Give Your Garden An Uplift With A Retractable Louvered Roof

My home is my special retreat, my place of joy, my place of comfort. If I could pick my favourite area of my home would be the garden. If you were my neighbour you’d see me enjoying a mimosa in the garden as soon as the weather starts getting warmer – the perfect past time for a stunning summer morning or afternoon, or both. During the colder months, I’d have to choose the living room overlooking the garden with mulled wine in my hand, wishing I could be enjoying it in the garden…

What if I told you both you and I could enjoy our outdoor space during the colder months with a retractable louvered roof? Not only will it be a great addition to your outdoor area, giving it extra function, privacy and luxury but it will also enhance the value of your property. Designer Shade Solutions create bespoke shading solutions for homes all across the country, allowing homeowners to make the most out of their garden all-year-round.

I have the same opinion as Tidy Away Today when it comes to pergolas. “I’ve always loved the look of pergolas in gardens; they are luxurious, elegant and somewhat practical, giving a little bit of shade during those warm, summer days that we all love. The only thing about pergolas that may put me off from getting one is the British weather, something that we cannot change, unfortunately,” she mentioned in this article.

This is where modern pergolas come in and outshine traditional pergolas. Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable louvered roofs are modern pergolas that give you the shelter you need during the colder months to enjoy your garden space. These structures feature a retractable and tilting louvered roof that can close when it starts to rain, open if the weather is nice or simply tilt for some shade.

With these pergolas you can “create the perfect garden hut that offers the comfort of being inside while enjoying outdoor views” says Motherhood the Real Deal in this article. These can be equipped with lighting, heating and side glass screens for the most fabulous garden retreat ever.

What do you think of these retractable louvered roofs?

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