and I have a big birthday soon so I think I'll leave the page open for Mr W to see!

White gold and aquamarine pendant 

9ct white gold aquamarine and diamond halo pendant 0.08 ct £182

I think aquamarine is such a pretty stone so this aquamarine halo pendant really caught my eye. This aquamarine halo diamond pendant has a blue aquamarine stone, cut to reflect the light and is surrounded in white gold with tiny diamonds. The pendant is set on a white gold snake chain and would be a lovely gift for any mum. This pendant is also available in yellow and rose gold as well as platinum. 

flower earrings
9ct white gold flower black diamond earrings 0.5 ct £354 

These flower earrings with a black diamond in the centre, are exceptionally pretty. With an intricate flower design and studded with diamonds, they are truly lovely and will delight any mum. You can choose the number of diamonds used so these earrings can be cheaper or more expensive depending on your budget. These diamond earrings are another beautiful item of jewellery from Abelini Jewellery.

So this is my wishlist from Abelini Jewellery. If you like what you see then check out the earrings and pendants from Abelini Jewellery. They also sell engagement and wedding rings too as well as beautifully designed bracelets, so why not check out their website if you are in the market for some jewellery or want to treat your mum on Mother's Day. Let me know, do any of these items catch your eye? How are you treating your mum this Mother's Day?


Postboxed Letterbox Gift Review And Win A Prize Ends 22/03

On my blog I like to champion small British businesses. Having had a shop myself in the past, I know how important buying local is and supporting cafes, restaurants, shops and other family owned businesses . So today on my blog I want to introduce a small British business based on a genius idea - Postboxed. Postboxed, is a gift service where every gift is small enough to be posted through the post box. 

Sometimes it's frustrating when you come home and you've missed a parcel delivery. Getting that missed parcel slip through the door, for something you have been looking forward to receiving for ages is so annoying. Then you have to rearrange the parcel to be delivered or travel to the sorting office to pick it up. With a delivery from Postboxed you needn't worry. All items are small enough and packaged effectively so that they fit through the letterbox with no problem - and that's a genius idea!

Who are Postboxed?

Postboxed was dreamt up by Markus and Liza, in their tiny living room in London, after spending ages queuing up at the post office for a free pen. Frustrated with the waste of time, Postboxed was born.

Ordering is simple, just pursue the gorgeous gifts, choose a delivery day and you get a gorgeous gift, gift-wrapped and sent through the letterbox with a free gift card too. So let's have a look at some of my favourite designs from Postboxed and read on to find how you can win one too!

The lockdown box of positivity

The lockdown box of positivity

We could all do with some positivity this year, so the little box of positivity would make the perfect gift for someone who needs a boost. Containing an enamel pin with the message 'You've got this!" by Alphabet Bags, Marvling Bros 'Thinking Of You' rainbow seeds in a matchbox and Arthouse caramel and sea salt chocolate. Priced at £19.95, it's a lovely box to cheer up someone special.

Mum's gift box

Mum's box

If you are looking for a gift for mum for Mother's Day or her birthday, this Mum's box is the perfect gift. Containing Marvling Bros 'Thinking Of You' bouquet in a matchbox,  Pretty Useful Tools magnetic flashlight keyring, Real Wine Gums and Coco Chocolatier's earl grey & bergamot chocolate, it's a useful gift and one that can indulge her too. Priced at £32.95, it's a gift far more useful than a bunch of flowers.

Chocolate gift box

Chocolate box

What could be more delicious than having a chocolate gift box from Posboxed? Comprising of 4 scrumptious bars - Coco Chocolatier gin & tonic dark chocolate, Coco Chocolatier Isle of Skye sea salt milk chocolate, Arthouse Bee dark chocolate with Honeycomb and Arthouse caramel and sea salt chocolate.  A gift for true chocolate lovers everywhere. Priced at £22.95.

Girl's birthday box
Girl's birthday box

If you are looking to buy a gift for a little girl or for someone young at heart, the Girl's Birthday Box is a lovely gift. This letterbox gift includes Joma Jewellery 'A little Far Far Away' necklace,  Little Miss Birthday book, Marvling Bros 'A little hug in a matchbox' with a heart warming message and Meri Meri swan hair slides. I personally think almost every little girl would love this cute gift. Priced at £36.

