Personal Investments That Could Secure A Financial Future

When it comes down to our aspirations in life, there are a few things that we probably all strive for. The main one that we all want is a little financial security. Wanting that security and actually getting it are two completely different things. 

Here I am going to look at some investment opportunities that may help shape your financial future for the better.

Digital Currency

When it comes to investing, over the last few years, digital currency has taken the lead. Cryptocurrency, in its essence, has shown itself to be an incredibly easy and accessible route for many investors.

The most shocking thing about cryptocurrency is the sheer amount of non-professional investors. It has become a successful investment opportunity for the everyday person and for most, the results have been positive with long term investment.  Check out bitcoin cfd broker vergleich for a broker comparison if you're thinking about getting into personal investments with little experience or knowledge yourself.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, there have always been two types of investment. One has obviously been a monetary investment. The other has been that of mining. Mining cryptocurrency takes a small amount of skill and also a small cash injection for equipment.

Mining Cryptocurrency is more an investment of time than it is money. With enough time and know-how, there are now over 1600 different types of cryptocurrency you can experiment with. If you'd like to learn more about these and how to invest in them, head over to the SoFi website. Just be careful you know what you are doing and research your options before you invest in anything.


Property investment is popular for many reasons. The main reasons are simple as there will always be a need for housing and people like investing in bricks and mortar.

When it comes down to it, people presume that property investment can be challenging, especially financially. There are, however, answers to this nowadays. For people looking to invest for the first time, there are property share investment opportunities. These opportunities offer multiple people shared ownership of a property. The property profit is then shared between all investors. This is generally done on a flip to sale or HMO basis.

With opportunities like this available, It’s a great way to dip your toes into investment. Before you know it you will be searching for properties in London city island for sale, in order to make an investment that will really secure your future.


When it comes to investment, one thing that is often ignored is the opportunity for business investment. Most people automatically presume that business investment is for the wealthy or other business owners. This is not the case. There are now many opportunities to invest in small, startup businesses that can turn quite a good amount of profit. These opportunities are basically like crowdfunding campaigns but with more rewards.

The key to understanding how they work is simple. Take everything you know about Dragons Den and use that as your baseline. You invest an amount of money you are comfortable with and in return, you get a percentage of the company. With this option, it is always a good idea to do some research on the intended market of your potential investment. 

Going into any investment blind is never a good idea, so research with every opportunity is key. For example, suppose you want to diversify your investments. This comparison of Motley Fool's Stock Advisor versus Zacks' investing style can help you determine which one suits your needs better. In that case, While Motley Fool's Stock Advisor focuses on longer-term investments, Zacks is better suited for shorter-term investors. This article isn't intended as financial advice, with every investment there are risks and opportunities.

Let me know, have you ever invested money in one of these options?

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7 Simple Tips To Improving Your Self-Confidence

1. Look after yourself physically and mentally

To be self-confident you need to address yourself holistically.  Firstly look at your physical health. there is much research to say about the benefits of exercise so be sure to get some every day. I know going for a long walk along the beach can really help my mood. Getting in touch with nature always helps keep me grounded.

Make sure you get adequate sleep, and that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. All simple steps but all steps that can help you increase the feeling of wellbeing. 

If you have mental health concerns, don't forget it's good to talk. If you do not have a friend or family member to talk to consider going to a professional counselling service like a company such as BetterHelp, or your GP who can refer you to mental health services and may consider medication. 

2. Think about your appearance

Ok, I know we should be happy within our own skin but if you have areas that you want to address, then why not have that treatment to improve your appearance if it makes you happy?  Change your hair colour, have the porcelain veneers and zeneers, or some non-invasive skin treatments. As long as you are well informed and research it so that it is safe, then treatments like this can help increase confidence.  

3. Dress the part

We've all heard the phrase 'clothes maketh the man',  so ensure you have dressed appropriately for the situation. In work, often if we dress smartly people seem to take us more seriously. Of course, it depends on the type of work you do, but why not try it, if you work in a formal environment. 

It's also important to spend that time every week checking our clothes. Do they need repairs, do they need to be replaced, do they need a wash and iron? Of course, if you are my age you already do this, but if you have teenage children that are leaving to go to college or moving out then this is something they need to get into the habit doing. 

