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Top Dressing Table Organisation Tips

A dressing table is one of the most useful pieces of furniture you can own. It is something that you can style to look just as you want it and is your space to sit down, get ready, and pamper yourself.


The only issue with dressing tables is that without any organisation, they can soon turn into a chaotic mess. This can make your whole room look cluttered and somewhere you don't necessarily want to spend time. If you find this is you, here are some top tips for organising your dressing table.

Invest in storage

There are so many storage options out there; it just depends on the type of dressing table you have to what you need. Some dressing tables come with plenty of drawers and if you are just purchasing your table, getting one with drawers is a great idea. Others have a tabletop which totally opens to reveal a hidden interior for storage, and others just have one drawer. Just having drawers, however, isn't enough, be sure to invest in some storage solutions for these, which can segment up your beauty items and make it much easier to find whatever you are looking for.

Make the most of the wall around it

Who says your dressing table has to be limited to the surface it provides? Instead, make the most of all the space on the walls that surround your dressing table too. Put up some different shelves that can house your makeup brushes and other beauty items. It could be a good idea to put the things that you use every day here, so you don’t have to rifle around in the drawers for them. Hang up some hooks to put your hairdryer, curlers, and straighteners on, as well as pockets you can hang up that can house all your hair bands and accessories. Not only does this look great, but it is super organised too.

Clear out what you don’t use

The items your dressing table stores can soon rack up, and you could find you have many of the same product. After all, do you really need six mascaras and ten lipsticks in the same shade? Don't forget old makeup can be full of bacteria too and does have a shelf life, so have a big de-clutter and throw out the items that you don’t use. Mascara over 6 months old? Chuck it out! It is a good idea to be ruthless here. If you don’t miss the item or go to use it in the next six weeks, you can throw it away safe in the knowledge you probably wouldn’t have used it again. Also, wash your brushes on a regular basis in a mild detergent and let dry. This stops makeup flaking off and bacteria making your skin break out. 

These are just a few dressing table tips to keep your space organised. When you have such a great table to pamper yourself on, you want it to be the best space it can possibly be and these tips can help you to achieve this. What are your top dressing table organisation tips? 

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Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Teeth

Looking after our teeth is extremely important. Once our adult teeth come through, there are no second chances. There are many things we can do in everyday life to keep our teeth as healthy as possible. This is an ad.


If you want your smile to look its best, below are a few lifestyle tips for healthy teeth.

Stop Smoking

Smoking does more than stain the teeth. Smoking can also cause bad breath, leading to lower self-confidence. Smoking can also increase the chances of getting gum disease, which can then lead to loss of teeth, receding gums and abscesses. Not only will this cause lasting effects to your mouth, but you will also be paying a lot at the dentist to get this fixed.

Straighten Your Teeth

Straightening your teeth doesn’t just make them look better. Having straighter teeth allows for a cleaner mouth, as crowded teeth can prevent proper cleaning. If you are wondering about the braces cost UK, check out Straight My Teeth. They answer common questions such as, ‘how much do braces cost in the UK?’ and why clear aligners are a better choice. These teeth straightening options from Straight My Teeth are explained in detail, and you’ll find they cater to every price range.

Floss Daily

Many of us don’t floss daily, with a recent study showing only 31% of people floss on a daily basis, despite dentists and the NHS stating we should do this as part of our regular daily routine. Flossing every day is so important for cleaner teeth and to prevent staining and tooth decay. The spaces between the teeth need as much care as the front and back, meaning to keep our teeth as healthy as possible, we should be flossing every day.

Cut Down on Sugar

Sugar is bad for the body and it’s bad for the teeth. Whilst we all know this, many of us are still consuming too much sugar. Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and once a tooth has decayed past the dentin, there isn’t any going back. Cutting out the added sugar in our hot drinks, fruit juices and sweets will all have a positive effect on our mouth health.

Consume a Balanced Diet

A balanced diet is great for healthy teeth. This means small amounts of sugar, alongside plenty of fruits, vegetables, proteins and dairy. Milk is especially important for tooth health, as it can make teeth stronger and protect enamel. For more information on the worst and best foods for tooth health, click here.