Dog lover gift box

dog lover's box
Dog lover's box

As someone who doesn't have a dog but who adores them then this dog lover's box really appealed to me. In this little box you get Wild and Woofy Dog 'Pin and Tag Set', Arthouse Unlimited Dogs milk chocolate with honeycomb: Marvling Bros 'Grow Your Own Pet Comforter', as well as a pair of sausage dog socks. Priced at £31.95.

As you can see there are some lovely gift boxes available from Postboxed and they all fit through your letterbox. All items are gift wrapped with customisable cards as standard too and they don't charge you for that. You can even choose the delivery day. 

Today on my blog you can win a gift voucher for £40 so you can order a your choice of letter box gift from Postboxed.

Win a Postboxed

How To Choose A Signature Scent For Your Wedding

Wedding days are pretty significant in their own right, and choosing a signature scent can make it even more special by connecting it to your memories, hometowns, or cultural backgrounds. This may be your first time selecting a signature fragrance, so it’s understandable if you’re not sure where to start. From touring your venue for ideas to getting inspired by your favorite scented candle, follow these eight steps to choose a signature scent for your wedding.

Know the science behind scents

People don’t choose a signature scent for their wedding just to make things smell nice — the fragrance will also help them remember their special day for a long time to come. Scents can be powerful triggers for memories. In fact, multiple studies have shown that smells trigger vivid emotional memories and are more likely to create that feeling of “being brought back in time” than with images. Choosing a unique scent that you associate only with your wedding (and no other memories) will help you relive the day for years into the future.

Learn your scent terminology

As you consider different perfumes and candles, you might notice some common terminology on the labels as you read the descriptions. The top note is the scent that you smell first, right after applying the perfume or lighting the candle. These light scents fade first. The mid notes are the primary notes that define a fragrance. They usually appear in 10-20 minutes and make the strongest impression. The base notes are the heaviest, longest-lasting scents that outlast the top and mid notes; they provide depth and stability and take on their own character as the other notes fade.

Connect a scent to a place

pine forest

Relationships are often defined by a sense of geography and place. The city where you met your partner, your home state, or the restaurant where you became regulars. Starting with a place is a great way to kick off your search for a signature wedding scent. You can take a general approach — for example, looking for beach scents that are reminiscent of your coastal home — or you can look for scents that are based on a particular geographic area. While it might be hard to find certain items like perfumes in these location-based scents, there are many country, city, and state candles available for almost every place you can dream of.

Choose a scent memory

Since you’re choosing a scent to help you make a memory of your wedding, why not select a fragrance based on another great memory from your relationship? If you’re having trouble brainstorming potential scents, make a list of great memories and the scents you associate with them. For example, maybe he gave you roses on your first anniversary together, or you took a wonderful camping trip together out in a pinewood forest. There are also plenty of existing scent blends that can evoke more experiential scents, like beach vacations and wintry campfires.

Consider a scent theme


If you really have no idea what scent to choose, consider what energy or atmosphere you want to evoke, as well as what season your wedding will be held in. For example, citrus-scented candles are energizing, fresh, and crisp — perfect for a spring or summer wedding. On the other hand, an amber scent will be warm and spicy for a winter wedding. Some common scent profiles to consider include: floral, fruity, woodsy, smoky, spicy, herbal, water, grassy, and fresh. If you need help narrowing down your scent choices (for example, you have several memory-based scents to choose from) you can also use the scent theme to help you make a selection.

Tour your venue and make a note of the scent.

Your venue will likely have a natural scent profile, and you’ll want to choose a wedding scent that won’t clash with the fragrance of the surrounding area. This is especially important for outdoor weddings during spring and summer when many plants are likely to be in bloom. Take a tour of the venue in a similar season and make a note of any scents you notice. For example, if your wedding venue is surrounded by trees, it might be a little overpowering to pick a signature scent that’s also woodsy. Or, if the venue smells very grassy and herbally, a spicy fragrance might clash with it.

