Top Dressing Table Organisation Tips

A dressing table is one of the most useful pieces of furniture you can own. It is something that you can style to look just as you want it and is your space to sit down, get ready, and pamper yourself.


The only issue with dressing tables is that without any organisation, they can soon turn into a chaotic mess. This can make your whole room look cluttered and somewhere you don't necessarily want to spend time. If you find this is you, here are some top tips for organising your dressing table.

Invest in storage

There are so many storage options out there; it just depends on the type of dressing table you have to what you need. Some dressing tables come with plenty of drawers and if you are just purchasing your table, getting one with drawers is a great idea. Others have a tabletop which totally opens to reveal a hidden interior for storage, and others just have one drawer. Just having drawers, however, isn't enough, be sure to invest in some storage solutions for these, which can segment up your beauty items and make it much easier to find whatever you are looking for.

Make the most of the wall around it

Who says your dressing table has to be limited to the surface it provides? Instead, make the most of all the space on the walls that surround your dressing table too. Put up some different shelves that can house your makeup brushes and other beauty items. It could be a good idea to put the things that you use every day here, so you don’t have to rifle around in the drawers for them. Hang up some hooks to put your hairdryer, curlers, and straighteners on, as well as pockets you can hang up that can house all your hair bands and accessories. Not only does this look great, but it is super organised too.

Clear out what you don’t use

The items your dressing table stores can soon rack up, and you could find you have many of the same products. After all, do you really need six mascaras and ten lipsticks in the same shade? Don't forget old makeup can be full of bacteria too and does have a shelf life, so have a big de-clutter and throw out the items that you don’t use. Mascara over 6 months old? Chuck it out! It is a good idea to be ruthless here. If you don’t miss the item or go to use it in the next six weeks, you can throw it away safe in the knowledge you probably wouldn’t have used it again. Also, wash your brushes on a regular basis in a mild detergent and let dry. This stops makeup from flaking off and bacteria making your skin break out.  A nice fresh cloth cover can be a good idea. If you are looking for an affordable dressing and table covers wholesale, you can purchase it from CV linens.  

These are just a few dressing table tips to keep your space organised. When you have such a great table to pamper yourself on, you want it to be the best space it can possibly be and these tips can help you to achieve this. What are your top dressing table organisation tips? 

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