How To Achieve A Vintage Interior Design With Light

The way in which we use lighting at home isn’t one of those things that we often really think about unless the chosen scheme is less than successful.

We’ve all been in homes, for example, where the lighting seemed too harsh for the room. Or maybe you’ve entered spaces that suffered from a horrible mismatch between contemporary and traditional elements?

So, achieving a satisfying ‘vintage’ look in your home isn’t always as easy as it looks. Here, then, are some tips for getting it right. This is an ad.

Don’t reject flaws – embrace them! 


When homeowners create contemporary-styled interior design schemes, they often try to avoid visibly ‘flawed’ decor items. But with vintage, it’s essentially the opposite situation – it’s all about embracing those flaws and blemishes! And the same can be said for lighting.

So, the next time you see some scruffy old lighting fixtures at a flea market, don’t immediately reject them. Instead, think about how well they might fit into your vintage decor scheme.

Remember – a lighting fixture with visible scratches, scuffs and chips has already had a fascinating history. Vintage interior schemes aren’t about everything looking ‘perfect’ – so seek out items with interesting flaws.

Make a focal point out of large ceiling lights.

ceiling light

When someone says the term ‘vintage lighting’ to you, what pops up in your head? For a lot of people, it’s the stunning oversized chandeliers and pendants that are a familiar sight in historic manor houses.

There’s a good reason for this; these lighting fixtures are widely admired for their extravagance, prestige and good taste. It’s not just their size that makes them so impressive – their intriguing metallic elements and artful shapes are also a joy to look at.

Of course, you could look to eBay for some old vintage chandeliers or pendants. But there’s also the option of buying gorgeous new lighting fixtures that embrace the vintage aesthetic. The historic ARTCRAFT brand, for instance, offers lighting options that are perfect for restoration schemes.

Opt for LED filament bulbs 


This problem comes up time and time again when homeowners are trying to give their home a vintage look. On one hand, you love traditional decor and fixtures. But on the other hand, items that are actually old may be relatively impractical or uneconomical.

That’s certainly a big issue with old-school incandescent light bulbs, which are highly inefficient and terrible for the environment. It’s a shame when you might simply wish to borrow the look of these traditional bulbs and not their drawbacks.

Thankfully, a solution does exist – LED filament bulbs. They’re designed to physically resemble time-honoured incandescent bulbs, complete with visible filaments for that ‘vintage’ look. But as they’re actually LEDs, they also have LEDs’ supreme efficiency.

Experiment with layering your lighting

One of the best things about vintage interior design is that the ‘rules’ around it are generally much less strict than other styles. That means it’s easy to get creative with the layering of your vintage lighting.

This guide from The Spruce explains the three key types of lighting, which will help you to effectively layer the vintage lighting in your home.

Vintage can work beautifully in a home decor scheme, and in so many different ways. Keep all of the above considerations in mind, and you’ll soon be achieving great results with your home lighting.



  1. I absolutely love the look of the LED filament bulbs - they give such a cosy atmosphere :)

  2. I really love the vintage look for interior. My partner is quite modern though so we have found a happy medium. We've gone for the dark bold colours that have a real vintage feel.

    It is such a classic look. He got modern lights but I am working on a vintage chandelier for the hall outside our new bedroom! Wish me luck x

  3. these are some great ideas, if we had somewhere bigger I would love to get some bigger more grand light fittings they have always drawn my eye.

  4. I love vintage style. Sadly it doesn't go with my modern house but I still love to look!

  5. My Mom had a chandelier with multiple levels that she loved. My brother is redoing a part of his house and considering the led filament bulbss.

  6. I love the vintage look. This is a really helpful post for people looking to keep their vintage look by getting the right lighting.

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  9. We've tried LED filament bulbs before and they are great for statement pieces! We especially like art deco lamps!

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  11. I love this kind of look and there are some really good ideas here for sure. The led bulb lights are very cool xx

  12. I really like LED filament bulbs and we have a few of them around the house as they do look a bit more classic and traditional, even though they're not x

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