Set aside your everyday fragrances

You want your wedding to smell as special as the day itself, so put aside your everyday perfume and get yourself a unique fragrance for the ceremony. On a similar note, if you have a candle, diffuser, or flower scents that you often use around your house in the course of everyday life, you might want to look for something out of the ordinary. After all, for the memory association to be the strongest, you want a unique scent that you will exclusively associate with your wedding day.

Decide how to incorporate the scent

There are several ways to incorporate scent into your wedding day. One of the most obvious ones is the perfume or cologne you wear, but it doesn't have to stop there. Candles, diffusers, flowers, potpourri, and scented stationery are all different ways to incorporate scents into your special day. Before you finalize your plans, make sure that you double-check the venue’s policy. Not all spaces allow open flames, so candles might not be an option, and it’s better to know up front before you’ve chosen your wedding’s signature scent.

Choosing a signature scent can elevate your wedding to the next level and turn the day into an event that you and your guests will remember forever with a whiff of perfume or the lighting of a candle. While choosing a signature wedding scent does take a bit of work, you’ll appreciate the fragrance both during and after your special day.

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Time To Learn The Benefits Of Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems are perhaps not a phrase that you are too familiar with. Hydroponics, however, are in fact an excellent way to create a home garden when you don’t have the outdoor space or wish to be a little more resourceful. Plant researchers have found that the soil itself is not essential for plant growth - the metabolism in the plant is based on the absorption of simple ions, the soil is usually used as a reservoir for these ions, but in fact, the plant roots are able to absorb the nutrients when the irrigation solution is fertilised and acidic. 

So what exactly are the main benefits? We know that hydroponics offers a simple solution that brings plants and crops to fruition in smaller spaces; ie. a balcony or a smaller space. It is a sustainable way to care for your plants without any need for soil. You save up to 80% water, which is the main benefit of course.


  1. The ease and efficiency of hydroponic growing allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants, whenever and wherever we want and in abundance.

  2. Hydroponics makes it possible to create a controlled environment for plant growth and it has been proven that many plants produce higher yields in less time.

  3. In a hydroponic system, plants can be grown at a high density, relative to plants in the soil.

The most economical hydroponics in water are the NFT and DWC methods. These are basically closed systems that contain water, and the system utilizes the same water over and over again and consumes a relatively small amount to irrigate plants in the soil (when using conventional gardens - close to 80% as previously mentioned). Hydroponic systems are an excellent solution to the demanding lifestyle we maintain, along with our desire to eat healthier and smarter, you can grow edible plants often and enjoy the growing process itself and the freshness of the vegetable simply and efficiently. It is a wonderful way to ensure that your home is eco-friendly and functional too.

In the hydroponic system, there is no need for irrigation or constant watering as we would a regular houseplant. The process is carried out automatically and continuously and all the grower needs to take care of is a set amount of water in the water tank (by manual filling or using an automatic compensation buoy), fertilize and acidically balance the irrigation solution and enjoy the crops. In areas where there is not enough natural lighting or direct sunlight, it is possible to grow hydroponic vegetation to full shade or add lighting to grow plants and thereby utilize more areas in the urban space.

Hydroponics has so many benefits that they make it the ultimate method for growing vegetation at home and in business. We are seeing that eco-friendly homes are becoming more and more popular and there is an increase in the demand for smarter homes which means that you could essentially add value to your home by doing very little.

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José Eber Hair Styling Products Guide and Win A Wet / Dry Flat Iron Ends 12/03

If you are looking for a new hair styler there is a brand you may not have heard of but are getting a name for themselves in the US - José Eber hairstyling products. José Eber hairstyling products are used by celebrities in the US to straighten, curl and style their hair and are now available in the UK, being stocked in luxury stores such as Harrods and Selfridges. So let's look at some of the hair styling products from the José Eber brand, and read on to see how you can win one too.

