A Worry-Free Holiday Without Breaking The Bank: Expert Tips

We often spend extra money to have a safe and enjoyable holiday, and there is nothing wrong with investing in your own safety. That said, there is no need to spend a fortune just to make sure that the entire holiday, from start to finish, is nothing but enjoyable.

Choosing a package holiday is a great way to start. Packages often put you with a group of likeminded people and make sure you are taken care of throughout the trip. There are other things you can do to stay safe and save money when going on a holiday too.

Go on Tours

Group holidays and predefined tours are more affordable because you are travelling with a group of people, to select destinations or attractions, and with a guide helping you every step of the way. Tours are also safer because of the presence of tour guides and other supporting services.

When you want to explore new cities, for instance, it is much safer and more affordable to go on guided walking tours. You will still be able to see the best of the city without risking getting lost or running into problems along the way.



Before going on a trip, make sure you take the time to research your destination. For example, by finding out where you can find grocery stores near your hotel, it will be cheaper to stock up on supplies here rather than raid the hotel minibar and pay a fortune for water or chocolate. It's also worth researching information about emergency services and pharmacies nearby.

These are small details that can be found easily, but they are the kind of details that will help you when you run into problems during the trip. If you lose your medication, for instance, you will know which pharmacies carry them even before departing.

Get Insured


Taking out a travel insurance policy that provides extra coverage without breaking the bank is a great idea. Travel insurance protects you against common issues such as flight delays and lost baggage, plus it can cover emergency medical assistance when you are abroad. When you think that medical bills in the USA can run into millions it's worth doing.

Staysure offers single-trip travel insurance to help you buy the right policy for your needs and cover the medical conditions required. For many, the reassurance of having travel insurance can make for a more relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

Time Your Trip


Timing your trip correctly is another great way to save money while remaining safe. When travelling during low season, you will be dealing with smaller crowds of travellers, and there are fewer risks to worry about. The trip will be both safer and more enjoyable.

At the same time, you save money on travel expenses when you travel in low season. Hotels and flights are more affordable; local restaurants and tourist attractions offer more discounts and special offers; you can pre-book virtually everything online or organise your tours before departing too. 

Make Final Preparations

There are extra preparations that you can do to be safer when travelling, starting with making sure that you have multiple copies of your travel documents, and that they are stored in different bags. This may seem like a small thing to do, but it will save you in difficult situations.

Carrying extra medications, making sure your carry-on bag is packed with bottled water and snacks and bringing extra charging cables for your devices are also small things that you can do to be more prepared for the trip. With boarding passes being available on a mobile phone these days, the last thing you want is no phone battery.

At the end of the day, being more prepared for the trip is what this is all about. In order to stay safer and save money in the process, give yourself time to do research, find good deals, prepare extra measures, and have a great trip.

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