Building a Capsule Wardrobe For Work

So you've got a new job and you are looking to revamp your work wardrobe. Or you realise you have lots of clothes but nothing you want to wear more than once for work. If you are looking to build a capsule wardrobe for work there are some things you need to take into consideration. A mix and match wardrobe can be a great idea. Let's have a look at how to build a capsule wardrobe of clothes for work if you work in an office environment. 

A classic coat

Every wardrobe and especially every work wardrobe should have a classic coat. If you can afford to, choose a wool coat or a cashmere mix which will be soft and keep you warm on a cold day. Cashmere can be expensive but it is worth paying for as it is super soft and warm. This dark grey coat above is simple, stylish and elegant and will go with most things. The tie will also define your waist. A perfect coat for your capsule wardrobe.

A little black dress
If you don't have a little black dress or LBD in your wardrobe you should get one now. A little black dress is one of the most versatile items you can own. You can pair it with sensible shoes for work, team it with jewellery and heels or boots for night outs and I have even seen people wear a little black dress with trainers.  Of course, a LBD, is great for your capsule wardrobe. I would buy the best quality you can afford as you will get a lot of wear out of it. This double crepe dress above is simplicity in itself. 

A summer shift dress
As well as having a LBD, it's good to have something lighter in colour, especially for the summer months. A classic shift dress is a light blue, would be perfect for this. This is the sort of dress that can take you to a summer occasion too like a wedding or day at the races. The quality of this dress is outstanding with perfect finishing of the seams, and the darts nip in your waist.

A smart winter suit

A smart suit in a neutral colour is a business wardrobe essential. Traditionally a black or navy suit is a great idea. If you want to be slightly different a grey suit like the one above is stylish and smart too. I like the black detailing on this wool mix suit. It's cut very well and would look super flattering on. 

These black and white trousers with a wide leg are a great fit with the jacket above. Sitting flat on the stomach and with a wide leg, they would look good with ankle or long boots, or court shoes too.
This matching pencil skirt can be worn with the jacket above or on its own with a top like the cream one below. 

A light summer suit

So you have a classic warm woollen suit in your wardrobe, pair it with a different suit for summer in a lighter colour. This beige suit is great for summer when you don't want to wear a dark colour. Again it is super smart and has a button to accentuate your waist. This is the sort of suit you can also wear to a special occasion like a garden party at the palace, or your niece's wedding as well as business lunches with you top clients. 
These beige trousers match the summer jacket perfectly and the slightly wide leg make them a flattering fit. Match with boots or court shoes for some height, and you have a summer suit with pieces that can be worn on separately too.

Every capsule wardrobe needs a few long sleeve tops. Again neutral colours are perfect to mix and match. This scoop-neck long sleeve top in a cream jersey material has lycra added for stretch and fit and this will help it wash over and over again and still keep its shape. You can't really go wrong with a scoop neck top.

Pearl earrings

Some pearl earrings are a great choice for your work wardrobe. They are always in style and although they can be thought of as a conservative choice, you can pretty them up with a little sparkle or wear them as a drop earring. Accessories like this can really finish your look.

A tote bag

Now, I don't know about you but I seem to have everything in my handbag, including the kitchen sink! For work, this roomy tote bag is just perfect. Big enough to carry around your purse, makeup, laptop and even your kid's toys, it's size is great and this leather bag in a croc print adds a touch of detail to your wardrobe. I personally feel it's worth investing in a quality leather bag like this as it can last you a lifetime, and because of that has a low carbon footprint. You definitely pay for quality.

So these are some of the items I would use to build a capsule wardrobe for work. Check out Lalage Beaumont, for more capsule wardrobe inspiration. 


Happy Birthday Mum With Moonpigmoments

I wanted to make my mum's birthday extra special this year and when Moonpig stepped in to help I was very grateful. Thanks to Moonpig for gifting me these items. 