José Eber, the man behind the brand, was born and raised in France but immigrated to Los Angeles. He opened his Beverly Hills flagship salon and the rest, as they say, is history. He now had a number of salons visited by socialites and celebs in the US and in luxury hotels around the world and has been featured on CNN news network, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

His range of hair styler products includes the José Eber clipless curling tong, José Eber HST air styler, and the José Eber HST wet/dry flat iron amongst others. Let's look further at the products available.

José Eber HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron

The José Eber HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron uses infrared light technology, which eliminates frizz and adds shine while styling. The extra-wide high gloss plates with vented holes work on all hair types, wet or dry. Features also include a digital display and automatic shut off.

José Eber HST Air Styler

The revolutionary José Eber HST Air Styler creates some fabulous styles using the latest technology. This innovative iron with spring-loaded tourmaline ceramic plates has a cooling fan feature which helps to set curls, waves and straight styles in minutes. 

José Eber HST Infusion Straightening Brush

The José Eber HST Infusion Straightening Brush is an easy to use straightening brush, which heats, straightens and cares for your hair using infusion treatment formulas when the hair cuticle is open and most receptive. Now you can straighten your way to healthier hair! 

José Eber HST Vibrating 1.5" Flat Iron 

The José Eber HST Vibrating 1.5" Flat Iron combines heat and vibration technology for friction-free, fluid-like glide. Hair flows effortlessly between the plates for a smoother, straighter style, with absolutely no pulling. The oscillating movement removes kinks and creases, while the tourmaline ceramic plates seal in moisture to keep hair silky smooth for days after use. 

José Eber TRIO Clipless Curling Iron

The versatile José Eber TRIO Clipless Curling Iron is the ultimate solution for styling your hair.  The TRIO multi-barrel iron set is specially designed interchangeable with three distinctive curling barrel sizes that are perfect for all hair types. The innovative clipless design delivers perfect, more natural looking curls and waves that are free of kinks, ridges, and crimped ends. By focusing longer heat at the roots and not the tips, damage caused by traditional curling irons is a thing of the past.

So as you can see José Eber hair styling products are suitable for all your hair care needs. On the blog today you have the chance to win the José Eber HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron. Priced at £249.99 this wet and dry flat iron will eliminate the frizz in your hair giving you super shiny locks. Entry is via the Gleam app below but it's easy to enter. Good luck!

Win a José Eber HST Infrared Wet/Dry Flat Iron

Top Tips for A Low Maintenance Garden

Do you dream of having a beautiful garden to enjoy during Spring and Summer, but you haven’t the time? Believe me, you’re not alone! When you’ve got a family, household chores and a career to worry about, managing your garden is the least of your worries. However, a relaxing garden space doesn’t mean you have to have the trowel and secateurs out at every opportunity.

You might not believe it, but there are ways of having a wonderful garden space with little maintenance required! If you’re interested in enjoying the perfect, low-maintenance garden, read on.

Choose an artificial lawn

Achieving a fresh, green lawn in the height of summer is one of those things that looks simple to outsiders. However, when you’re maintaining it yourself, it can be a real hassle to keep on top of. A lawn can suffer from bald patches and scorched grass if not carefully maintained. That often means you'll need to lay fresh turf, which can be costly and time-consuming. Even once you've installed fresh turf, you're back to the same problems of maintenance, mowing and more. It's all too easy for grass to grow wild and turn your garden into something out of Jumanji. Thankfully, there’s a solution; one that more and more people in the UK are starting to take advantage of - artificial grass!

Long gone are the days when astroturf was reserved only for sports pitches. With an improvement in quality, feel and depth, artificial turf is becoming a sought-after replacement to be used for garden lawns with no mowing needed. Who wouldn’t want fresh-looking green grass all year round?

Outdoor seating area decking

On a warm, summer afternoon, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside in the garden, listening to the birds tweeting and enjoying the sunshine. However, uneven flagging, or soggy ground after a sudden bout of rain can really dampen your enjoyment.

Huge numbers of homeowners choose to lay decking in their garden. Not only does it provide a practical, versatile space for all weather, but it also suits gardens of all sizes and styles. Simply decorate with rattan furniture, a hot tub or an outdoor grill and you’ve got the perfect space to entertain friends and family throughout the year!