4. Learn to say no

Saying no is a good thing when doing what has been requested of you will give you extra s
tress. Learn to say no and don't be apologetic. Just state you can't do it and give a factual reason why if it makes you feel better about it. Be firm and direct. You are turning down the request, not the person. Don't feel guilty, you will feel better for turning it down if you are not happy about doing the request in the first place. You will only regret it otherwise.

5. Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself. You are probably your own worse critic, so be kind to yourself and forgive yourself. Accept compliments from others and don't brush them off. We aren't very good at doing this in the UK but why not celebrate your successes, however big or small. 

It's good to talk. Build a support network around you, from friends, family, work colleagues and even acquaintances that you can talk to. For example, you may find it easy to confide in a friend about things that are worrying you but also there may groups of people with similar interests online that you may feel better talking to.

6. Be kind to others and pay it forward

Being kind is something we shouldn't overlook, and it can also boost our self-esteem. Can you help out doing the shopping for an elderly neighbour, donate food or time to the local food bank, or even pay for someone's coffee when you go to a cafe next. Or why not raise money for a cause you believe in, such as fundraising for breast cancer research?  Helping out a charity or a person in need can really make you feel good.

7. Do things that make you happy

Make sure you try to do something that makes you happy every day. Small things can make you happy as well as bigger things. I like watching travel videos and TV programmes and I try to spend time every day planning my next trip. The anticipation of the holiday and the joy I get planning is almost as great at the enjoyment of the trip itself! Maybe you love relaxing with a good book, painting, singing, spending time with your grandchildren, walking in nature, or meeting friends for a chat. 

Make sure you do something every day that makes you happy and your self-esteem will soar. 

So here are 7 simple tips to improving your self-confidence. Do you have any tips?


4 Of The Best South Wales Wedding Venues Near Cardiff

When it comes to weddings, doing your research is key. Sometimes it can be difficult to do it all by yourself so resources that can help you with this are fantastic. There are plenty of amazing wedding venues, Cardiff is particularly great for different styles of venues and I’ve chosen four of my favourites below.

However, before we get to my favourite wedding venues in South Wales and Cardiff in particular, you may wonder how I researched the many different options. There are plenty of ways you can do this. Local magazines and newspapers are a fantastic resource as they often carry advertising for venues. Wedding fayres are another great option as you can do plenty of research in one place - where you can find information about venues, cars, hair and makeup, dresses, suits and so much more. They are always worth attending to see what is available out there.

There are also sites such as Wedding Booker which are the perfect one-stop-shop for your research - you can find a list of wedding venues quickly and easily with their contact details readily available. They also have a huge database of licenced venues in the UK. This is incredibly beneficial as it saves you the time of going from venue to venue and contacting each one individually. You can find prices on the site too so you can fill in a form and send it to the venue so they can contact you.

Researching wedding venues in South Wales is no easy feat but here is the result of my research and I have chosen four fantastic wedding venues that I think you’d all enjoy. They are all slightly different and unique for different reasons. Whether you want to be married inside, outside, in a large venue or a small venue, there is definitely the perfect wedding venue out there for everyone in South Wales.

Voco St Davids

Voco St Davids is in an amazing location in Cardiff Bay and an outdoor wedding here would be absolutely beautiful with a view overlooking the bay. If I were to get married again, I’d definitely love to get married here. Just look at that incredible view! The hotel also has an excellent spa so you can have a relaxing treatment before your big day.

Castell Coch

If you aren’t looking for a massive venue, Castell Coch is perfect. This 19th-century gothic revival castle is built above the village of Towngynlais, about seven miles from Cardiff, in a gorgeous woodland setting and has an ornate and colourful interior. If you want to feel like a princess with a castle wedding, this is the place for you and you can create some gorgeous photographic memories of your special day. Wouldn’t you want to get married here?

St Fagans National History Museum

A museum may not always be the first thing you think of but this historic building is a wonderful setting, just outside Cardiff. With formal gardens and woodland walks making this location fantastic for photos,  this is also a great place to make your vows. Wouldn’t this avenue be wonderful to walk down?

Park Plaza Hotel

You don’t need to go to the countryside to have a wonderful wedding. The city centre location of the 4 star Park Plaza Hotel in Cardiff is easy to get to for guests, and even has a pool so guests can choose to take a dip if they so wish! How lovely is this room for a wedding reception to celebrate with all of your guests?