My mum is a diamond and she's had a bit of a tough year. Why is she so special? She's always been very laid back and non-judgmental, she never makes you feel guilty about anything and always offers unconditional love. She's never had a lot of money but has saved hard all her life. When my son was in university, she helped out by paying for his accommodation. She didn't have to do that but we were extremely grateful. That's the sort of person my mum is.

Just before Christmas last year my father died. He had multiple conditions including heart problems, breathing difficulties and more. In the end, he passed away in hospital. It was a tough time especially so being so close to Christmas. Then Covid19 happened and my mum due to her age and health decided to stay at home and not go out unless essential. When you are grieving and then have to isolate it can be hard. So my mum definitely needs a treat.

Moonpig, the gift company, for their campaign Moonpig Moments, gifted me a selection of goodies for my mum. Firstly I decided to make her a personalised card for her birthday this July. The personalised cards available on Moonpig are fun. You can upload photos and add your own message. I was really pleased with the personalised card above when it arrived. I ordered a large card (205cm by 290cm) which was about A4 size and priced at £5.99 I thought it was a good quality card and nice to be able to personalise it. It came quickly too and you have the option to either send it directly to the person or back to you with an envelope.

I was also sent a Yankee Candle in the fragrance Sea Air. I live by the sea in a little seaside town in South Wales and my mum loves it there. She visits when she can, so I thought she would love this candle... and I wasn't wrong. Yankee Candles are a very well known brand of candles and this one had a light fresh fragrance that reminds you of the seaside. The burn time is 65 to 75 hours. 

Now my mum isn't a big drinker but once every couple of weeks she will have a little tipple and vodka and cranberry juice is her favourite. So she really appreciated the gift of the Russian vodka and a special glass embossed in gold lettering with the message 'Mum, you're so lovely'.   That's one thing I like about Moonpig, the variety of gifts available, so you can combine more than one to make an extra special gift.

To complete her birthday I chose a beautiful bunch of birthday flowers for her called The Happy Birthday. A bright and cheery mix of cerise germini, pink roses, white lisianthus and scented oriental lilies, the mix of pink and white looked amazing in the vase and my mum was delighted! I particularly loved the colour of the roses. When you order flowers with Moonpig you get full tracking and a two-hour delivery window which is brilliant, so you can plan your day. They also have a five-day freshness guarantee which is good to know. 

They are also special as they come with a box of handmade chocolates too which came in a lovely decorated box. 

You can check out the birthday gifts for mum here if you want some further inspiration. If you order anything by 4pm Monday to Friday, it will be dispatched the next day, making it a useful site if you want a gift, flowers or card at short notice.

If you are looking to order from Moonpig, cards and gifts from can be ordered online via the web or via the Moonpig app. If you download the app then click on the following link and use APPFREEWGIFT you will get one free card when you buy a gift. This promotion runs until the 17th of August 2020.

My mum really liked her gifts, and I was especially delighted with the card. Thanks to Moonpig for sending me the items in exchange for an honest post. 

Let me know, have you used Moonpig? Do you like any of the gifts?

What Is Social Surrogacy?

There’s a special need for surrogacy services specifically for busy women under immense pressure with the demands of a successful career. Social surrogacy offers a chance for these women to still have biological children of their own without interrupting their lives and careers with a life-halting pregnancy. It's a controversial topic, but it's a woman's choice in some countries to do this, let's read on. 

These women who are looking for surrogates typically do not have any medical reasons to use one but they choose to avoid pregnancy due to the demands of a high-profile career or modelling/acting role, where losing the shape of their body or risking a complicated pregnancy could mean losing their job and income. These women include those campaigning for political office where pregnancy could seriously jeopardise the election, professional athletes,  models, actresses and more.  A difficult pregnancy ending in the result of forced bed rest could alter the course of their careers and financial future, making it difficult for them to provide for the family they so desperately wish to build. 

Pregnancy is often unpredictable and while some women have easy pregnancies and end up working right up until their due date, others end up surprisingly bedridden for several months. Some of these women simply never felt the desire to carry a child but always dreamed of having a family of their own. These women so desperately want to build a family without jeopardising their livelihood.

