Men's Summer Hats For Large Heads

As the summer heat rolls in, it’s time to set aside the winter hats and reach for the light, breezy summer hats. Straw and cotton are the summer hat materials, so put away any wool or fur hats and save them for when temperatures drop.

When it comes to picking out a summer hat, it can all feel a little overwhelming. After all, there are all sorts of styles, materials, and colours to choose from. How do you know which is best? And if you have a large head, what are your options?

For men who are looking for a new summer big hat, here’s a list of some great summer hat styles for those with large heads.

Men's Summer Hats for Large Heads

1. Straw Hats

Straw hats are a classic no matter what style they come in. The light-coloured material is breezy and reminiscent of a day on the beach, giving you the perfect accessory to complete any summer look. As straw is a material used to make hats, and not a style itself, you can choose any style that you like and look for it in straw.

Some great straw hat ideas include Panama, the fedora, the trilby, and the boater. These classic styles, when made from straw, can bring the perfect summery touch to any outfit.

Panama hats are always made from straw and are a hat typical of the Ecuadorian coast. These hats are lightweight and light-coloured with a band around the crown. The best Panama hats follow the traditional creation process, but you can still find decent Panama hats from wholesale sellers at a more affordable price.

Everyone recognises a fedora, but a straw fedora is unique. Most fedoras are made from a cloth material, but in the summer, having one that’s made of straw will allow you to keep wearing this well-loved hat without feeling too hot.

Trilbies are yet another classic hat that’s very similar to a fedora. These hats are usually made from heavy materials, but summer trilbies can be found and made from straw. With a narrow brim and a pinched front, these hats will add class and style to your outfit without being as common as the fedora.

The boater is another hat that’s typically made from straw. Reminiscent of a barbershop quartet, this classy hat has a flat top and a narrow brim that will help keep the sun out of your eyes.

2. Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are making a strong comeback, but they’re available in more variety than ever. This is good news for men with large heads as it means you’ll be able to find a fun bucket hat that fits. As more brands aim to be inclusive and advertise to a wide variety of customers, they’re making hats in larger sizes.

Bucket hats make a great summer hat because they’re casual and fun, but they also have a brim to protect your face from the sun. It isn’t a very large brim, so it won’t get in your way, but it will still keep your eyes and forehead safe even in the most direct sunlight.

Before buying a bucket hat, ensure it will fit your head. You’ll need to measure your head before making your purchase, and if you can't find one to fit you can design and create online nowand get a custom hat that you can be sure will fit you.

3. Lightweight, Light-Coloured Hats

In all honesty, any hat style can look great in the summer as long as it’s made from a lightweight, breathable material and has light colours. No one wants to wear a black hat when the temperatures rise and felt hats can feel overwhelming hot. Instead, reaching for your favourite hat style in a breathable, light-coloured material is a great workaround.

While straw is the most typical summer material, hats made from cotton can also be a great choice. Again, fedoras are a classy hat style that can work for formal occasions, even if your fedora isn’t black.

Another great hat style is the pork pie. It was seen in Breaking Bad, but very few people can recognize it in passing. Made from a light material and worn with any outfit, pork pie hats will help you stand out elegantly.

4. Caps

Caps are, arguably, one of the best hat styles for men with large heads. As most caps are adjustable in the back, finding one that fits you shouldn’t be too much of an issue. What’s more, they’ll look good no matter what face shape you have.

When it comes to caps, there are no real limits on what you should and shouldn’t wear in the summer. Lighter colours will always feel more summery, but wearing a black cap won’t ostracize you. Caps alone have a summertime feel to them as they’re reminiscent of baseball games and cookouts.

Mesh caps are often one of the better types of caps to wear as the breathable mesh material will keep your head from getting too hot while the brim will still protect your face.

Similar to caps, dad hats are another great option for those with big heads. These low-profile hats will also protect your face and look good no matter what colour you choose, making them a great summer hat for any man.

Parting Advice

Finding a hat that will fit a large head can be difficult, but there are a few ways to make it easier on yourself. Simply knowing your hat size, for example, will help you feel more confident in your hat choice, whether you’re buying it online or in a store. As hat sizes are based on specific measurements, there will be very little difference between brands for the same size.

Sometimes all a new hat needs are to be broken in. For men with larger heads, this means stretching your new hat. When stretching a hat, though, it’s important to be aware of what materials the hat is made from and to not go too fast or you’ll risk breaking it.

All in all, men with large heads can find the perfect summer hat as long as they know what to look for as well as how to look for their size.


How To Plan The Perfect Bachelorette Party Abroad

Organising a bachelorette party or hen weekend for your best friend is a big task, and it can quickly become an even bigger challenge if you are planning on holding it in another country. Here are some of my top tips on how to plan the perfect bachelorette party weekend abroad.

Who is going?


Though it’s usually up to the maid of honour or chief bridesmaid to organise a hen weekend when it comes to who to invite, that should always be the decision of the bride, after all, it is her party! Be sure to get her input upfront and early on in the process, so you can make contact with everyone she wants to be there.

Some brides will want just to invite their bridal party, whereas others may want to invite other friends and family. It’s important to remember that etiquette dictates that people who are invited to the bachelorette party should also be invited to the wedding itself.