I love that there are plenty of fantastic wedding venues in South Wales and Cardiff in particular with such beautiful locations and interiors readily available for couples to use for their weddings.

Let me know, how would you do your research when it comes to wedding venues? Would you use a resource to help you find the perfect venue for you and your soon to be spouse? Which of these wedding venues do you like the look of?

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Choosing The Right Jewellery For Special Events And Occasions

Have you got a special occasion or event coming up that you want to look your best for? Accessories can be a great way to complete any outfit.

Jewellery is a particularly great accessory to utilise when you need to look your best. However, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing the right jewellery for the event. Here, you’ll discover some great tips you can follow to ensure you choose the best bling for your outfit.

Business and professional events 

If you’ve got a business or professional event coming up, you’ll want to aim for a sophisticated look. The key here is to choose jewellery which is subtle but elegant. Don’t overdo it. Instead, focus on one, or two pieces of jewellery maximum.

If you wear your hair up, you can wear a classy pair of earrings. Stud earrings can look particularly sophisticated for work events. You’ll also want to consider a gemstone pendant, ideally in a colour to match your work outfit.

Romantic occasions

On romantic occasions, you can get away with wearing more obvious jewellery. Rings are particularly great for showing off on anniversaries, engagements and weddings. Diamond rings tend to be the best option for romantic events. This is especially true if you have an expensive engagement ring which features tonnes of sparkle.

If you’re accessorising for your wedding, you’ll want to invest in specialised wedding jewellery. This can be statement pieces or more subtle jewellery like pearl earrings. However, if you’re a wedding guest, you’ll want to tone it down a little, so you aren’t competing with the bride.

Formal parties 

Christmas will soon be right around the corner which means one thing – Christmas parties are coming! If you tend to get invited to more formal parties, you’re going to need jewellery to impress.

These events are perfect for statement jewellery. You can also add an elegant look to your outfit by investing in pearls. If you are opting for statement jewellery, it’s important to make sure that you only use two pieces maximum. Otherwise, it could cheapen your outfit rather than making it look more expensive.

As you can see, there are a few tips to follow when you’re choosing jewellery for special occasions and events. It’s important to think about the style of the event and how formal it is. The above are just some tips you can follow to ensure you’re choosing the right pieces to match your outfit.

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Fashion Wish List For The Man Who Likes Black

I have to admit, my grown-up son isn't really into fashion. Every few months I have to ask him if he needs anything clothes-wise, and we end up having a long discussion. This usually involves him saying he doesn't need any new clothes and me saying he does.  He also lives in black.  However, as a recent graduate, he does need some smart clothes in his wardrobe as well as some decent casual clothes for when he moves out... eventually. This is why I still end up buying his clothes as he's on a limited income.  Here is my fashion wishlist for my grown-up son who likes to wear black.


Slim fit tracksuit

Mens slim fit tracksuits  black grey and white collared tracksuit  £35 justyouroutfit

Every man should have a tracksuit in their wardrobe. The tracksuit is a versatile item, used for lounging around or working out.  This tracksuit above is bang up to date with the colour block design. It's also slim fit and modern in its style. Perfect for my son who likes black, and even he won't hate the grey and white design. This tracksuit also comes with a blue, white and black design too. 

Pop culture t-shirt

Pulp Fiction T-shirt £10 Peacocks

For a man into pop culture like my son, this Pulp Fiction t-shirt will go down a treat. In,... you guessed it... black, it has the main characters of the film on the front - Vincent and Jules. A cool design I know my son would love this t-shirt. He has a similar design by the artist Banksy already. A fashion custom t-shirt is always a good addition to a wardrobe. 

Old school trainers
Old Skool shoes £60 Vans

Thes Vans trainers were the first in the range, and are high on old school style, in fact, they are called Vans Old Skool. A low top, lace-up shoe, padded for support the toecaps are reinforced for repeated wear. A classic item to add to your wardrobe these retro trainers will never go out of fashion.


Classic suit

Suit jacket £56 and trousers £29 Next 

This slim-fitting suit, available from brands like Dobell, has a peaked
collar, twin back vents and flap pockets making it the perfect choice for interviews.

