White Wine Review Viognier 2016 Villa Pinciana From Independent Wine

So I've been lucky to work with Independent Wine on some reviews of their wine recently. Independent Wine are a company that promote high-quality wines that they handpick from the vineyards of Italy. They are Italian wine specialists that are really invested in their wine personally tasting and selecting only the best. The wine I am reviewing today is a 2016 Viognier Villa Pinciana, but as always, my opinions are my own. This is an ad.

Viognier 2016, Villa Pinciana Maremma Toscana DOC

The wine I was sent was the Viognier 2016, Villa Pinciana Maremma Toscana DOC. This wine is a limited edition wine and has been awarded the Decanter silver medal from the Decanter World Wine Awards.  

white wine

The Decanter World Wine Awards is the world's largest and most influential wine awards and shows true quality in wine production. So I had high hopes!

white wine pouring

The wine when poured was golden in colour and had a light floral fragrance. I knew from the colour the wine would be richer in flavour than it's smell suggested and I wasn't proven wrong. 

wine colour

The wine has a medium level of richness and flavours of apricots and peaches. It has a slightly acidic but refreshing after taste. 


The winemaker is Villa Pinciana. On the southern tip of Tuscany, the soil here is red colour due to the local clay and the sea wind blows through the vineyards, creating a unique terroir (the natural environment). The cooling winds help to retain the natural acidity of the grapes. 

I think this 2016 Viognier from Villa Pinciana would be good with white meat like chicken or pork, or white fish. I feel it could cope with strong flavours of food, and I think it would be good with your roast turkey and stuffing on Christmas day.  

independent wine
If you like the look of this Viognier wine from Independent Wine, check out their other wines. Being experts in wine, they also have a great online wine knowledge base, so if you don't know your Chianti from your Barbaresco or your Chardonnay from your Pinot Noir, then all the information is there. Great when you want to try something different or if you are not sure which wine to choose to go with dinner. 

Let me know, which type of wine is your favourite?



  1. The colour of the wine looks so golden. I bet it tastes lovely

  2. oh man this made me crave a glass of wine asap, it looks and sounds lovely!

  3. Oh wow how fab are these lovely wines. I think these would make lovely gifts for people at Christmas xx