There are no set rules about when a bachelorette party should be held, though many brides will want a date in the lead-up to the wedding without being too close to interfere with preparations. Around a month or two before the wedding date is often ideal. Before you book anything, make sure that all the attendees can make it and have organised any leave or childcare arrangements.


Get together with the other girls coming on the hen weekend and decide on a budget you can all comfortably afford. A bachelorette party abroad will always be more expensive than hosting a party at home but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. If some of the hen party are on a tight budget, make the most of cheap flights and consider self-catering accommodation, such as a villa or Airbnb. Booking activities ahead of your trip can also help you get a bargain deal.


The destination should also be the bride’s choice or if she’s brave and wants a surprise, get together with the rest of the party and choose a place you’re all confident that she’ll love. Popular choices include Ibiza, Marbella, Portugal and Prague. Book your flights in advance to get a good deal and don’t forget your airport transfers to ensure you arrive at your accommodation safely without any difficulties.

Plan activities

hen party girls drinking
The type of activities you plan will depend on the sort of person the bride is and what kind of hen weekend she wants. When it comes to arranging your itinerary, consider what the bride would enjoy most. Does she enjoy dancing the night away in a nightclub and spending her days by the pool or will she be looking for thrills and adventure? Or maybe she’d prefer to go sightseeing with her best pals and spend the evenings catching up over dinner and drinks?

Special Touches

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget those all-important finishing touches. Be sure to pack bridal party accessories and decorations to make it a bachelorette weekend to remember. If you’re stuck for ideas, start with a bridal veil, matching sashes or t-shirts for the group and a gift for the bride from all of you. Oh, and don’t forget to take lots and lots of photos during your weekend away so you can all look back on the amazing time you had together!

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39 Steps Filter Coffee Review

A good cup of coffee is the holy grail of drinks, isn't it? But to get a good cup of coffee at home can be harder than you think. Supermarket coffees can be bland, a small roaster is where the coffee experts go where you want to have a decent cup of coffee at home. So let's have a look at one such small roaster, 39 Steps Coffee.

39 Steps Coffee was started in early 2018 in Soho, London to provide the finest speciality coffee to those living and working in central London, as well as delicious food in their cafe. The roastery is approved by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and also offers workshops and courses for the coffee enthusiast. 

If you can't get to central London you can now order your coffee online from 39 Steps Coffee. They sell a range of coffee from filter and espresso coffee to compostable coffee pods. 


As I only have a cafeteria to make coffee, otherwise known as a French Press, then I opted for the filter coffee to review. The filter coffee I was sent was the Colombia Malla 14 and Burundi Microlot 2145

coffee packet

coffee packet

So the coffee has the date on which it is roasted so you can see how fresh it is. The packet is fully recyclable too and it has a tear-off enclosure which is easy to reseal. 

Colombia Malla

colombia malla

The Colombia Malla 14 is a filter coffee that also comes in espresso too. Sourced from Colombia's Huila region from a variety of producers, this blend, they say has notes of apple, sugarcane and flora tones. 

colombia malla

Priced at £13.50 for 250g it is now on special offer for £12.50. 


To make the coffee I used one dessertspoon per cup of coffee, so in this French Press, I used two dessertspoons of coffee to make two cups. I then poured freshly boiled water up to the top and waited 3 minutes before I pressed the plunger down.

The Malla coffee didn't have a strong smell in the packet, so I expected it to be milder coffee. This coffee though has exciting flavours and it made a mellow medium-strength coffee. I felt it was a good coffee for those of you who don't like a robust flavour. I added my favourite plant based milk to it, Alpro soya milk. Made with soya milk this coffee tasted mellow, and I thought it was a good cup of coffee to have in the afternoon.

Microlot 2145

microlot coffee

The Microlot 2145 is a filter coffee from The Kayanza area of Burundi. This coffee is sourced from a single coffee producer, and this coffee has flavours of citrus, cinnamon and cane sugar. 


This coffee is priced at £13 for 250g. 

microlot coffee

To make the coffee I made it exactly the same as before to compare. I used one dessertspoon per cup of coffee, so in this French Press, I used two dessertspoons of coffee to make two cups. I then poured freshly boiled water up to the top and waited 3 minutes before I pressed the plunger down.

The coffee was my favourite as it was a darker roast. I could taste slight cinnamon flavours in the coffee and it had more of a tang that I could taste for longer. It would be good as a coffee to have in the morning. Have it black for an extra kick or add your favourite milk, I recommend either semi-skimmed milk or oat or soya milk.


My husband and I both enjoyed the coffee. Our favourite was the Microlot 2145 which we both said we could buy in the future. If you are looking for a speciality coffee producer, why not check out 39 Steps Coffee? They also offer certified training in areas related to coffee including understanding the roasting process and barista skills. 

Let me know, what is your favourite type of coffee?


How To Monetize A Mobile Application - 8 Most Popular Methods

The ultimate goal of the development and launch of any mobile application is to obtain revenue, and the approach can vary depending on the app. I have chosen the eight most widespread ways to monetize Android and iOS apps the brief outline of which you can find below.

8 Ways To Make Your App Profitable

mobile apps

Here are some strategies that help you monetize your app:

  1. Advertising is the most and fastest growing tool. Monetization takes place via the demonstration of native ads in the app. These can be images, short videos, animations, or interactive samples. The income is obtained through the sales of advertising space which the advertisers buy on different ad exchange platforms. This is a viable strategy for any type of app, including games. 