It's also machine washable so you don't have to worry about taking it to the dry cleaners. An easy-care suit for a smart occasion or a day in the office, just pair with a white shirt and tie and you have an interview outfit too.

Chelsea boot

 Chelsea boot £30 H and M

Chelsea boots are a great addition to any wardrobe. These black Chelsea boots by H and M are a bargain price in the sale and made of leather with rubber soles. This versatile boot can be worn with jeans or a suit making them a wardrobe essential.


A great watch is more of an accessory, but when elevating someone’s style from formal to a cut above, a collection of accessories, especially in a young man who looks at his phone to tell the time, can make all the difference. You could buy a Rolex Submariner pre-owned, but any standard watch can add a bit of formal bling to a nice classic suit and Chelsea boots.

Polo shirt

Levis black polo shirt £35 Debenhams

A polo shirt like this is a staple in your wardrobe for the smart/casual look. With three buttons, a small collar and a red Levi logo being the only detail, no one can fail to like this simple but stylish cotton polo shirt. 

I hope you like this fashion wish list for the man who likes black. Do you know anyone like this?

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Some Of The Best Hotels And Motels On Route 66

Route 66 is one of the iconic drives many road trippers would like to do, at least once in their life. Mr W and I drove the 2448 mile long drive from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica California, recently and stayed in some fantastic hotels and motels along the way.  Here are some of the best hotels and motels on Route 66 in my opinion. I have focused on historic accommodation and included a cheeky stay in Las Vegas, which although not on Route 66 is a popular detour along the way. 

Boots Court Motel Carthage Missouri

Where is it?

Boots Court Motel is in Carthage Missouri. It's a historic motel built in 1939 by Arthur Boots. Two sisters bought the Art Deco motel and have restored it to its former glory from the '40s.  Carthage itself is a small town but has a couple of great attractions nearby such as the Precious Moments Chapel and Red Oak 2, an old historic town, where the houses are transplanted from miles around.

Why is it special?

Every room has a retro radio playing 40's music and bed linen from the 40s era but also Wi-Fi, and air conditioning. It mixes modern comforts with historic decor well. We stayed in a room that Clark Gable stayed in that also had its own carport. Debbie who runs the motel is so lovely and helpful and the motel looks beautiful lit up at night. She also flies the flag of the nationality of people staying here, it's a lovely touch and we were surprised to see the Welsh flag flying proudly in the air when we returned from dinner.

How much does it cost?

We paid 74 dollars including tax for a double room, which is about £56. There is no breakfast available at the hotel. We ate breakfast at the Carthage Deli which is a ten-minute walk away and has a variety of breakfast option including eggs, bacon and bagels.

Motel Safari Tucumcari New Mexico

Where is it?

Motel Safari is in Tucumcari New Mexico. It opened in 1959 and was decorated in an architectural style known as 'Googie'. In Tucumcari, you have some well-known stops on Route 66 including the Blue Swallow motel across the road, and the Teepee Curios gift shop close by. Motel Safari is also an hour and a half drive away from the Cadillac Ranch, a popular Route 66 stop. Tucumcari isn't very big, and I would recommend avoiding stying on a Sunday if possible as everything is closed.

Why is it special?

The owner Larry Smith (and his dog Sam) is a Route 66 enthusiast and has made the motel up-to-date without compromising on the old world charm. Air conditioning, a flat panel LCD TV, and comfortable Sealy mattresses make the rooms modern, whilst a Tivoli radio playing Route 66 radio adds to Route 66 vibe.

How much does it cost?

We paid 79 dollars (£63) including tax for a room with two double beds. There is no breakfast available at the hotel. Kix on Route 66 is a really good retro diner a 5-minute walk away which we recommend for breakfast. Have one of the omelettes, they are excellent and come with toast and hashbrowns. 

Inn Of The Governors Santa Fe

Where is it?

The Inn Of The Governors is in Santa Fe New Mexico. Santa Fe is New Mexico's capital and is a vibrant artsy town know for its Pueblo architecture. Founded as a Spanish colony in 1610, it has at its heart the traditional Plaza which is a cool place to walk around, do some shopping and take in the atmosphere.

Why is it special?

The hotel is decorated in an authentic southwest style.  It's a lovely hotel with a calm environment. Every day at 4pm there is a tea and sherry reception which is complimentary and they have a small outdoor pool which is nice for a dip. It's also very close to the main square and offers free parking.

