What To Do In A Car Accident

A car accident can be a very shocking thing to happen, and whether it's your fault or not there are some things you need to do straight away. Let's have a look at what they are and how you can resolve any issues in a clear and straight forward way as possible.

1. Stop the car

car accident

The first thing you can do in a car accident is to stop the car as soon as possible in a safe place. Did you know it's actually an offence not to do so? Make sure you put your hazard lights on and switch off the engine.

2. No injuries? Remain as calm as possible

You may be shaken up. Take a deep breath and try and remain as calm as possible. This is the time to check everyone over to see if they have any injuries. If they don't you can breathe a sigh of relief. If another car was involved exchange details (see below).

3. Injuries? Remain as calm as possible

If there are injuries call an ambulance immediately. Explain simply what happened. The ambulance service will guide you to what to do. You also need to call the police. If another car was involved exchange details (see below)

4. Exchange details

Exchange details with any other drivers of vehicles involved. Do not admit responsibility. You may not have a full picture of what happened at this moment in time. This can protect you from liability if it was not your fault. Record the name and address of the drivers, their insurance details and make, colour and model of car, as well as the number plate of any vehicles involved.

5. Record the detail

Make a quick note of the time and detail of what happened. This will help in the future with any insurance claims and any disputes. Record the time of the incident, anything that happened before, exactly what happened and the weather conditions. Take the name and address of any witnesses. Record any injuries and the details of the injured parties. Take a photo of the cars involved and any damage, most people have a camera on their phone these days.

6. Call your insurance company

As soon as possible call your insurance company to inform them of the incident. You will need your policy details and car reg number. You will also need the details of any other drivers involved as well as their car reg and their insurance details if they have them.

As you can see here is a lot to remember. If you try and keep calm and address this is a logical order then this will help. This is a simple guide to what to do in a car accident and does not offer medical advice. If you do all this you won't have to get a California car accident lawyer to help with any legal action.

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