  2. The in-app purchase strategy means that the users buy virtual goods within the application and pay real money for those. The items available for purchase are most often specific objects in the game that make the process more enjoyable and easier. However, the number of players willing to pay for such perks has been going down year after year.

  3. Freemium is the model familiar to many users when the basic features of an app are free of charge, and the extended version is available on a paid basis. This is the principle that used to be applied in the so-called shareware computer software, but it has the same downside as the in-app purchase scheme – there are not that many people ready to pay.

  4. A paid subscription is the method promoted by Apple and Google. This strategy means that the users are regularly charged for a certain period they use the app or have access to the content. This is a great strategy for video streaming services, yet, it is quite hard to gain a loyal audience ready to pay regularly.

  5. The paid download is, probably, the least feasible way of mobile app monetization. Its ole advantage is that the owners get instant income with every new download and every new user. However, not many people are ready to pay for an unknown app, especially, when there are lots of free alternatives.

  6. Paid functions work well, e.g., in VPN apps. The free version might include a limited number of countries, whereas the additional payment gives the user access to several dozens or even hundreds of locations. Another example of this strategy is the paid no-ad version of an app.

  7. Marketplaces and service applications often operate on the percentage of the transaction basis. The owners get paid for every transaction that took place via their app. The disadvantage is that the owners become the persons liable for the quality of goods and services ordered through their apps and might be involved in various claims and disputes.

  8. Apart from all the abovementioned, there is a range of mixed strategies including several different ones. It is up to the owner to decide which methods are worth applying to their product.

What is better?

It is obvious that advertising is the most efficient method. You do not need to charge your users, your app remains free of charge, and it is the advertiser who pays for everything. It is a great tool that involves no risks and allows you to monetize any mobile application, including gaming ones. You simply sell your ad space and obtain passive income.

*Collaborative post

5 Modern Gifts for Tech Lovers

Are you looking for a tech-savvy gift for your loved one? Check out my list of five modern gifts that are perfect for tech lovers!


I’ve focused on quirky modern gifts for lovers of gadgets, tech and futurism. There's something for everyone on this list. So don't wait any longer – take a look and start shopping!

1. FirePit+

While the campfire is, at its heart, all about a celebration of the magic and simple technology of combustion, that doesn’t mean that we can’t combine it with a slight, modern, technological advantage. The FirePit+ is a wood and charcoal burning fire pit that’s totally portable and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

It’s highly efficient, and the fan can stoke the fire into a raging hot yet contained blaze in minutes. The fan is rechargeable and runs for about 30 hours straight on a single charge. If you want a portable charging solution, you can also charge it with the 

2. BioLite SolarPanel.NOMINAL pen

The NOMINAL pen is a space-inspired pen designed and made by a London-based design studio, Mercator. The name itself, NOMINAL, refers to the term used during spaceship launches to indicate that everything is going to plan. The pen is precision engineered from 34 different CNC-machined components, most of them made from 316L stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminium.

The lid features four, Falcon-9 style retractable legs, which means when you’re not using it, the pen can stand like a rocket ship on your desk. The mother of pearl end cap insert can be engraved with three letters for further personalisation.

3. Temperature Control Smart Mug

Something that most people struggle with for most of their life is drinking hot beverages when they’re at an appropriate temperature.

When you make it, it’s too hot - you put it down, and by the time you’ve remembered to drink it, it’s too cold, and you have to down it as a lukewarm shot. This smart mug by Ember allows you to choose your temperature, between 50-62.5 C. The battery lasts for up to 80 minutes, or all day if left on the charging coaster. It can be used with or without the app. 

4. Self-Sanitising Water Bottle

For the traveller who doesn’t want to get sick from questionable water sources or just the wary water drinker who wants a nice bottle, this self-sanitizing water bottle from LARQ would make a perfect gift.

Using their proprietary PureVis technology, the bottle utilises UV-C light to kill up to 99.8% of bio-contaminants that could be in the water, in as little as 20 seconds. It doesn’t have a filter that needs replacing, you just need to recharge the battery, about once per month.

5. Pure Fan Auto

Finally, we have this wonderful automatic fan. It doesn’t just move the air around the room it’s in - it filters contaminants out of it, like pollen, dust, bacteria and PM 2.5, while at the same time moving the air in order to optimally cool the space.

It has an air quality indicator that tells you how clean your air is, and has a quiet night mode so you can keep it on while you sleep. A perfect gift for those who suffer from allergies or just want to breathe nicer, cleaner air.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration on what gifts to buy that person in your life who is partial to a gadget (or 5!).

What Is Included In A Well Woman Check?

 Women often neglect the opportunity to check up on their health. It can be difficult to find the time, or anxiety may take over. However, as you age, it is important to prioritise your health and check in with your body every now and then.


well woman check is an opportunity for you to check on various parts of your health and to identify any health issues that you may be in high-risk categories for. Here is what may be checked during one of these appointments:


Firstly, you should be prepared for the health professional to ask you some questions regarding your height, weight, family health history, medications, current health issues etc. It is important to give the health professional these accurate answers in order for them to gain a better insight to your risks and potential causes.