How much does it cost?

We paid 198 dollars a night (£156) inclusive of taxes and breakfast. The breakfast was amazing and included a wide variety of food from fresh fruit to yoghurts, pastries and a hot buffet complete with bacon, potatoes, eggs and Mexican options.

La Posada Winslow Arizona

Where is it?

La Posada is in Winslow Arizona. Winslow is famous for being mentioned in the song 'Take It Easy' by the Eagles. You must go to the corner of Winslow Arizona to see the flatbed Ford and the statues of The Eagles if you visit. 

Why is it special?

La Posada is a historic hotel, famous for being a 'Harvey house'. Fred Harvey was a man who 'civilised the west'. He built hotels where people could stop near the Santa Fe railroad. La Posada was built in the 1920s and many famous people like John Wayne and Albert Einstein stayed there. La Posada is also home to the Turquoise Room, one of the best restaurants in the whole of the area. We ate here and it was fabulous. My meal of pepper steak was mouthwatering.

How much does it cost?

We paid 154 dollars including tax which is about £121.  Breakfast wasn't included but the Turquoise Room serves breakfast. Also, there is a decent small cafe opposite 'the corner of Winslow Arizona' that serves crepes, granola bowls and muffins. 

The Flamingo Las Vegas Nevada

Where is it?

The Flamingo Hotel is in the entertainment capital of the US - Las Vegas. Whilst technically not on Route 66, Las Vegas is a very popular detour on a Route 66 road trip. We stayed here as it's a historic hotel, that fitted into the Route 66 vibe. Bugsy Siegal the gangster opened it in 1946 and it was one of the first hotels in Las Vegas at the time

Why is it special?

The Flamingo is situated in a perfect position - in the centre of the Las Vegas strip, with Ballys and the Linq hotel close by. It has the Linq Promenade outside for places to eat and drink as well as its own food court, Margaritaville restaurant, Centre Cut Steakhouse and more. If you book, check out the 'Go' rooms which are refurbished. It has it's own flamingo habitat too and two pools, one party pool and one family pool.

How much does it cost?

Rooms are from 35 dollars a night, however, with taxes and resort fees this can more than double in price. In Vegas, many hotels have resort fees which cover the cost of Wi-Fi, phone calls and so on. You have to accept you will be paying a resort fee in the majority of hotels. If you have a casino players card and you bet a lot, they may waive the fee, it's worth a try asking on check out. We ended up paying around £80 a night all in over the 4th of July. Breakfast is not included but there are many options in the hotel including the Paradise Garden Buffet, as well as close by. We liked the Chayo Mexican Kitchen for breakfast in the Linq Promenade.

So here are some of the best hotels and motels on Route 66 in my opinion. We planned our Route 66 road trip with books and Google maps.  Check out this road trip planner for help with planning your trip. 

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Let me know what you think of these places to stay. Have you driven Route 66?

Win A Mira Decor Shower Worth Up to £419 Ends 17/09

Showers have come a long way in the last thirty years. I remember how much of a novelty it was when we went away in the '80s to use a shower as at home my parents only had a bath. It was in the '90s that showers really came into their own in the UK with over 60% of houses then owning one.

Today almost every newly fitted bathroom contains a modern shower and for good reason. Showers are eco-friendly using much less water than a bath. Showers are quick to use and perfect for busy households getting ready for school, college and work. Warm showers can relax you and help you sleep whilst cold showers can stimulate you and wake you up. 

Mira knows about great showers. Mira is the UK's leading shower manufacturer founded in 1921, and they have just launched their new range of electric showers. The Mira Decor and the Mira Decor Dual are available now from selected B&Q and Screwfix stores around the country.

These two new shower designs are sleek, modern and designed with contemporary bathrooms in mind. Colourways include white, warm silver and black onyx and each shower has stylish chrome detailing.

The range also features separate flow and temperature controls to help the user get the perfect setting unique to them.  Both products also feature an on/off push button so that power and temperature controls can be left at the preferred settings, and the trademark Clearscale technology then reduces limescale up to 50% making for easy cleaning and giving better performance.  Sound great don't they?

Today I am giving you a chance to win a shower of your choice from either the Mira Decor or Mira Decor Dual. 