Social surrogacy enables these women to be a large part of the pregnancy since they are able to go with the surrogate to doctor visits where they can see the baby’s heartbeat, watch the baby on ultrasounds, feel the baby kick and overall experience the pregnancy from an outside perspective.

Is Social Surrogacy Legal?

It depends on the country or even specific areas within a country. For example, the United States government allows individual states to determine their own surrogacy rules, the result being that in some states surrogacy, in general, is nearly outlawed, but other states, like California, have some of the most progressive surrogacy laws in the world. 

 “Being located in California means we can treat everyone equally and are welcoming to both couples and individuals no matter their motivation for surrogacy,” says Conceptual Options of San Diego. 

Other countries, like Hong Kong, have national laws on the books requiring the potential mother to prove she is medically incapable of taking a pregnancy to term on her own - effectively outlawing social surrogacy.

Although the topic of surrogacy, in general, is controversial and hotly debated, especially among religious groups, popularity and acceptance is growing around the world. As more and more women join the workforce, it is getting increasingly difficult for those opposing surrogacy to tell women they must choose either career, or children, but not both. As surrogacy becomes more accepted, so do the many various motivations men, women and couples have for surrogacy services - including same-sex couples.

More Information on Social Surrogacy

For more information, you can reach out to a surrogacy agency in your area. If social surrogacy, or surrogacy in general, is not legal where you live, it is common for intended parents to travel for surrogacy services. An experienced surrogacy agency can help explain the cost and processes involved from selecting the surrogate mother, to birth to parental rights.

*Collaborative post

5 Of The Best Florida Attractions That Aren't Disney

Florida is a tourist destination known around the world and many millions of tourists visit every year. There are lots of amazing attractions in Florida as well. We love the beaches of Clearwater and the Florida Everglades as well as the big theme parks and smaller attractions too. 

The Disney theme parks dominate Orlando but there are many other attractions in the sunshine state. If you are planning to go to Florida in the future here are 5 Florida attractions you just can't miss that aren't Disney. This is an ad.

Universal Studios

One of the best theme parks in the world is Universal Studios Orlando.  This Florida theme park is based around movies and attracts over 10 million visitors every year. Some of our favourite rides are The Simpsons ride simulator, Men in Black shooting range, The Mummy rollercoaster and for the nostalgia, E.T. a ride where you cycle over the rooftops. Universal Studios also had the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter, where you feel like you have just walked into a JK Rowling book, complete with rollercoasters, wand shops and all.  It's sister theme park Islands Of Adventure is next door and is linked by Hogwarts Express, a train based on the Harry Potter novels. 

Kennedy Space Centre

Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaveral is a must-see in Flordia for all lovers of the space race. You can see actual rockets that have been into space including the Apollo spacecraft, see space shows in the IMAX theatre and get taken into 'space' on the shuttle launch experience. One of our favourite experiences was listening to a real-life astronaut Wendy Lawerence about her journey into space and asking her questions too. She said she saw a sunrise in space every 45 minutes - how fantastic!  You can also have lunch with an astronaut if you book ahead, how cool is that!

Busch Gardens 

Busch Gardens is a theme park just over an hours drive from Disneyworld. It has a number of attractions including high energy thrill rides and rollercoasters like Sherika, a 200-foot rollercoaster, Montu, an inverted rollercoaster and the 335-foot drop ride Falcon's Fury. Another of the main attractions in Busch Gardens is the ability to see animals up close with the Serengeti Plain and the Serengeti Express. You can also observe animal care first hand in the Animal Care Centre.

Legoland Florida

Legoland Florida is a theme park based on... you guessed it, Lego, and appeals especially to children under the age of 11, although Lego geeks of all ages will enjoy it. With over 50 rides, shows and attractions there is something for most people including rollercoasters for little kids and big ones too. Enjoy the virtual reality Great Lego Race coaster, the Lego 4D theatre and of course models of Lego from all around the world. They even have a water park for more Lego-themed fun. 