Gynaecologist Check

It is incredibly important for women to consult a gynaecologist every so often. Sexual and reproductive health should always be prioritised, especially for young women and those who are pregnant. A gynaecologist may offer an internal and external exam where they can check your womb, cervix, and outer region of the reproductive organ for any potential health risks or infections. Young adolescents and women in menopause are often subject to many infections and issues in this area, which is why it is important to keep on top of it.

Bone Check

Osteoporosis is a health condition that affects the strength of the bones. As the body ages, it is important to increase your calcium and vitamin D intake to increase your bone strength. Using high-dosage steroid medication for long periods of time (if you are treating arthritis or asthma) can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Weak bones can have a severe impact on mobility, especially with age, and can worsen over time if not treated or improved.

Diabetes Check

Diabetes is a very common health concern which means the body’s blood glucose levels are too high, and this happens when the body is not producing enough insulin. Diabetes is particularly common in those who have a family history of the condition and can occur at any point in life. It is especially important to have your diabetes risk checked if this is a health issue that runs in your family.

Heart Check

Heart attacks and myocardial infarctions have become the leading cause of death in both males and females. It can root in things like diet, daily habits, stress, anxiety, lack of physical activity, and family history. Although heart attacks are more common after the age of 45, if you are under this age, you may still have to undergo an ECG report.

Final Words

A well woman check can tell you everything you need to know about your health and the potential risks you could face in the future without lifestyle changes or medical treatment. Not all serious health conditions present themselves in symptoms, which is why many health issues go unnoticed for long periods of time, resulting in unsuccessful treatment and slower recovery.

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July Chocolate Competition Win Lindt Lindor Chocolates Ends 01/09

It's July and the kids are breaking up from school in the UK! If you are in Scotland you are already well into the school holidays. School holidays can be stressful, however much you love your kids so today I am giving away a box of Lindt chocolates to my readers to help cope with the stress!

So carrying on from the success of my recent competitions I am giving away another scrumptious box of chocolates this month.

Lindt chocolates

For July I am giving away a box of Lindt Lindor salted caramel truffle balls. These truffles are simply scrumptious. However, if you really don't like these chocolates I am happy to send you a box of other Lindt truffles instead. They sell white chocolate, milk chocolate and hazelnut chocolate truffles to name a few.

Since 1845, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have been dedicated to creating the perfect chocolate delights. With a flavour for everyone, this chocolate box is perfect for gifting or sharing at any celebration or even eating them all yourself!

Entry is via the Gleam app, you need to answer a question below, and entry is easy with a click of a button. If the chocolate is unavailable I will send you good quality chocolate of a similar value e.g. other Lindt chocolate, Cadburys etc. Good luck!

Win Lindt Chocolate

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

The world is in crisis, as the summer reveals volatile weather patterns around the world and further highlights the progression of the climate emergency to world leaders. Sustainability measures are being enforced by governments and countries around the world, but their efforts may not be enough – and individuals can easily feel paralysed by the state of affairs.

However, there are individual changes one can make to lead a more sustainable life, which could have a major impact on the wider world. Here are three effective ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Reducing Your Use Of Plastics


Consumption is one of the key drivers behind wastefulness and unsustainable living – something we will touch on more later. One of the key reasons, though, is the regular consumption and waste of plastics in our day-to-day lives. Whether the wrapping of a sandwich or the bottle that holds our shop-bought water, plastic packaging is everywhere and represents a real cost to the environment.

Sometimes it is the smallest, simplest changes that can have the most impact. Swapping plastic water bottles for a single, re-usable metal bottle or flask can drastically reduce the amount of plastic for which you are responsible; likewise, with making your own lunches at home instead of buying from a supermarket.

Changing Your Driving Habits

If you are part of a driving household, the fact remains that the single biggest contributor to your impact on the environment is the car you use. The direct burning of fossil fuels introduces toxic materials into the local air, as well as introducing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Curbing or curtailing your reliance on your car, or swapping it for a zero-emissions vehicle, can represent a profound change to your overall household sustainability.

Forgoing private transport altogether in favour of public transport, cycling or walking is invariably the best option, environmentally speaking. But for those who still need to drive on occasion, vehicle rental or borrowing from a family member is still an option – all you would need is car insurance for a day in order to make your journey, before returning the car and returning to your sustainable alternative forms of travel.

Buying Less


Previously, I talked about the impact of plastics, and the importance of reducing single-use plastics reliance in your life. But doing this reveals a wider argument for the reduction in your spending altogether. Our modern practises when it comes to consumption are upheld by a vast, global network of manufacture, logistics and supply – all of which come with a heavy environmental burden. Put simply – the less we buy, the less we pollute. So why not learn how to mend clothes, and how to upcycle furniture? 

There are a number of ways we can have a positive impact personally while impacting the emissions of larger businesses. Buying locally, and buying sustainably from smaller independent businesses can reduce overall reliance on international shipping. Buying second-hand can have a knock-on effect on demand for new devices and flat-pack furniture. Small lifestyle changes can have a big holistic impact, as well as serving to improve your local economy.

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The Multiple Benefits Of Physical Therapy And Why It Is Recommended To Anyone

You may notice a change in your mobility or your muscles feeling achy as you age. And it is only normal; what is important is to take the right steps in this regard.