With all products having a 2-year guarantee as well and fixings supplied these showers are perfect for a modern bathroom. The Mira Decor has a generous 110mm showerhead whilst the Mira Decor Dual has two showerheads, with a single spray 90mm and a large 200 mm overhead. Both suitable for cold water mains only, these great showers make a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

To enter my competition

To enter my competition to win a Mira Decor or Mira Decor Dual worth up to £419 enter via the Gleam app below, which is easy to use and you can also enter daily so don't forget to bookmark this page if you like the prize. Good luck!

Terms and Conditions 

You must be 18 + to enter 
Open to entrants in the UK only
One entry per household 
Winner will be contacted within 7 days of the competition ending.
If I do not hear from the winner within 28 days I reserve the right to redraw
Please allow 28 days for delivery 
Ends 2019-09-17 11:59:59 PM

Travel Gifts For Her Under £30

If you are looking for a gift for a woman who loves to travel there are some great travel gifts out there. From travel jewellery to luggage tags, scratch maps to useful bags there are gifts for people of all budgets.

World map bracelet

 World Map Bracelet - £17 Not On The High Street

This world map design from Not On The High Street is ideal for anyone going on a gap year or simply for that lady that loves to travel.  I like it for the classic design and the adjustable chain that fits a range of wrist sizes. The world map bracelet by Charlie Boots is silver plated on stainless steel and is well priced at just £17.

Luggage tag and passport cover

Flamingo passport cover and luggage tag - £25 John Lewis

This travel set of a passport cover and luggage tag is covered with an amazingly bright flamingo print. You won't lose your luggage if it has this flamingo luggage tag attached that's for sure. Priced at only £25, and designed by Sara Miller you can buy this gift set from John Lewis on the high street and also online.

Travel emergency kit

Travel emergency kit  - £22 Olivia Bonas

Travel can cause havoc with your skin, especially air travel with air conditioning. This little travel emergency kit made by Pretty Useful Tools can help keep your skin radiant when you are on the go. Made up of chamomile moisturiser, rose lip balm, sandalwood perfume and neroli face mist. In a mini travel-friendly size, this kit is ideal for packing for a festival, uncomfortable plane or train journeys or just to keep in your bag to freshen up when you feel tired. 

Scratch map
Scratch map - £19.95 Olivia Bonas

Scratch maps are all the rage these days and this deluxe edition scratch map in black and gold hides a vibrant colour palette underneath. A unique way to record your travels, just take a coin and scratch off where you have been to reveal intricate details such as the contours of the land and see. Available in a tube to protect it, this scratch map from Olivia Bonas is only £19.95.

Noise-cancelling headphones
Noise-cancelling headphones - £19.99 Amazon

There is nothing worse than being on a noisy plane, so I always pack my noise-cancelling headphones to plug myself into my iPod or the entertainment system. These headphones by PowerLocust and available from Amazon are wireless and in a lovely shade of pink. Girly and practical too, and the best part is that they are only £19.99. 

Personalised travel jewellery box

Personalised travel jewellery box - £28 Not On The High Street

This gorgeous travel jewellery box is the perfect size to keep your jewellery safe on your trips. Made of vegan leather, the inside is plush and is made of imitation soft velvet protecting your items. It can also be personalised too, making it an extra special gift. 

Falmouth beach travel bag - £26 Mia Tui

This strong but lightweight Falmouth travel bag from Mia Tui is spacious and has an insulated bottle holder and plenty of compartments to hold all your stuff. It also slips over the handle of your suitcase so it's easy to carry. This bright watermelon design is gorgeous but if you want something more subtle, there are other colourways too.

Sunday Times Travel Magazine

Travel Magazine subscription  - £32 Sunday Times

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine is a great travel magazine. Why not buy her a gift subscription, so she can have it delivered to her door every month? At a smidge over £30, I think you can forgive me for including this in my travel gift guide for under £30 when you see how informative and useful this magazine is. A perfect gift for a woman who loves travelling. 

For more inspiration check out more gifts for her whatever your budget and my dedicated travel blog

t me know what you think of these travel gifts. 