Avoid Staining

If you want to keep your teeth healthy and white, avoid any drinks that can cause staining. This includes hot drinks like tea and coffee, as well as red wine. If you have stained your teeth through consuming too much of these liquids, don’t try and whiten your teeth with a cheap whitening kit. This will cause damage and may lead to sensitive teeth. If you want your teeth whitened, speak to your dentist.

To keep your teeth healthy, cut down on sugar, floss daily, stop smoking and consider straightening your teeth. Be sure to avoid any liquids that will stain your teeth to keep them healthy and white.


High-Tech Equipment That Will Make Your Garden Rock

With most of us spending more time at home, attention is turning to the garden. We’re becoming more obsessed with controlling our immediate surroundings since we have fewer options to venture out of the house.

Even though things are grim right now, there are high-tech features that are making gardening more comfortable, better and more environmentally friendly. Here’s what we’re talking about.

Plant Monitors

Imagine if you could discover how your plants were growing using an app on your phone? Well, bizarrely, now you can.

The idea is pretty simple. You place a wireless sensor in the soil, and it then tracks things like the temperature, light levels, soil pH and fertiliser levels. All you have to do is wait for the app to produce a notification telling you that the nitrogen needs topping up and off you go. It completely takes the guesswork out of the process and means that you can rescue plants before they begin to show signs of physical fatigue and malnutrition.

Composite Fencing

Imagine if there was a fence that wasn’t made of perishable materials but also didn’t harm the environment.

Well, it turns out that there is - and it’s called eco friendly fencing.

This new type of fence takes the best of materials and combines them in a way that reduces fence turnover. The result is fewer trees cut down and lower overall emissions - just what you want if you’re concerned about the environment.

Hedge Trimmer Multitools

Trimming your hedges can be a bit of a struggle, even if you’re using a motorised trimmer.

While you might have a great attachment for your device that works on some bushes, that doesn’t mean it’ll work with all of them. Often you need different types of clippers.

Now, though, you don’t need to keep a set of trimming devices. Instead, you can simply swap out one blade for another, depending on your needs. That means less expense and more time getting things done in the garden.

Garden Planning Apps

Planning out a garden used to be something people did on sheets of paper, but it was always fraught with problems. What if you wanted to rearrange your layout?

Now, though, you can get garden planning apps that do a lot more. You can fiddle around with garden features and change how you set things out how you like until you get it perfect.

Many of these apps come with intuitive interfaces and hundreds of different textures for various plants. Ultimately, you should be able to get a sense of what your garden will look like from an aerial view.

Pole Saws

Nothing is more annoying than being unable to trim bushes and trees that have become overgrown. But in the average garden, it happens all the time. You simply don’t have any tools that allow you to pare back overgrowth high up in the canopy or around your roof.

With a pole saw, though, you can get around this issue. You just hoist it into the air and then let the trimmer do its job.

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What To Do In A Car Accident

A car accident can be a very shocking thing to happen, and whether it's your fault or not there are some things you need to do straight away. Let's have a look at what they are and how you can resolve any issues in a clear and straight forward way as possible.

1. Stop the car

car accident

The first thing you can do in an accident is to stop the car as soon as possible in a safe place. Did you know it's actually an offence not to do so? Make sure you put your hazard lights on and switch off the engine.

2. No injuries? Remain as calm as possible

You may be shaken up. Take a deep breath and try and remain as calm as possible. This is the time to check everyone over to see if they have any injuries. If they don't you can breathe a sigh of relief. If another car was involved exchange details (see below).

3. Injuries? Remain as calm as possible

If there are injuries call an ambulance immediately. Explain simply what happened. The ambulance service will guide you to what to do. You also need to call the police. If another car was involved exchange details (see below)

4. Exchange details

Exchange details with any other drivers of vehicles involved. Do not admit responsibility. You may not have a full picture of what happened at this moment in time. This can protect you from liability if it was not your fault. Record the name and address of the drivers, their insurance details and make, colour and model of car, as well as the number plate of any vehicles involved.

5. Record the detail

Make a quick note of the time and detail of what happened. This will help in the future with any insurance claims and any disputes. Record the time of the incident, anything that happened before, exactly what happened and the weather conditions. Take the name and address of any witnesses. Record any injuries and the details of the injured parties. Take a photo of the cars involved and any damage, most people have a camera on their phone these days.

