Yorkshire Pudding Heaven

I don't know about you but I love Yorkshire Puddings - there I have said it! Although they are traditionally served with roast beef whenever I go out for a Sunday dinner I always ask for Yorkshire puddings with ANY roast I have as they are scrummy. So when I saw Aunt Bessie's were running a competition to show various ways of using them I thought I would have a go, as I already have some in the freezer anyhow.

Chilli beef soup with Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding

So I put my thinking cap on. Yorkshire puddings are made with flour, eggs and milk, in fact the recipe is a pancake recipe so this is my idea for the Aunt Bessie's Challenge

Serves 4

4 Aunt Bessie's individual Yorkshire puddings
Handful of strawberries sliced
4 scoops of good quality vanilla ice cream (not soft scoop)
150 ml Whipping cream - whipped up ( or half fat squirty cream if you are keeping an eye on the fat content)
Chocolate sprinkles or 2 Cadburys flakes crushed up

Cook the Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puddings in the oven according to the instructions. Top with sliced strawberries, Aunt Bessie's individual puddings are perfect Ice cream scoop size so put one scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream in the centre of the Yorkshire pudding, then take the whipped cream (or half fat squirty cream) and top quickly. Sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles or flake or sliced strawberries and ENJOY!


This is an ideal pudding to make with little ones as they will have fun using the ice cream scoop, the squirty cream and topping with the chocolate sprinkles or flake.

So for a little treat, easy to prepare and make, and family friendly why not try my Yorkshire ice cream delight, I bet you and your family will love it. The only thing is you will have to eat it up quickly before the ice cream melts, but that's not exactly a hardship is it ? ;-)

This is my entry for the #halftermfood challenge in conjunction with BritMums sponsored by Aunt Bessie's  

How would I fit this into a meal plan?

Well I would make this;-

Aunt Bessies Autumn / Winter Warmer Menu

Vegetable soup with garlic croutons - if really hungry add some light and fluffy Aunt Bessies dumplings

Main Course

Cottage pie with Aunt Bessies perfectly mashed Carrot and Swede topping served with Aunt Bessies mini roasties, peas and
Aunt Bessies red cabbage with Bramley Apple


Aunt Bessies Yorkshire pudding delight

Britmums Aunt Bessie's Challenge

When Did I Start to Get Old?

My mum started going grey when she was seventeen. Me - about 2 to 3 months ago I found a very white and very curly hair in my very dark head. Of course, it stood right out. Pulled it out sharpish like, a few days later it's back! Like a Zombie left for dead, but not shot in the head. Yep, I have a teenage son lol.

I shouldn't really complain, I am 41 and I know some of my friends younger than me dye their hair, but it's a recognition I am not that young anymore.

Once upon a time I felt young, I watched Multi-coloured Swap Shop, and Grange Hill,  I had a ZX Spectrum and A Commodore 64. I remember Byker Grove and the original Eastenders cast and dressed up like Olivia Newton John in denim after I saw Grease for the first time (I was 7). I saw the Stranglers in concert and went to The Monsters of Rock at Donington. I wore leg warmers and was in the Nik Kershaw fan club. I was out on a Saturday partying, and a Friday on times. I ate Pot Noodles, Findus crispy pancakes, and Birds Trifle and still weighed 8st 12lbs. 

Now I feel guilty if I eat a Pot Noodle and 70's food.  I realise I'll die early if I sit in and watch TV all day yet all I want to do on a weekend is stay in with a cup of tea and watch X Factor. I watch programmes about Antiques and collectables (Four Rooms you have a lot to answer for!) and programmes about emigrating Down Under. I wear moisturiser with SPF. Wow, I am grown up! I have a Mac and I am now a Mac bore - it's official as I have lost count of how many people I have said to: "Gosh don't buy a Laptop you will get a Virus, get a MAC they are awesome!"

Yes - I still go to concerts - the comedy variety.
I do actually take some exercise - I have been going to Zumba for a year and a half.
Even though I feel guilty if I don't take my makeup off at night I still do it now and again - yes I am a rebel at heart!

So when did I start to grow up? Was it when I had my son? Was it when I set up my own business? When I started going to more funerals than weddings? With age comes responsibility paying bills, looking after others, but do I feel responsible? I guess I do.

Really the question I want to ask is actually this... When did I start to get old?

I know all the cliches - You are only as old as you feel, or you are only as old as the person you feel! Well unless Harry Styles comes along and turns back time for me I think there is no going back really.

Men are called distinguished when they go grey, women, well we are just called old...All the best parts are given to younger actresses unless you are Helen Mirren and have had to fight for years to get the good roles.