How To Date Whilst Travelling

Travelling the world is an activity that is on most people's bucket lists; you can see incredible unseen corners of the planet, experience new cultures, and (perhaps most importantly) take a well-needed break from work. It's likely that you will meet lots of interesting people along the way, but if you want to find more than just friendship on your travels, it can be difficult. Finding people to connect with can be hard when you know you're just passing through, and the thought of a long-distant relationship often scares people into running away from the idea. However there are lots of ways to keep in touch these days with Skype and Facetime to name but two, so don't automatically shy away from a long-distance relationship as it can work for some. So with that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to aid your dating mission whilst you're travelling.

Get involved

This kills two birds with one stone; you will inherently get to experience more of the local culture whilst also making some new connections. Do some research on the area you are going to visit and sign up for a class or a club that catches your eye; it could be something you have done before and love, or something that you've always wanted to do but never had the opportunity to try. Chances are when you meet someone along the way, you'll already have one thing in common - with the most likely scenario being that both of you don't have a clue what you're doing.

Try out an app

Online dating is often used to find people at home, but it can be very helpful to find like-minded people when you're away. You could try alternative dating methods, such as online dating sites, for example, where you can search for people in your specific area and narrow down your options by looking at their shared interests and hobbies. If you're travelling locally, for example in Northern Ireland, trying dating with Badoo is always a good idea, as meeting up with someone who has been in the area longer can not only be a way to find romance, but it can also provide you with plenty of date ideas as your date will know the area. With this, you don't have to worry about finding someone you think you might get along with but then later find out that you have absolutely nothing in common, after which ensues a horror story of a first date.

Take recommendations

This, again, helps you make the most of your travels whilst getting to know new people. Take time to talk to the people that live locally in the area you are visiting and get recommendations for places to eat, drink, and shop - you will usually end up meeting the most interesting people this way. Taking a step out of your comfort zone will ensure a travelling experience you will never forget. 

Visit an 'ex-pat' bar

It's likely that there will be others from your home country travelling or living alongside yourself. By visiting a pub or bar that is mainly visited by ex-pats, you will meet people who you already share a lot in common with (and speak the same language) which obviously makes connecting with them a lot easier. They will also hopefully know some secret gems that they can show you whilst you're in town.

However you choose to do it, dating whilst travelling is completely possible and surprisingly exciting. As long as you take sensible precautions and never put yourself in danger, there is no reason why you can't make romantic connections while travelling the world.

*Guest post by Nicky Petersen 

The Most Exciting Places To Dine When Visiting London

Aside from being one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, London is also something of a food-lovers paradise with thousands of restaurants serving up almost every delicacy imaginable. If you really want to experience the very best of what the capital has to offer in terms of its mouth-watering cuisine then there are a few key locations and dining experiences that you really can’t afford to miss.

Thames Cruise Dinner

There can be few experiences as magical as the regular Thames dinner cruises that are scheduled along the river every evening. A perfect way to see the city skyline whilst enjoying some of the freshest local cuisines, it’s a two-for-one sightseeing and dining experience that offers a range of options – from a simple taster menu on the deck to an evening full of live music and entertainment.

Dishoom Shoreditch 

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine then this is an opportunity not to be missed. Located on the iconic Boundary Street in the effortlessly classy Shoreditch area of London, Dishoom has become something of an institution since it arrived in Shoreditch in 2012. The shell of the building is an old cafĂ© that now plays host to the best street food in London. Indian chefs are renowned for their succulent and fragrant street cuisine so you know you’ll be getting something truly special. There’s also a verandah area for summer evening meals as well a prohibition themed cocktail bar called “The Permit Room.”

Borough Market

For those that prefer to devour their food on the go and appreciate a little variety, Borough Market is not only the most famous food market in London but might also be the best in the world when it comes to fresh produce and sheer selection. From oysters and cheese toasties to Korean, Indian, Thai, Chinese and good old fashioned British comfort food; a man who has grown tired of dining at Borough Market has grown tired of dining.

Maltby Street Market 

The cooler and quieter cousin to Borough Market that manages to fit a cavalcade of bars, restaurants and street vendors into a single narrow street, Maltby is an unmissable London dining experience for anyone that considers themselves something of a foodie ‘hipster’. You might end up paying a little more than you would at Borough, and the selection isn’t quite as varied, but what is on offer is all uniformly excellent and interesting. The name of the game here is quality and when it comes to this game, everyone is a winner!

Let me know, where do you recommend to eat in London?

*Collaborative post