Pebbled or flagged with a flower bed

A great way of keeping a low maintenance garden is by having flags, stone or pebbles laid, leaving flowerbeds in which to plant seasonal flowers or even a small tree such as the Rowan or Alder Buckthorn.

Flags and pebbles aren’t maintenance-free, however. You may find that weeds can penetrate the base cover or grow in between the flagstones so some degree of weeding would be required throughout the year. However, compared to having a garden in full bloom (weeds and all) having flags or pebbles laid is a lot less work to keep on top of.

Limit plant varieties in your garden

Having a wide range of plants in your garden can sound like a dream, but it is also a lot more work. Each plant requires slightly different care to flourish, including different levels of sunlight, water and much more. By utilising only a few different plants in your garden, you can still create a stunning outdoor space, without having to create a bespoke watering and care schedule.

If you really want to cut down on the time you spend maintaining your garden, go for evergreen plants and shrubs, such as lavender. Use these as the main body of your garden and introduce splashes of colour through other means! A great idea is to plant your more vulnerable plants in pots or containers. That way, you’ll be able to care for plants quickly and individually, without worrying about over or under-watering the plants around them! If you do decide to go for container plants, make sure to use large containers. These pots will hold more soil, which helps plants to grow, allows the pot to hold more water for longer and makes more of an impact in both large and small garden spaces!

Avoid pest-attracting plants

Some of the most common plants we choose for our gardens are a delicacy for pests like snails and slugs. If you want to reduce maintenance and prevent pests from damaging your garden, there are some plants you really should avoid. Some of the plants to avoid when protecting your garden against pest intrusions include:

· Sunflowers

· Dandelions

· Lilacs

· Foxgloves

· Fruit Trees

· Sweet Fennel

Before committing to a few plants for your garden, make sure you’ve looked into which pests (if any) they attract, and how you can deal with those pests in the easiest way possible. Plants like Chrysanthemums, basil, garlic and rosemary will help repel pests.

When you’re looking to create a low-maintenance garden, it’s all about being clever during the planning phase. Artificial grass, like astroturf, clever plant choices and the intelligent use of non-green spaces can really help you to make the most out of any garden space.

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Top 5 Architectural Attractions In Delhi India

Delhi, the capital of India, is a vibrant city with a myriad of attractions. It's also a dream to visit if you are a lover of architecture, with intricate temples, UNESCO world heritage constructions and unusual buildings you will not find outside of India. Let's have a look at some of the top 5 architectural attractions in Delhi India

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb is a UNESCO world heritage site built in 1570, Designed by Perisian architects Mirak Mirza Ghiyas and his son, Sayyid Muhammad, this mausoleum is the tomb of the Mughal Emperor Humayun. In the eastern part of Delhi, it inspired the construction of the Taj Mahal and is the first example of Mughal architecture in India. It's a striking building and well worth visiting if you are a lover of architecture. The cost of admission for tourists is 500 rupees or just under £5.
    The Lotus Temple

    lotus temple

    The Bahai Temple commonly called the Lotus Temple, is a striking architectural design known for its lotus flower shape. The temple has a petal-like design that was completed in 1986 and has won many awards for the designer Fariborz Sahba for its unusual design and structure, at odds with the historic architecture in the rest of New Delhi. It's a house of worship and welcomes all religions. The Lotus Temple is free to visit but photographs inside need special permission.

    The Red Fort

    Red Fort

    Another UNESCO World heritage-listed building, the Red Fort also called Lal Qila, is one of the most well-known attractions in Delhi. It was constructed in 1639 by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to serve as the palace fort for his capital Shahjahanabad. and gained its name from the red sandstone used in its design. Adjacent is the Salimgarh Fort which it forms the Red Fort complex with. The Red Fort complex, has a variety of palaces and entertainment halls, including baths and indoor canals. It also has geometrical gardens, as well as an ornate mosque. The price of admission for tourists is 500 rupees just under £5.