Physical therapy, also known as physiotherapy, has been here for centuries and has proven not only beneficial for your muscles but also for your overall health. It is also one of the doctors’ first recommendations for patients recovering from surgical intervention or a recent injury. People with an active lifestyle are usually more fulfilled and happier than those with a sedentary one. On paper, it can be simple to get involved in physical activity, but things are different when it comes to practice. That is why physical therapy is recommended to people dealing with various medical conditions, including movement dysfunction, muscle pain, osteoporosis, chronic pain syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and even some forms of cancer and to anyone wanting a boost to their overall health.

Whatever the case, physiotherapy can only benefit your health and well-being. For more insight into this non-invasive treatment form, read our list of PT benefits below:


It is an alternative to surgery

What many people don't realise is that physiotherapy can correct a medical issue without the need for surgical intervention. Of course, this depends on the case, but in general, problems like dislocations, arthritis, tendonitis, acute or chronic pain, strains, and sprains can be significantly alleviated with the help of physical therapy. Even in the event of an invasive procedure, physical therapy helps with the healing process, ensuring a speedy recovery. PT is sometimes the first-line treatment for musculoskeletal damage or a plethora. Thus, if you are dealing with some of the above-mentioned medical conditions, it would be helpful to ask your physician about this form of treatment; maybe your case can be treated with a couple of therapy sessions and does not require surgery.

It helps people recover after injury or stroke

Dealing with an injury can take days, months, or even years, depending on how severe it is. Besides medication, adjuvant treatment might be needed to speed up recovery time. Physical and psychological therapy have their roles, in this case, it is being recommended by doctors from all around the world. Among the various injuries, PT can help with sports injuries, neck pain, spinal cord injuries and paralysis (quadriplegia/tetraplegia and paraplegia), knee, shoulder, and arm injuries, whiplash, and back damage. And although its name suggests physical treatment, PT works successfully with neurological conditions. These include stroke, ataxia, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and spasticity. Due to the numerous therapeutic methods and state-of-the-art equipment, it restores the range of motion, helps with motor control and planning, and improves day-to-day activities performance.

A significant part of the injuries mentioned above is caused by a motor vehicle accident. Whiplash, for example, is the result of a severe jerk to the head, typically in a rear-end collision, when an individual’s head violently and suddenly moves backwards and then forward. Because of the high impact, a person suffering from whiplash may experience symptoms like neck pain and stiffness, blurred vision, headaches, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), neck and shoulders pain, and concentration problems. More often than not, it is not even the victim’s fault for such accidents. Thus, if it ever happens for your whiplash to be the result of another driver’s negligence, it is crucial to take the proper steps. The first and most important thing is to visit a doctor and get the right treatment based on your injury’s severity. Then, you may want to contact a lawyer who will help you receive compensation for your whiplash. We know that the last thing you want is to get involved in legal proceedings, especially if the whiplash is making you suffer, but trust us, that compensation is nothing but helpful. You might need medication and several physical therapy sessions, which often means high medical bills.

It improves mobility and flexibility

One of the most significant benefits of physical therapy is that it strengthens the muscles and leads to greater flexibility. This is also one of the reasons many people opt for this treatment when dealing with age-related problems. We all know that with age, you cannot move as you would have had ten years ago. And it is not a shame – it is life. Fortunately, there are solutions, and PT is one of the most efficient.

Day-to-day activities like walking, standing, writing, or simply moving comfortably will seem a burden if your bones and muscles do not function optimally. Thus, consider PT to improve all these aspects. Depending on your case, your PT sessions may consist in stretching and strengthening exercises that restore coordination and movement.

It can prevent falls

One of the most common causes of people becoming injured is falls. Sometimes, these cannot be avoided, but they can (and should) in certain situations. People with balance problems are generally more prone to falls than those with good coordination. Seniors above age 60 are exposed to fall risk because their mobility and balance are no longer as they were once. Thus, a significant number of these individuals opt for this form of therapy. Anyway, it is used preventatively, so anyone can try physiotherapy to improve their coordination and strength.

It helps with chronic conditions like diabetes

Managing a condition like diabetes is, without any doubt, a challenge since there are so many rules to follow. One thing that helps with this medical condition is regular exercise, which is why many patients who have diabetes opt for physical therapy. Thanks to the special exercises a physiotherapist uses for their patients, the latter can manage their diabetes. The category of chronic conditions PT can help with also includes certain pulmonary or vascular problems, as PT involves breathing exercises.

Final thoughts

Physical therapy can safely and successfully be practised by anyone, as it proves extremely beneficial for a variety of medical conditions and not only – you can use it preventatively to avoid the mobility issues that might come with age.

*Collaborative post. This post is for information purposes only and does not offer medical advice. 

What Are The Differences Between Natural And Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have become increasingly popular over the last few years. While they’ve been around since the 50s, they’ve only recently become widely available and affordable. Alongside being less expensive, lab-grown diamonds are also more ethical and sustainable.

But despite their growing popularity, some remain sceptical of their quality and durability. For many, there’s still a strong preference for natural diamonds. But what’s the difference between natural and lab-grown diamonds? Are there any reasons to choose one over the other?

diamond rings

If you’re planning to propose, looking for a wedding ring or searching for a unique gift, you’ll probably need to choose between natural and lab-grown diamonds. This guide will give you the lowdown on the differences and help you decide which is right for you.

