Choosing My Favourite Retro Travel Art With Fine Art America

Hi everyone. I hope you are well. You've probably been spending a lot of time at home recently, I know I have. Staring at the four walls in my lounge has made me want to refresh and decorate my home. So when Fine Art America got in touch to work on a collaboration with me I immediately said yes as they have some great art on their website. Art to brighten up any home. This is an ad, but as always all opinions are my own.

Creating on Fine Art America

Route 66 Fun Run Seligman by Mike Jones Photo

Fine Art America is the world's largest art marketplace and on-demand print technology company. They've been helping artists, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers sell wall art, home decor and other products since 2006. They have an easy to use platform that allows artists and photographers to upload their designs and sell to people worldwide. It's a great platform for creatives. If you love taking photos or creating art I recommend you check it out.

Shopping on Fine Art America

Barcelona retro print by Jim Zahniser

Even though it's a great platform for creatives to all their art, let's get down to what I'm here though to talk about - what Fine Art America sell. Fine Art America sell a range of products from wall art - illustrations, photographs and paintings to home decor - throws, towels, blankets and other products like stationery. If you can upload your design on it they probably sell it, giving a huge choice to their customers around the world.

Wall art on Fine Art America

South Beach art print by Michelle Constantine

The wall art on Fine Art America covers a range of posters, canvas prints, wood prints, metal prints and tapestries. Designs range from paintings to illustrations, photographs, to mixed media to digital art. The choice is so large, it makes it quite difficult to pick!

The prints I am choosing today are all travel prints. There is something wonderful about travel, the planning the trip, visiting the destinations, seeing new things, eating different food and experiencing new cultures. Even looking at art from travel fills me with joy. I also love retro art prints but have yet to buy any, so these prints have a retro vibe.   Let me know what you think.

Escape to Venice
Escape to Venice Italy Retro print by Jim Zahniser

This art print is joyfully retro. I've been to Venice and it sums it up well, the beauty of the canals and the fabulous Venetian architecture. The artist Jim Zahniser is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Pittsburgh, USA. His work is inspired by a love of travel and all things vintage.

Poolside Glamour

Poolside glamour art print by Slim Aarons

This photo from America in the 60s sums up the mood of the time. Everything about it screams old school glamour to me. Slim Aarons is a photographer specialism in photos from the 50s, 60s and 70s. His photos are of their time and convey a luxurious glamour lifestyle.

Experience Key West

Experience Key West  By Jon Neidert

This Experience Key West print has the same retro vibes as the Venice print by Jim Zahniser.  We've been to Key West and we loved it there although it's so much busier than this idyllic print depicts now. Jon Neidert is from Cape Coral Florida. He has a large selection of his images on Fine Art America and covers retro, wine, vintage and patent art.

Las Vegas Sign

Welcome To Las Vegas art print by Garry Gay 

There is nothing more iconic in Las Vegas than the Welcome To Vegas sign. It takes me back to our trips to the adult entertainment capital of the world. Garry Gay has worked in Northern California for the past 37 years. His award-winning fine art photos have been widely shown and juried into fine art shows.

So this is my selection of travel art from Fine Art America. Have you been to any of these destinations? What do you think of the retro art?

*Collaborative post


  1. I love the Key West art, gives me great travel vibes.

  2. I keep meaning to put up photos from my travels around the house but never get around to it! I just love the Route 66 signs they make sure a great piece of wall art.

    1. We did Route 66 in 2019 and I love the old neon signs and photos of the old buildings along the way

  3. I love their website, they have an amazing range. They had all different prints from some of my favourite films and I had to step away before I spent all my money! There is something for everyone on there.

  4. I just checked this website and I love all the prints. It’s such a great site to discover .

  5. I just checked the website and I loved all the content and pictures. I am definitely going to go back and visit and check in detail . I love the prints.