    Qutub Minar

    Qutub Minar

    Qutub Minar is a brick minaret that towers into the sky. This UNESCO World Heritage site was built in the 13th century and is a very popular attraction in New Delhi. Being 73 meters high, it's an interesting building, the tallest stone tower in India and is made of red and neutral sandstone. It is part of a complex with other historical attractions including The Iron Pillar constructed over 1600 years ago. The cost for tourists to visit is 550 rupees or approximately £5.50.

    India Gate

    India Gate

    The last of my top 5 architectural attraction in Delhi India is the India Gate. I picked this as the style of architecture is quite unusual in India, and resembles the Arc de Triomphe. in Paris. Designed by British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, this war memorial built to commemorate Indian members of the British Indian Army killed during World War I and the Third Anglo-Afghan War, towers 43 meters above New Delhi. It is interesting to visit at night when it's lit up. The India Gate is free to visit. 

    As you can see there are some beautiful buildings in Delhi India, from modern unusual designed constructions to historic palaces and temples. If you are thinking of visiting Delhi when it is safe to do so, check out Air India for flights into the city, and Delhi tourism for further information.  

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    5 Accessories For The Perfect Spring Outfit

    Spring is right around the corner, and especially after a cold winter, there is nothing like having fun with spring fashion and swapping out (some of) your winter layers. Like every season, we see new trends and ways of styling our favourite looks, and accessories can be those pieces to help revamp your wardrobe and make your spring outfits.

    Here are 5 accessories to have in your collection to make for the perfect spring outfit:

    Purple shoes

    purple shoes

    It’s no secret that spring is the season when colour is significantly reintroduced into fashion (and the world in general) after the winter months. This month and for the spring season, purple shoes have made an entrance, giving you the option for a significant and fun pop of colour with a statement shoe. Purple shoes of all types: sneakers, boots, heels, and more are widely available this season, so if you want to add some colour and extra personality to your spring looks, this is a bold place to start!

    Market Totes and Straw Bags

    Market totes and straw bags are popular spring favourites, both light to carry and also a nod to the season. Straw bags are perfect for either going for a spring picnic or reminding you of one, and market totes are your go-to for actual market days or just a fashionable handbag option when you also want space in your bag. If you are in the market for a new tote or straw bag, a popular option is a Valentino bag that you can buy from online websites like YOOX for example.

    Phone case mini bags

    We’ve seen micro bags, but the phone case mini bag is another small option that gives you the ability to carry your phone essentials and not much else. For those days you don’t need many items, don’t want to weigh down your outfit, or you want something to either blend it or stand out from the rest of your outfit, this is a perfect spring accessory.

    Head scarves

    cheerful woman with scarf

    Headscarves are a practical and gorgeous accessory for the springtime (and every season). You can wear it around your head, around your neck, wrapped around your waist, or tied around your bag. As such a versatile piece, this is a great accessory to have in a few different colours and prints.

    Stylish water bottle holders

    As we all do our part to take on more sustainable habits, bringing a water bottle can sometimes be a hassle. Enter: stylish water bottle holders. They can attach to your handbag or person so you always have your reusable handy but in a fashionable way.

    One last accessory we will continue to see in the spring season are masks. So, get yourself some that work with your spring wardrobe, either neutrals that blend in or fun patterns and colours to stand out!

    *Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

    6 Simple Items of Furniture You Can Make at Home

    Whether they are trying to save money, try out a new hobby, or want to create unique pieces that no-one else owns, more and more people are having a go at making their own furniture. With many apps and websites brimming with handy tutorials, it has never been easier to create DIY furniture. If you’re stuck for ideas, read on for inspiration.

    Shoe Rack

    Shoe racks are a great starter project, as they can be as simple as you want them to be - all you need is wood and nails! Almost any type of wood can be used depending on how rustic or quirky you want your rack to be. You can buy wood cut to size, or even use reclaimed wood. Finish off with a coat of varnish, stain, or paint to camouflage any scuffs made by the shoes.