So dear reader, do you feel old? When did you start to get old? Can you pinpoint a moment in time? A feeling? A thought? Or do you think you will never feel old?

One good thing is now it's fashionable to be grey, so that is one less thing to worry about in this crazy world....

Help Me Kick Start a Diet

I love nice things in life and I love my food and eating out, I love cakes, desserts, pizza, chips, donuts, did I say cakes...

I have one problem, although I do exercise I go to Zumba once or twice a week  I need to shift at least a stone to look good on the beach for my holiday in June next year

So I want to know lovely readers, what are your tips on losing weight?

1) Have you joined a weight loss club or have you lost weight by doing it yourself?

2) What foods do you find filling and low calorie?

3) Any snacks that have saved you from failure?

4) How have you built eating out into your diet?

Inspire me! Over to you...

Create Your Own Photobook With Blurb

Blurb is a great site that allows you to create Photobooks, simply, easily and with a professional finish. It's a great idea and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try it out.

Firstly it has three easy to use book-making tools. The Easy-to-Use Templates are all online so you do not need to download anything but if you want more customisation or creative control there are other settings too. You can even create a book from your Facebook or Instagram pictures which I thought was a great idea.

Blurb Bookify™, is their online software and with it you can make great gifts for others or see you precious memories in a book for all the family to share.
You can also turn any book you make into an ebook for the IPAD. There are lots of examples on their page of books to give you inspiration.
And the cost of these?
Well a 20 page small square book, 7 by 7 inches (18 by 18cm) with a softcover and standard paper is £7.95 which when you consider the price of printing photos individually is well priced and you also get a professional looking book. Other options include hard covers different types of photo papers and a discount for volume orders.

  • The website is easy to use and you can even sell your book using their website!
  • So next time you are ready to print out your photos or want a highly personalised gift for someone, perhaps for a wedding, birthday or at Christmas, think of using Blurb to create a professional photo book in the click of a shutter.

  • Why don't you check out the Blurb site and let me know what you think?
I will get a Photobook to try for this blog post but the opinions are entirely my own.

A New Winter Coat from Next

Every year I look out for a new winter coat. I have a gorgeous red coat from Next and it fits me perfectly. I like Next as they make affordable stylish clothes, following trends and also make a petite range for my 5ft 2in height. How perfect is that!

Next has a great range of coats this winter- long coats, fit and flare coats, tweed parkers, wax jackets, quilted jackets, bomber jackets, military coats, the list goes on. One jacket that caught my eye was this high shine wadded jacket. It looks warm and cosy and would be great in the good old British winter. Oh and the hood is detachable - cool or what! It is also a great price at £55 and comes in a range of heights including Petite, Regular and Tall.

Another coat I love is this Mac in a gorgeous Berry colour, I am going to go to Next and try it on as I love the style and colour so much, think this maybe my next purchase. It ticks all the boxes for me, The military styling is great, a belt nips in my waist and the colour is perfect for Autumn/Winter. This Mac is selling quickly so you had better get a move on if you want to get one...

So tell me have you got your eye on a fabby coat at Next? What style are you looking for and what statement are you going to make?

Win a £50 Voucher with Ask Her Friends CD 10/11/12

Sometimes a website comes along and you think WOW what a fabulous idea, how come this hasn't be thought of before? Well that's exactly what I thought when I came across Ask Her Friends.

This great website crowd-sources ideas by asking normal women to tell them exactly what they want, and works on a focused quality selection of suppliers.

Have you ever had to buy your own Christmas, anniversary or birthday present ladies? Or have you ever dropped hints so big you think your partner would never get it wrong - only to find yourself with Matchmakers on Christmas day instead of a Chocolate Orange - yes there is a story there! Well, the fabulous people at Ask Her Friends have come up with a great idea. A website that acts as a ladies best friend - literally.

So how does it work? You can browse the fabulous catalogue online which is set out in clear sections or you can use the very clever Idea Map.

The premise of the Idea Map is to select the person, then select the budget, then select their interests. The software on the site will then give you gift ideas which you can act upon if you so wish. Another great idea is an Advice List which can act as an online Christmas list. It's easy to register with the site too, I did it through Facebook!

With a range of partners including big names such as M & S, Debenhams and John Lewis and smaller boutique stores like Rhea Clements you know there will be lots of lovely gifts that you will like.

So I know what I will be doing this Christmas - suggesting to my husband that he uses this site so I know I will get a gift I love and it will still be a surprise! 

Well I have a treat for my lovely readers the generous people at Ask Her Friends have given me a £50 gift voucher to give away to one of my readers. All you have to do is have a look at their website and then follow the easy steps below to enter.

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