What is a natural diamond?

Natural diamonds form deep within the Earth's mantle at high temperatures and pressures. Geological processes such as plate tectonics and volcanic eruptions carry them to the surface. Once a diamond rises to the Earth's surface, it's mined and cut to create the diamonds we recognise.

A natural diamond is a mineral of carbon atoms arranged in a crystal lattice. Diamonds are the hardest known material on Earth. While diamonds are best known for their use in jewellery, many industries use them.

The type and amount of impurities present in the crystal structure determine the colour of a diamond. The most common colours are yellow, brown, and white, but you can also find blue, green, red, and pink diamonds.

What is a lab-grown diamond?

Unsurprisingly, a lab-grown diamond is a diamond created in a laboratory. Creating a lab-grown diamond is similar to how natural diamonds form. The process uses high pressure and high temperature to compress carbon atoms into a diamond crystal.

But the creation of lab-grown diamonds takes a fraction of the time natural diamonds take to form — usually a few months. As a result, lab-grown diamonds are becoming a popular alternative to natural diamonds. As well as being more environmentally friendly, lab-grown diamonds are often less expensive.
So, what’s the difference?

With lab-grown diamonds becoming increasingly popular and affordable, more people are choosing them over natural diamonds. But beyond how they’re made, what are the differences between these two types of diamonds?


Let’s be honest, it’s the appearance of a diamond that matters most when we’re buying jewellery. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to natural diamonds physically and chemically. They offer the same beauty, durability, and clarity that has made diamonds one of the most popular gemstones in the world.

You’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference with the naked eye, and even some experts struggle. So if you’re buying a diamond ring for an engagement or as a gift, there’s very little chance anyone will be able to tell the difference — unless you tell them.


Natural diamonds are much rarer, giving them a higher market value. Natural diamonds also have slight colour variations that impact their value. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are usually perfectly colourless.

It’s also important to note that natural diamonds have been used for centuries as a symbol of love and commitment, whereas lab-grown diamonds are a relatively new phenomenon. As a result, natural diamonds tend to carry more emotional value.
Sustainability and ethics

Natural diamonds form over millions of years. They are then mined from the Earth and cut into the gems we love. The problem with natural diamonds is that mining can be destructive to the environment. But there are also ethical issues surrounding natural diamonds. These issues include violence and child labour.

On the other hand, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory using advanced technology. While this process requires a significant amount of energy, it does not harm the environment as mining does. Plus, most lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced since they are manufactured rather than mined.

Choosing between natural or lab-grown diamonds

For many people, the choice between a lab-created diamond and a natural diamond comes down to price. Lab-created diamonds are often less expensive, which makes them a more budget-friendly option.

But ultimately, whether to buy a lab-created or a natural diamond is a personal one. There’s no right or wrong answer, but it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons before making a purchase.

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How To Recover After A Road Traffic Accident

According to the World Health Organisation, road traffic accidents are among the main causes of death worldwide. Besides taking so many lives, it also costs most countries 3% of their GDP (economic damages to individuals and their families, resulting in nation losses). What’s worse about these accidents is the cause, which is simply human error.

Most accidents happen due to speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances, and distracted driving (caused mainly by using mobile phones while driving). Even if these events are frequent, people still don’t know how to avoid them, and some don’t recover properly after the accident, which is what I'll discuss in the following paragraphs.

Stick to your treatment

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not taking their treatment seriously. Some don’t stick to their doctor’s recommendations because they don’t feel the pain anymore or think they will recover fast anyway, but that’s not always the case. Remember that some of the most dangerous conditions are diagnosed when it’s too late, especially because the patients haven’t felt any particular change to their bodies.

Also called medical adherence, this issue is the one doctors still struggle with. Non-adherence to the medication prescribed is one of the causes of non-response to treatments. Therefore, it would be a good idea to take the medication you were advised to because it will increase your chances of fast recovery.

Besides the medication, listen to your doctor’s recommendations regarding the physical activity you should and shouldn’t perform. Sometimes, it’s beneficial to walk in the morning or do some light exercise, but in other cases, you shouldn’t lift anything or go to the gym because you’ll never recover. For example, just like in a workout, if you don’t provide your muscles with time to recover, they’ll continuously break, and you won’t be able to exercise soon.

Consider physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) is a form of medical care aiming to ease pain and help you move better. A physical therapist will help you in your recovery journey, starting by assessing your needs. You’ll go under an examination where you’ll tell them about your pain, your ability to move, if you have trouble sleeping and your medical history.

After that, they’ll make a treatment plan for you, and that might include:

  • Stretching exercises;
  • Massages
  • Heat or cold therapy
PT will help you:
  • Relieve pain
  • Improve movement and ability
  • Prevent other injuries or disabilities

Depending on the gravity of the injury, you might feel uncomfortable performing those exercises, but therapy shouldn’t hurt. It can be challenging, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Reclaim your financial loses

Road traffic accidents can include car users, pedal cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians. In the UK, people in cars accounted for more than 64,000 reported casualties on the road in 2021, followed by pedal, pedestrians and motorcyclists related accidents. Luckily, the severe injury trends are decreasing, but that doesn’t make accidents stop.

