Ideas For A Great Winter Vacation

Well, the weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean your vacation can’t be delightful. Here are three great vacation destinations you should visit. So let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Of course, we can't all travel at the moment but for those who can travel safely, this is for you.

Grab Some Skis & Hit The Slopes


Some people love winter, while others hate it. For the former group, is there really any better option for a winter getaway than a trip to a luxury ski resort? There’s nothing quite like riding a lift up the top of a frosty mountain, taking in its beautiful panoramic views, then racing down that same mountain at jaw-dropping speeds while snowflakes pepper your face and streams of white powder spread like wings in your wake.

Not one for winter sports? Don’t fret, while your thrill-seeking friends and family zig-zag up and down the slopes, you can enjoy the cosy, rustic charms of the ski lodge’s flickering fireplace, or warm yourself up with a trip to an on-site spa. A visit to a Canadian skiing hotspot (coldspot?) like Whistler-Blackcomb is like a journey through a winter wonderland, and one weekend in Vermont is enough to have you scoping out Burlington houses for sale.

Make Like A Bird & Fly South


Chilly weather doesn’t agree with everyone. Luckily, there are places you can go where the temperatures always run high and the sun never stops shining. Just because you don’t have feathers doesn’t mean you can’t make like a bird and fly south for the winter. You’re only a plane ticket away from the sandy beaches of Florida, the warm sands of the Caribbean or the year-round warmth of the Canary Islands. While your neighbours back home are shovelling their parking spaces while icy winds hiss around them, you can get yourself a tan, take a swim, or go sight-seeing. Best of all, while the temperatures are always warm, they won’t be as swelteringly, suffocatingly hot as they would be in the middle of summer. In other words, it’s like having a summer vacation in the middle of winter, without any of the downsides of either season. 

Of course, at the moment travel is restricted but planning a trip when we can go is something we can do in safety. You can even pretend you are there with cocktails and the local cuisine, whilst watching YouTube videos of the destination.

Hibernate With A Sweet Staycation


Maybe you’d rather take your inspiration from a different kind of animal. Forget about birds, let’s talk about bears. Specifically, let’s talk about the relaxing benefits of a winter-long hibernation. When the temperature drops, most bears find themselves a warm, comfy, private little spot somewhere and then curl up for a nice, peaceful nap. If you’ve been spending your days working long hours at a stressful job, even if you are currently working from home what could be more appealing? 

You don’t have to leave the house at all to have a great vacation. Or rather, a “staycation.” Turn off your phone, snuggle up with someone special beneath a big, fuzzy blanket, and get some much-needed rest. Forget about work and responsibilities, ditch the overloaded itinerary and expensive travel costs. Instead, this is about you. Binge a new Netflix show while sipping a mug of hot cocoa. Teach your kids to make a snowman in the backyard. Or do nothing at all. This is your vacation, and we all need one at the moment. You earned it.

*Collaborative post

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