Wild Florida

Wild Florida is Orlando's only airboat and gator park adventure and offers something completely different to everything else featured. They are mainly known for their Everglades airboat adventures where you may get a glimpse of spoonbills, and the main attractions - alligators! The boats are US coast guard certified so you know they are safe and the drivers offer commentary on the nature you see. Definitely worth a visit.

How to buy tickets

Getting into these attractions does cost money.  If you are buying Florida tickets, I recommend buying them before you go as you can often get the best deals. It's always worth checking opening times and any restrictions on the website beforehand to avoid disappointment too. 

So here are my 5 best Florida attractions that aren't Disney.  If you are looking to explore the area further check out this post by Victoria on why do people want to visit Florida. Let me know if you have been to any. Which of these attractions appeals?


Funding For Business - What Women Need To Know

If you are a woman and have a great business idea you may be excited about starting your business, but where do you start in raising investment?  

As a woman looking to fund a start-up or put money into an existing business, finding ways to raise funds can be a little bit harder. Some still think it's a man's world and many women also have the challenges of juggling family life, caring for children and perhaps elderly parents with running a business. We are often time and maybe cash-poor but have the business ideas and just want to put them into reality. 

So let's have a look at some of the main ways to fund a business and what women need to know to get a cash injection. 


If you live in the UK, there are a number of grants available, let's have a look a some of them.

If you are under the age of 30 the Prince's Trust could help you with funding a start-up. Their enterprise programme has helped over 86,000 young people start their own business. If you are unemployed the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme can help you access over £2000 worth of support. If you are a woman in the technology sector there are a couple of female-specific awards available such as the Women Startup Challenge Europe and from the Anita Borg Institute For Women. In fact, there are many grants that are locality or sector-specific and I would suggest you look at the sector you are in and the locality to search for options for these.


There are a number of small business loans for women available. Small business loans are particularly useful if you can't access grants or other funding. 

Loans can be particularly useful if you need to raise the cash urgently. Loans are available from banks and other financial institutions but also from the government. Some banks may have special provisions for women business owners so it's worth asking about this, or if you are a minority and a business owner, then you could be eligible for minority business loans. These can be beneficial in terms of economic empowerment and community development. There also are specific start-up loans available, so if you are a start-up look into this and do your research. When applying for a business loan, be sure to have a concise and clear business plan, detailing your potential outgoings and potential incomings. If you have an existing business show your financial records. Show how you can pay the loan back and you should be in with a good chance of accessing a loan.

Angel investing

An angel investor will invest in a business with their own money, which they see as potentially profitable and in turn, take shares in the business. 

An advantage of an investor like this is that they often share their business knowledge, help and acumen. They will often give you input to help their investment grow.  They may invest alone or as part of a bigger group. It is estimated that angel investors in the UK invest over 1.5 billion per annum and there are over 18,000 angel investors in the UK. To find an angel investor check out the UK Angel Business Association. Some investors may look for women in particular so check out who they invest in. 


Crowdfunding to raise money for a business is usually done through an online platform. You ask people for small amounts of money, either for a donation or for something in return like a product you sell or shares in the business.

Crowdfunding is a new way of finding investment for your business idea.  If you are crowdfunding there are different types. People invest in crowdfunding for various reasons including for a return in their investment because they believe in the project or cause. You are more likely to get crowdfunding if you have an engaged audience or community behind you. 

Friends and family

Another way in which businesses can raise funding is through friends and family.

Asking friends and family for a loan though is not without its risks. Be sure you have some form of documentation showing how much was lent, any interest and terms to avoid complications later. Ensure you treat them like any other lender and do not take them for granted or it could affect your relationship. 

So as you can see from loans to angel investments there are a lot of ways in which you can raise money for a business. There are also some ways of financing your business aimed at women and it's worth seeking them out.

*Collaborative post

Layoners Sunglasses Review

Looking for affordable and quality sunglasses can be a struggle. So when Layoners contacted me and offered to gift me some sunglasses for an honest review I was eager to see what they had. I hadn't heard of the brand before but the Layoners website was easy to navigate and looked professional. I thought I would try them out.