After an accident, you’ve certainly suffered from financial losses, among physical and psychological damages. If the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence, you’re eligible to file a claim to get the compensation you deserve. Even if you think it’s a long and complicated process, with the help of an advisor, you’re most likely to win the case.

What should you do to have more chances of success? It would be best if you could gather any evidence of the accident, anything from photos, video recordings of the accident’s place or witnesses’ declarations. Then, you should keep all medical records from your doctors to prove that you’ve been injured. Finally, CCTV recordings from the accident's area will prove the negligence.

Consume nutritious meals

What you consume on a daily basis will influence your recovery. Luckily, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein sources are known to reduce inflammation and promote healing, so it would be a good idea to have a meal plan made by you or your nutritionist.

Therefore, you should include in your foods:

  • Leafy greens that are high in vitamin C, magnesium and other nutrients;
  • Eggs that contain vitamin A, zinc, iron and selenium;
  • Salmon that provides plenty of proteins and omega-3 fats;
  • Berries that are packed with antioxidants;
  • Nuts and seeds that are a good source of vitamin E, manganese and zinc;
  • Poultry and white meat
  • Sweet potatoes that are full of anti-inflammatory compounds (vitamin C, carotenoids and manganese)

Besides meals, it’s important to drink plenty of water and unsweetened tea. Keep in mind that alcohol might not help you too much; it will only worsen your mental state.

Don’t forget about emotional recovery

One last thing that people ignore is their emotions. It’s frequent that after an accident, people develop symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) without even noticing. After such a traumatic experience, when one isn’t able to express their emotions, one can often relive the event through nightmares and flashbacks.

This is not to be ignored, as the symptoms include:

Avoidance and emotional numbing. The person avoids being reminded of the accident or even of people or places that trigger their memories about the event.
Hyperarousal. The person feels anxious most of the time, and they also experience irritability, sleep problems and angry outbursts.
Destructive behaviour. The person uses alcohol and drugs as a way of coping.

Nothing’s wrong with asking for help when needed. Even talking with a therapist can help you more than keep it all inside. Professional support can help you better understand what’s happening to your mind causing all these side effects.

How to be safe on the road

  • Always wear your seatbelt, no matter how short your trip is.
  • Always wear a helmet when driving or riding on motorcycles or bicycles.
  • Don’t drive after drinking or consuming other psychoactive substances.
  • Avoid distractions when driving (don’t use your phone).
  • Be alert when crossing the street or walking through crowded places.
  • Keep yourself informed about road safety, driving hazards and road risks in your country to know how to handle situations better when driving or crossing the street.

Finally, always take care of yourself and stay updated with the latest regulations and laws regarding your rights as a driver or as a pedestrian.

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Where To Splurge And Where To Save When Updating Your Bedroom

Updating your bedroom (or any room for that matter) can be fun, with endless possibilities of colours, styles and decor. Your bedroom, in particular, is one room to pay extra attention to – it’s where you spend a lot of time, after all. However, it can be easy to get carried away, forgetting about your budget. Unless you have unlimited funds, you’re going to have to save on costs somewhere – but where?

Knowing where to spend and where to save can help you to give your bedroom a makeover without breaking the bank. Here are some tips on where you can splurge and pull back when updating your bedroom.

Where to splurge – your bed


Of all the items you’re going to splurge on when updating your bedroom, your bed should be on the top of your list. Often the focal point of your bedroom, a quality bed frame is a decor statement piece, while also providing you with the support you need for a great night’s sleep.

Think about the decor style you want and then pick a bed frame to suit. There are plenty of options from dark woods to modern whites and cosy material bedheads. Also look for frames with added storage, like shelves or under-bed storage!

Don’t forget about the mattress

No bed set-up is complete without a quality mattress! This is one of the most important purchases as it’s responsible for supporting your body for a good night’s sleep. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding a mattress. You need to think about three things: sleeping position, body type, and your personal preference on the type of mattress you want.

When considering your sleeping position, your mattress should be firm enough to support and comfort your body as you sleep. Body type is also important to think about as weight affects the amount of pressure on the bed. Personal preference is more about what mattress type and materials you prefer (e.g. innerspring, coil, foam).

Once you’ve splurged on your mattress the next step is splashing out on your bedding.

Bedding (sheets and quilts) not only keep your mattress clean, but can also make your bed cosy and inviting, and add a pop of colour to your bedroom. They also come in a variety of materials from cotton, which is popular for its natural and breathable fibre, to bamboo, which is great for allergies, to budget-friendly polyester.

Where to save – bedroom furniture

If you’ve splurged on your bed and mattress, it’s time to save a bit of money when it comes to the other furniture in your room. Pieces like your bedside table are considered a heavy-use item, meaning they can often suffer a lot of wear and tear. This is where you want to spend the money to ensure you get a quality item that lasts. Bedside tables, on the other hand, can often be picked up in a range of designs and colours for affordable prices.

If you have a built-in wardrobe, you shouldn’t need any more drawers or other cupboards, but you can easily and cheaply buy some storage baskets or hangers to add more storage options in the wardrobe. If you don’t have a built-in, try to find one freestanding wardrobe that will do the job.

