Important Reasons To Consider Changing your Boiler

Despite their hardy nature, the boiler in your home is not going to last forever. Here are a few important reasons from Absolute Gas Services to consider changing your boiler and how you should proceed.

It’s on the blink

If you have ever run a hot bath only to find that upon stepping in the water was cold as ice, you may think, “Time to get a new boiler.” But, WAIT!

If you haven’t checked the digital display on the boiler you have you should do this first (if your boiler has a digital display, that is). When you do you may find that your boiler is registering some kind of ERROR.

In this case, the best thing to do will be to consult the owner’s manual or run a Google search for the best way to proceed in this situation. The problem could be a very simple one and may only require checking the water pressure or resetting the system.

If you are unable to figure out the cause of the error, the next thing you can do will be to contact a boiler repair specialist. An expert may be able to restore your boiler to full functionality. Minor repairs will cost significantly less than a brand new system.

It’s definitely beyond repair

If you call in the experts and they tell you that the cost of repairs will be equal or pretty close to that of a new system, it may be best just to get a new boiler. In which case you can speak with the fitter about the best option for your house.

It could be that the boiler you have was suffering undue stress due to a workload that exceeded its capacity and a replacement is the best course of action anyway. You will then be left with a solution that better fits your home and this will be more energy and cost-efficient for you in the long run.

It’s old and inefficient

Older boilers lose functionality and efficiency with the passage of time. This comes from older models lacking the design and superior construction of newer models. You may be very happy and emotionally attached to your 30-year-old water boiler, but the sad truth is that the old device is costing you more energy and resources to maintain – time to retire the older model and bring in a younger option to handle the demands of your home.

Your needs are changing

Will you be adding a new bathroom to your home? Will your elderly parents be moving in or your youngsters all set to leave the nest? Different boilers are best suited to different demands. We have already written extensively on this subject. Consider reading up on the subject to get a better idea of how to match the boiler to the needs of the home.

Another important point in this subject is that different boilers require the support of different systems. If you will be changing from the combi boiler to a system boiler, there will be extra tanks and pipes to install.

However, if you will be going in the other direction, from a system to a combi boiler, you will find that the current setup you have will be more than sufficient. This can save you in the long run. 

You’re selling your home

There are two types of home buyers, the type that wants to move in right away and just begin enjoying their new home and then the type that is ok doing some work so long as they enjoy a slightly lower cost. If you will be selling to the first group of homebuyers, they will be happy to pay the slightly increased price to buy a home with a brand new boiler.

If you are looking to sell fast and don’t mind keeping a lower more negotiable price you may actually choose to leave the older boiler where it is. There are plenty of professional developers in the real estate market who are experts in setting up a home and know exactly where they will find the boilers they want. They will also have their own fitters they work with regularly who can make the best decision for the projected demands of the home.

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