    Writing Desk

    A basic writing desk is incredibly easy to make, with the most difficult part being to make sure all the legs are even to avoid wobbles. Plywood sheets are better than reclaimed wood to maintain a smooth writing surface, but you could always add interest with the legs, which you can get pre-made, or cut yourself from treated timber. Plywood Sheets from Armstrong Supplies come in a range of thicknesses and are ideal for desktops. They can be left untreated or stained to match your home office style.


    When it comes to simple woodwork projects, mirrors are perfect, and there are many customisations. Almost any piece of wood can be used – new, reclaimed, carved, flat, gnarly. Even treated branches can be formed into a frame for a magical fairy tale look. All you need is a piece of mirror to insert into the frame, and a hook to hang it with.

    Coffee Table

    A quirky coffee table is just the thing to show off your individual style. Often the centrepiece of a room, you want this item of furniture to stand out, so don’t opt for a plain piece of wood. Instead, hunt for unique reclaimed wood – old planks, railway sleepers, chests, or even an antique door! Just make sure you sand and treat it to avoid splinters!

    Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

    If you are not feeling too adventurous, why not try making a coat rack? You just need one piece of wood that is varnished, stained, or painted to your taste, then simply add hooks at regular intervals. The trickiest part is then attaching it to the wall, but there are lots of tutorials you can use to help you.

    Bedside Table

    Bedside tables can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be. They should ideally be made with flat pieces of timber or plywood and can either be a small tabletop design for a lamp, have a shelf for a book, or you could even attempt to add a drawer.

    These simple items of home-made furniture are not only great for your own house, but they make fantastic gifts too. The recipient of such a unique item will be thrilled, especially knowing that so much thought and effort has been put into it.

    *Collaborative post

    Lovelox Silver Locket Review And Giveaway Ends 28/02/21

    I really love supporting small British businesses on my blog so when LOVELOX, a new British jewellery brand, recently contacted me to work with them I was keen to see the jewellery they offered. This is an advertorial.

    LOVELOX is a British jewellery brand specialising in personalised lockets made by hand from precious metals and natural diamonds. 

    Lockets can be personalised with a message engraved on the outside and with your own personal photos inside. These lockets make the sort of gift that means the world on special days like birthdays and Valentine's Day. LOVELOX ordering

    The ordering process is simple and I was pleased to see that the website is clearly designed. Firstly, you select your locket, then you choose your message to engrave, you upload your photos, editing them to fit, choose a chain, and then you pay. It's as simple as that. You have a choice of chains, either 16 to 18 inch or an adjustable 20 to 24 inch chain. You then just sit back and wait for delivery. Delivery costs £4.94 and takes 3-5 working days to the UK or £7.95 for 2 working days to the UK. International delivery is also available. 

    Now, I know a little about jewellery. I used to own a jewellery shop selling quality silver, gold and platinum jewellery and I also have jewellery education and training qualifications. As well as a love for jewellery and design I have the knowledge about the simple manufacturing of jewellery and gemstones to back it up. So I know quality when I see it. 

    The LOVELOX silver heart locket I received was beautifully made. The front is plain and shiny, whilst the back has the script engraving. You can choose the style of engraving when you order the locket.  The catch on the locket is easy to open, and the photos inside are perfect - small and clear. The size of the heart is approximately 18mm at the widest part, a good size, not too small or too big.

    If you have every reviewed jewellery, you will know how hard it is to take photos of it, so I apologise for the photo above but you can see inside the locket, so I felt it was important to include this.

    I love the engraving on the back, it makes the locket such a personal item. I choose the wording 'All Of My Heart' as I love the people inside, my son, my mum and husband with all of my heart. 

    The chain I picked is made of sterling silver and is adjustable so can be used at 20 inches, 22 inches or 24 inches. The chain is dainty but looks strong and is a good addition to the locket. Overall the locket is simply gorgeous and I think a locket like this would be a lovely gift for someone special. The base price of this locket is £60, with a small additional charge for engraving (£7) and photo inclusion (£9 for one £13 for two). My locket cost £80 in all.

    If you prefer something different, LOVELOX sell a range of pretty lockets, with designs in 18 carat yellow and rose gold plated on silver, thus keeping the price affordable to sterling silver lockets with detailed scroll engraving and diamond set lockets. 