Where to splurge – a rug for your bedroom floor


While the floor might be one of the last places you think of splurging when updating your bedroom, it is worth investing in.

Whether you have floorboards or carpet, an area rug can do many things for your bedroom, from protecting the floor from wear and tear and acting as a sound barrier, to adding some texture and keeping your toes warm in winter.

Look for a rug that can provide you with all the above benefits, and is durable and easy to clean, so it will last for years.

Where to save – your décor

Usually, the finishing touch on updating your bedroom is to add some décor – art on the wall, or a little knick-knack on a shelf or windowsill. The decor is a great place to save money by limiting your selections to a few favourites.

If you’re looking to add some colour and life to your walls, you can easily find affordable canvas art that will do the job. To save some money, try to find one piece that really speaks to you and fits your bedroom style.

When it comes to knick-knacks, while they can bring character to your bedroom, too many of them can make the room feel cluttered (and can give you more dusting to do). Much like your wall art, pick a couple of pieces that are your favourite and spread any leftovers around the house.

Keep in mind that decor trends come and go, so you might be changing up your design frequently!

Where to splurge – your curtains

bed and curtains

Curtains or blinds are so much more than just window dressings. They can provide you with privacy, block out noise and light, and even help with climate control. That makes them one of the most important pieces of the bedroom worth splurging on. Make sure you opt for a durable fabric that will withstand daily use.

Where to save – throw pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest bedroom accessories to find in a variety of colours at an affordable price, so you don’t need to fork out too much. Another thing to consider is how many you want: one may be too few for your liking, but too many can just lead to clutter.

Now that you know where you can splurge and where you can save when updating your bedroom, you can easily transform it into the sleep sanctuary of your dreams.

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Silverguard - Antimicrobial Towels, Apron and Tea Towel Review and Giveaway Ends 15/08

There is nothing worse than smelly towels, there I said it. If you are looking for a solution to this, then check out my review today with Silverguard. Also, read on to find out how you can win a £50 voucher to spend on their website!


Who are Silverguard? 

Silverguard are a company that produces antibacterial textiles. Some of the products they produce include luxury towels,  quality bed linen, facemasks, tea towels and aprons. The company was set up by Tahira, Lynn and Stephanie, three mums from London who, during the lockdown in 2020 set up the company. They set their sights on bringing their anti-viral products into people's homes through a range of towels, cotton bed linen and other items.


Silverguard has sent me a selection of their products including some of their Suprima cotton towels to review and an apron and teatowel all impregnated with their antimicrobial technology. 

The towel set they sent me comprises of a bath towel, a hand towel and a face cloth made with organic cotton. 

Why are the towels special?


The towels are special for a number of reasons. 

The first reason is that they don't smell when damp.  Towels in a bathroom are eventually reused and kept in a damp environment. This can lead them to them smelling unfresh unless you wash them with every use. This is due to the bacteria on the towel.  SilverGuard’s IONIC+ antimicrobial silver thread technology has been clinically proven to reduce 99% of bacteria and viruses so you can be sure you don't get the musty smell of normal towels.

towels bathroom

The second reason is the quality and softness of the towels. The cotton is soft and sustainably sourced and made from organic fibres. You don't have to worry that the growing and processing of cotton has harmed the environment. The care of the towels is straightforward too. You just wash between 40 and up to 60 degrees and tumble dry on low. 

The organic cotton towel set retails at £41 and you can buy the items separately too.


Silverguard towel and apron review

Silverguard also sent me a black antimicrobial apron and the grey antimicrobial teatowel. 

Also incorporating the IONIC+ silver thread technology, the apron offers antimicrobial protection against germs and bacteria, while providing comfort, fluid barrier performance and durability. I like the style of the apron as you can visibly see the fine strip of the silver thread running through the design if you look close enough.

apron back

The size of the apron will fit most people and is fairly generous.  It has ties at the back to ensure a secure fit and pockets to store things. You can also adjust the strap around the neck. The design looks smart in black and is suitable for any gender. 

apron front

Again the design doesn't harbour bacteria and viruses including COVID-19. It is also splash proof making it easy to clean and protect it from fluids and spillages. The apron is well made and there are no loose threads or defective stitching.  I personally feel this is a good quality product at a reasonable price of £12.99.


The last product I was sent was the grey teatowel. Again the grey teatowel has the IONIC+ antimicrobial finish and can be washed repeatedly. In a neutral colour, it can fit into most colour schemes and looks great in my kitchen which is designed in black and white. It is reasonably absorbent too. 

The grey teatowel is priced at £4 or can be bought as part of a kitchen bundle with the apron for £15.99, offering a 20% saving.


These items from Silverguard are quality products. The towels are soft and feel luxurious, the apron is smart and fits most sizes and the teatowel is well-made. With the added benefit of the IONIC+ antimicrobial technology which is completely safe and non-toxic, you know these items will not harbour bacteria and will be fresh until you next wash them. Recommended.


Silverguard are offering my readers the chance to win a £50 voucher to spend on their website. Spend it on bed linen, towels, an apron, face masks and more. Entry is straightforward via the Gleam app. Don't forget to let me know what you would spend your voucher on! Good luck

Win £50 Voucher for Silverguard