I choose the Elegant Onyx design which was a similar shape to a Tiffany pair of sunglasses I already had that I had won in a competition.  The Elegant Onyx has a 50 inspired design, and I could imagine wearing them, sipping cocktails poolside in Monte Carlo.

The Layoners company is based in Slovenia, Europe and the sunglasses were with me in a matter of days. In the package was a padded box with the Layoners branding.

The sunglasses came with a soft cleaning cloth, a fabric pouch, a little booklet and a padded box. 

There was a removable sticker on the lenses that certify it has UV 400 protection. For information on what that means check out this article here. It basically means that it provides a very high level of protection for your eyes from the UV in the sun. They also have the CE mark showing that they conform to health and safety standards in the European Union.

The sunglasses are well made and very comfortable on, the metal arms are covered in soft plastic to prevent it from rubbing on your ears. The lenses look very dark, perfect to protect your eyes from bright sunlight but also not too dark so you can see perfectly.  The side arms have an animal motif in silver which is a cool design feature. 

I really loved the design of the glasses, and they felt very glamorous on. They also provided great protection, and the price was very reasonable too at 34.99 Euros, which is just under £32. Free shipping worldwide is also a very useful plus point. The website sells a range of sunglasses for both men and women and has a 24-month warranty on all products. They also have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don't like them, terms and conditions apply. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Layoners but I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised. Great quality stylish sunglasses at an excellent price point is all I could have wished for and that is exactly what I got.  If you are looking for new sunglasses for your staycation or summer holiday, check out Layoners today. Recommended.


How to Buy Authentic ‘Made in Italy’ Leather Goods

Many people value leather products, they love the quality, luxury and durability. Whether you are shopping for leather apparel or accompanying accessories, you need to ensure you purchase an authentic leather product. The market is currently experiencing an influx of synthetic leather, and it can be confusing for the consumer. As technology advances and more synthetic leather floods the market, distinguishing real leather products can be challenging for shoppers.

Aside from gaining knowledge on how to properly recognise real leather from fake, it’s crucial to choose wisely where you buy from. A wonderful example of this is the Italian start-up company called Mirta that has created an e-commerce shop where customers from around the world can buy, with a simple click, authentic Italian leather goods handcrafted by the local artisans they work with.

Without further ado, here are the five ways you can differentiate genuine leather goods from fake ones.

1. Check the label

You can first identify real leather goods from synthetic leather ones by checking the label or tag. Most 'Made in Italy' products come with a label indicating what type of leather from which they are made. Real leather products have labels such as '100 % pure leather,' 'genuine leather,' and 'top grain leather.' Fake or synthetic leather has tags such as 'man-made material,' 'synthetic leather,' or 'flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC).'

2. Take a close look

Another simple but effective way to determine if 'Made in Italy' products are made of genuine leather is carefully examining. Since real leather is made from actual animal skin, it will have blemishes. If you realise the product is made of leather that seems perfect without imperfections, it might imply it is a fake. Synthetic leather has a smooth and regular texture you don't get with authentic leather.

3. Check the edges

Another way you can purchase authentic 'Made in Italy' leather products is to examine its edges. The edges of your product will give you hints on whether the leather is natural or synthetic. Natural leather has an irregular advantage that is tough. Synthetic leather has a perfect and smooth finish. It would have a plastic feel while those made of authentic leather have a rough feel.

4. Smell it

Another simple way to distinguish genuine leather from synthetic is by smelling it. 'Made in Italy' leather products with a natural and organic leather scent can help you identify authentic products. Fake products can smell like plastic, which is due to the chemicals used in manufacturing. Although you cannot purely rely on your sense of smell, you can use it with other tips to determine if it is genuine.

05. Examine the pores

The final tip on determining if a 'Made in Italy' leather product is genuine is studying the pores. Natural leather has irregular and inconsistent pores on its surface. If you realize that your belt, shoe, bag or any accessory has uneven pores, it would be a sign that it is genuine. Synthetic leather has regular pores that occur in a consistent pattern.