    I am really happy with my silver heart locket from LOVELOX. It really is beautiful and I can highly recommend this company to my readers. 

    Today on my blog you also have the chance to win this silver heart LOVELOX locket, with your choice of personalisation. So why not pop over to the LOVELOX jewellery website have a look at the designs they offer and then enter,  Entry is via the Gleam application below, but it is easy to enter. Good luck!

    Win a silver heart locket

    How to Take the Stress Out of Women's Online Clothing Shopping On SHEIN

    Online shopping is easily one of the top conveniences that we have today. You can shop any time of day or night, and the variety you find online far exceeds that you would find in store. You can also have everything shipped right to your door in a very timely manner. E-commerce is able to appeal to almost everyone in one category or another, so it’s no wonder that it’s a booming industry. 

    However, while you may be used to shopping for tech gadgets, home goods, and even ordering your groceries online, shopping for women’s clothing can be an entirely different issue. In fact, it can be a little stressful and confusing since you aren’t able to see the item in real life, feel the fabric, and try it on.

    Thankfully, there are many reputable clothing stores that offer quality products. One popular site is SHIEN. While SHIEN generally offers quality products at a great price, if you want to find the perfect products, you need to be savvy. Here are some tips to take the stress out of shopping on SHEIN.

    Check Out What Other SHIEN Customers Think

    One of the first tips for hesitant online shoppers is to begin with research on the site.  This can help shed light on such things as the fit of the clothing, the quality, the customer service, how long shipping takes, the return process, and so forth.

    This approach works for both new, small stores and established ones like SHEIN. Reading current and relevant SHEIN reviews can make you feel more secure in your purchase decision, and help you to alleviate your anxiety about processes such as delivery and returns.

    Check out the SHEIN reviews on ReviewMaster, so that you can see what others have to say. You can even comment on the reviews, which means you can also ask questions. It's this kind of insight that can help you to understand how to shop from SHEIN if you’re unsure and have never used the site before.

    Use The Sizing Chart Posted On The Site

    Another tip is to seek out the sizing chart on the SHEIN site. This will give you an idea of whether or not the sizing runs small, big, or average. It could be that each individual item of clothing features its own sizing chart on the page, or, there may be a general chart you can refer to in the Help or FAQ section of the site.

    Of course, in order to make the best use of this information, you’ll need to have a measuring tape handy so that you can take your measurements.

    What Kind Of Fabric Is The Item?


    When you’re shopping for women’s clothing in person, you are able to touch the material and hold it up to your skin, getting a really good understanding of the material. Shopping online doesn’t afford the same luxury, which is why you need to become savvy when it comes to reading the label. Every clothing listing on SHEIN includes the fabric type, so you can learn more about it. You can then take this information and compare it to items you already own so you get an idea of what you’re buying, or do some simple research online on the properties of that fabric. 

    The listing also includes information on the care of the fabric e.g. what temperature to wash it in or whether or not it needs to be dry cleaned. For example, most jeans are machine washable but you may be advised to turn them inside out to prevent the colour running. 

    Read SHEIN’s Return Policy

    Because you will still be taking a chance when shopping online, you want to read the return policy in advance. Does the company allow you to make returns? How long do you have to make that return? Will you need to pay for shipping to send the item back? How will you be refunded for the purchase? These are all important questions to get answers to. You should be able to find that information on SHEIN’s website, but any questions, it’s best to contact customer service and ask directly.

    Take Advantage Of Promotions And Deals

    The final tip is a money-saving tip, because who doesn’t want to save a bit of money? There may be online discount codes available to use, so you can save money on your new clothes. Make sure that you check that the coupon code for SHEIN is in date and that it is legitimate, then apply it at the checkout. If the code does not work, then check social media to see if the site has provided any codes that you can use to save money.

    There’s No Need To Stress About Shopping Online

    So, if you’ve been holding off on purchasing women’s clothing online, fearing that you’d only end up with poor quality items that don’t fit, it’s time to think again. By following these steps, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you have been looking for when you use popular clothing site SHEIN.

    *Collaborative post