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Nothing brings an outfit together quite as well as the perfect item of jewellery. A gorgeous necklace, pair of earrings, diamond bracelet, or ring can hold a lot of meaning and sentiment. Despite many jewellery pieces being timeless classics, you can never stop trends from emerging faster than a shopaholic on a big sale day.

Staying up-to-date and in-fashion is part of being a fashionista. With celebrities and social media influencers leading the crowd, there are specific jewellery items that you need to add to your closet. Stay ahead of the crowd by shopping for the following trendy pieces in 2020 / 2021.

1. Charms

Charms are making a comeback and they are bigger than ever before. Large golden chains that feature animal motif charms have been sported around the necks of Christian Dior models on the 2020 runways. 

Interesting charms like different strange animals (prawns, cobras, and crabs) and foods (peppers, doughnuts, and sushi rolls) have transformed the way we look at charmed jewellery pieces. What’s great about charms is that they are completely customisable and interchangeable. Consumers can choose charm objects that hold meaning or represent something specific. One thing to remember to ensure you stay ahead of the trend is – the bigger and weirder the charm, the better. 

2. Diamond Tennis Ring

Although a diamond solitaire engagement ring is always a classic look, a diamond tennis ring is the new on-trend ring. Guys and girls all over the world are proposing to their partners with a gorgeous full circle diamond ring. Either chunky or delicate.

Choosing a diamond tennis ring over a traditional engagement ring doesn’t mean you have to compromise the diamond quality. For anyone who isn't clear on how to shop for diamonds, it’s important that you learn more about buying the perfect cut, clarity, and colour.

3. Curb Bracelet

There was a time when the curb bracelet was very ostentatious, reminded us of a very wealthy Mafia boss. Stacking different curb bracelets in shades of gold or silver is the new trend. Consumers don’t have to be shy when buying these items as they are the type of bracelet that can be stacked for the best look. It's not subtle though that's for sure!

Add a curbed necklace to the ensemble and watch everyone’s heads turn.

4. All About Stars

Star-shaped rings, star-shaped necklaces, star-shaped hooped earrings, and ankle bracelets. 2020/2021 is all about the stars. Jewellery designers are incorporating dainty and chunky stars in all kinds of pieces, and you should incorporate them into your accessory wardrobe.

5. Blue Gems

blue earrings

At the end of 2019, it was known that blue would be the colour of the coming season. Oh, boy, were we in for a surprise. All shades of blue surfaced in the jewellery stores and we loved every moment of it. Precious stones in turquoise, aqua, and sapphire were creating a gorgeous colour story for many different designer items.

Even though it was the colour for 2020, blue gems are still not going out of fashion. Many trendsetters are still stacking different blue-coloured gems with golds and silvers. Read more about jewellery trends of 2020, in this article by Beth Bernstein on the New York fashion week.

 Thick and Chunky

Not only curve the new talk of the town, chunky and curvy jewellery pieces are also becoming increasingly popular, especially thick tubular necklaces in solid metal. 

Metals are polished to perfection and clasped around the neck or wrist. Tubular pieces are curved and twisted to embody a hard and unmovable object. These pieces go well with formal wear or a funky dinner outfit. 

7. Mismatched Earrings

Can’t decide between what earrings to wear? Why not wear both? A current trend rising is wearing two differently designed earrings. Either a big and bulky beaded bird on the one ear and a dainty pearl stud on the other, or same-design earrings in different colours. 

8. Pearls and Gems

Combining different types of stones and embellishments can pull off quite the statement. Earrings that incorporate different coloured sparkling stones and classic pearls create a gorgeous colour story. Not quite traditional, but not quite modern. The perfect balance between old and new. 

9. Bulky Chokers


Chunky chokers are being stacked for size on all trendsetter’s necks. On the 2020 Gucci runway, models wore thick silver chokers featuring large flower and lion motifs.

Additionally, chokers can be stacked and combined with bulky longer necklaces for effect. Moschino even added a beautiful big blue ribbon to one of their model’s necks. Combined with buckle and studded choker, curbed silver necklace, and a pearl-stringed necklace the accessory ensemble was a showstopper.

10. Precious Stones and Crystals

With more people relying on inner strength and healing than ever before, healing stones have become the perfect jewellery accessory. Whether the stone is polished or left raw, they look gorgeous when set in a metal setting.

Whether you believe in the healing powers of precious stones and crystals don’t really matter. As long as you love the piece, you’ll be lucky forever. Learn more about the symbolic meaning of different coloured stones here:

11. Oversized Hooped Earrings

Designer Carolina Herrera introduced the supersized hoop to the 2020 spring runway. Preferably in an antique gold, supersized hooped earrings are a huge trend for 2020/2021.

Some of the favourite design styles for oversized hoops are huge double hoops or door-knockers. Bamboo hoops are also a jewellery staple on their own and are cheap alternatives to bigger designer hoops.

12. Everyday Objects

Beauty influencers like James Charles popularised wearing common everyday objects. He is famous for his pin-drop earring and many of his followers copied the trend. Other everyday objects that can be turned into gold are cuffs, cutlery, and crockery.

It seems like the overall theme for the coming season is chunky, big, bulky, and bold. The bigger the animal motif, metal chain, charm, and diamond – the higher up in the fashion rankings you’ll be.

Let me know what you think of these trends. Which would you wear?

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