If you are not sure, you can make more inquiries by asking relevant questions such as the product's origin, and the type of leather used. Look out for sellers who insist their products are genuine without being able to prove it. Generally, if an item looks 'too perfect' it is rarely genuine leather.

*Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Taking The Boring Parts Out Of Gardening

Keeping a garden looking its best can be a big challenge and can take huge amounts of work. Sometimes you haven't got the time or the inclination to spend it on the boring jobs, leaving your garden look neglected. However, there are things you can do to take the boring parts out of gardening and make life easier for you. 

Let's have a look at what they are.


Removing weeds can take a huge amount of effort. These plants tend to be some of the most stubborn and successful around, making it incredibly difficult to make sure that you’re getting rid of them properly. Weed killers can help with this, but the best option will often be to simply pay someone else to do it for you. Professional gardening companies will be able to get rid of weeds far more effectively than you, as they will have the skills and experience to use the right methods in your garden. A lot of people with little knowledge can end up killing their regular plants when they attempt to use chemicals in their own gardens.

Mowing The Lawn

Keeping your grass to the right length is another time-consuming job. Some people find themselves having to do this at least once a week, with their grass growing longer and longer with each sunny spell. You could pay someone to do this for you, but there is a simpler approach that will mean that no one has to mow your lawn at all. Getting your hands on some artificial grass samples will give you the chance to see if this sort of option would look good in your garden. You don't have to worry about weeds then - simple.

Watering Plants

Keeping your plants healthy will involve a lot of watering, especially during summer. Automatic irrigation systems have been around for a very long time. You can get manual sprinklers that can be attached to a hosepipe, but you can also get your hands on options that will be plumbed into your home and you can control yourself. Taking the hard work out of watering your gardening can make it much easier to keep your outdoor spaces looking green and healthy. Of course, though, it’s always worth thinking about the amount of water you’re using in the process.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of taking the boring parts out of your gardening. It can be all too easy to neglect your garden, but when you've looked after it properly it can be a lovely space to enjoy or entertain friends in. I hope this post has helped you source ways to take the boring parts out of gardening.

*Collaborative post

Thinking Of A Staycation? Check Out Chipping Sodbury Caravans

There are a number of reasons why you may want to consider a staycation at the moment. Restrictions on travel due to the world situation are one. Many of us have decided to stay in the UK due to travel limitations whilst some of us may not want to fly. There are many beautiful and interesting places to stay in the UK too. This is where a caravan or motorhome can be a great choice for your next trip. This is an ad.

Why you should buy a caravan or motorhome

Buying a caravan or motorhome is a great idea as you can take your accommodation with you as you travel. This can either be as a trip around the UK or Europe. Even if you didn't want to fly you can still travel to Europe in a caravan or motorhome by going on the ferry or through the Eurotunnel (remember to check UK travel guidance and restrictions at the time of your trip). 

Another benefit of owning a caravan in the current climate is that you also don't have to worry about the standard of cleanliness if you stop in a hotel. Only you and your family will use the caravan so you have no worries about hygiene. 

Of course one of the main reasons people love caravan holidays in the freedom they feel being able to drive anywhere it will take them, with their home on their back so to speak. If you invest in a caravan or motorhome for the long term it can be a surprisingly cost-effective investment for future holidays, especially if you can take the time to travel frequently.

So if after reading this you have decided to buy a motorhome or caravan, you may need some recommendations. Let's have a look at a respected caravan and motorhome seller - Chipping Sodbury Caravans and the motorhomes and caravans they sell. 

Chipping Sodbury Caravans

Chipping Sodbury Caravans are a motorhome and caravan seller in Chipping Sodbury, not far from Bristol. They sell a number of new and used motorhomes and caravans including Bailey Of Bristol caravans and motorhomes, as well as Elddis, Lunar, and Adria motorhomes and caravans. They also offer caravan servicing and repairs from City and Guild's approved engineers. 

They are a family concern and have been established over 30 years, delivering knowledgeable and friendly advice and expertise to both caravan experts and novice users.

Bailey of Bristol Caravans and Motorhomes

Chipping Sodbury Caravans are also experts on caravans and motorhomes, selling the complete Bailey of Bristol range including the Advance, Alliance Silver Edition and Autograph range of motorhomes as well as the Discovery, Phoenix, Pegasus Grande and Alicanto Grande range of caravans. Baileys have a Virtual Showroom too that you can see the current range of vehicles through a 360-degree tour.

The current Bailey range is state of the art too, with Alu-Tech construction. Alu-Tech is a completely new approach to the construction of caravans and motorhomes. This unique aluminium shell is
much more hardwearing, durable and robust than it's competitors making caravans and motorhomes that are insulated and tough, being warm in winter and cool in summer. They also provide superior resistance if involved in a crash. If you want to read more on Bailey of Bristol check out their blog here.

Of course in the current climate due to Covid-19, be sure to ring ahead to check opening hours and any social distancing procedures they are taking to maintain their staff and customer's safety. Information is also on the Chipping Sodbury Caravan website here.

What do you think?

So if you are looking for a caravan or motorhome I hope I have given you some positive points on a caravan and motorhome holiday and ideas of caravans to look at.  If you are in the South West or South Wales a trip to Chipping Sodbury Caravans is well worth a visit. 

Let me know, have you been on a caravan or motorhome holiday? Would you consider buying a caravan?


Silvero® Stacking Bracelet Review And Giveaway Ends 23/08

I love supporting UK businesses and recently Silvero contacted me to see about working together. Silvero are a brand that sells quality silver bracelets that are stackable and can be worn on their own or together. 

I was given a choice of items from their online store and found it hard to pick. There are some very pretty bracelets on there. I finally decided on a silver stacking set of bracelets with a sparking four-leaf clover.

The bracelets came packaged in a cute pink embossed box with branded ribbon and inside a black Silvero pouch. A pink silver cleaning cloth included in the parcel was a nice touch too. 

The bracelets were displayed wrapped around on a pink cushion. They looked super sparkly and shiny. I noticed they also sent me an extra silver bracelet with rainbow beads, which was a lovely touch.

The bracelets they sent me are made from sterling silver and are stretchy to put on. The standard size is 17cm but they can make the bracelets they sent me to any size if you email them beforehand.  

The detailing on the bracelets are exquisite.  Each bracelet is made of shiny and textured silver round beads. Two of the bracelets also have beautiful light blue-green aquamarine beads as well and one had tiny black stones too.   The rainbow bracelet has rainbow beads that have a subtle gorgeous violet, yellow and pink look in the light. Cubic Zirconia adds sparkle to the four-leaf clover.

I thought the bracelets were easy to wear and extremely pretty. They can be worn on their own for a simpler look, or stacked with even more bracelets to make an impact. Check out the summer collection here.

Silvero - the company

Silvero is run from a base in the Lake District by a couple who love jewellery. The gemstones and silver are sourced from the USA, France, Thailand and the UK and nothing is bought from China.  Half of the bracelets come from designers and jewellers from around the world, where they choose delicate pieces which they love and bring them to the UK market.  The other half are their own collections (Aquamarine collection, Summer collection, Gold and Silver collection, Special gift collection) and sizing of all these bracelets from these collections can be fully customised. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Delivery is only £2 to the UK and free on orders over £50. 


Today on my blog, the lovely people at Silvero are giving three of my readers the opportunity to win one of their sterling silver and 14K heart bracelets. A highly polished dazzling silver heart is placed between two diamond-cut beads, which add to the heart an extra shine with every movement. Some of the beads are 14k gold filled too which add an extra luxurious touch.

The bracelet is exceptionally pretty and will delight anyone wearing it. Priced at £49 it will make a lovely gift too. 

Entry is via the Gleam app but is really simple to use. First, check out the Silvero website and pick your favourite item, then enter the competition. Just click on the Gleam competition, put in your name, age and email address and away you go. Good luck!

Win a silver heart bracelet from Silvero