6. Call your insurance company

As soon as possible call your insurance company to inform them of the incident. You will need your policy details and car reg number. You will also need the details of any other drivers involved as well as their car reg and their insurance details if they have them.

As you can see here is a lot to remember. If you try and keep calm and address this is a logical order then this will help. This is a simple guide to what to do in a ca accident and does not offer medical advice. If you do all this you won't have to get a California car accident lawyer to help with any legal action.

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Nordgreen Philosopher Rose Gold Watch Review & 35% Black Friday Discount

Some people are watch lovers and some people are not. I've always been a bit on the fence when it comes to watches. I think a nicely styled watch can be an interesting addition to an outfit, and of course, it's always good to be able to tell the time, so when Nordgreen sent me one of the Philosopher watches to review I was interested to see what it was like. Would I love it or loathe it? This is an ad and may contain affiliate links but as always opinions are my own.   If you are interested in their Black Friday Offers You can also enter the code JEWELL35 for 35% off valid until midnight 1st of December! 

Who are Nordgreen?

Nordgreen are a Danish brand with their ethos based in sustainability and minimalist design. Established in 2017, they have quickly made a name for themselves on the watch market, aimed at style-conscious men and women who care about the environment. 

In the Nordic region, sustainability is a way of life, and Nordgreen applies these principals in a number of ways. Firstly they have a carbon-neutral office, planting millions of trees to offset emissions, secondly, they use sustainable packaging, thirdly by responsible manufacturing following best practices and lastly by a 'giving back' programme establishing partnerships with charitable organisations worldwide. 

Their watches are designed by award-winning leading designer Jakob Wagner, who has designed for companies such as Bang & Olufsen, B&B Italia, and Cappellini. Being sleek and stylish and not just functional, Nordgreen ladies watches come in three main designs - the Philosopher, the Native and the Infinity. 

The Philosopher watch

The watch I was sent to review was the Nordgreen Philosopher watch. The watch was delivered in 3 days, which I thought was quick considering their base is in Denmark.

Nordgreen Infinity watch open box

The watch came in a mid-blue soft touch presentation box that had an aura of class, and the watch was presented on felt like material.  

Nordgreen Infinity watch

The watch I had chosen was in a rich rose gold material, with the strap made of a metal mesh. The face was white with rose gold-coloured hour markers instead of numbers but also came in black. A simple date was shown on the watch face, and the watch had an hour, minute and second hand.

Nordgreen Infinity watch on rock

When you buy a Nordgreen Philosopher watch you can choose from a silver, gold or rose gold metal bezel, with a black or white face and a variety of straps including black, pink and navy leather. Vegan leather is also available. The watch came with a tool to be able to change the watch strap easily, allowing you to get different looks and more wear out of the watch. You can also buy a watch with an extra strap as part of a gift bundle too which I think is a great idea.

Nordgreen Infinity watch by the sea

Other features of the Nordgreen Philosopher watch include the fact that it is rain resistant, which is also a plus point in the British weather. It also fits a variety of wrists as it's adjustable with a metal clasp.

Nordgreen Infinity watch close up

What did I think of the Nordgreen Philosopher watch?

The Nordgreen Philosopher watch is a smart luxurious looking watch that I feel will appeal to women who are looking for a simple but stylish timepiece. It doesn't have many bells and whistles - you are not going to find a fitness tracker, chronograph or alarm but it makes up for that in glamour and class. 

Nordgreen Infinity watch on wrist

The company also has credible eco-credentials and with it's 'give back' scheme that helps charities in health, education and the environment, you know they really have a heart and care about people and the world around them. 

So did I love it or loathe it? I loved it! The Nordgreen Philosopher watch is a beautiful looking watch and one that I am glad I now own. I have no excuse now not to watch a watch, have I? 

Anything else I need to know?

Each watch has a two-year warranty for peace of mind and customer service is excellent according to Feefo, with an average score for customer service of 4.7 out of 5, with over 10,000 reviews. 

Black Friday deal

Nordgreen Philosopher watch

The Nordgreen Philosopher watch with a rose gold mesh strap retails at £169 but from the 21st of November to the 1st of December you can get 35% off all products with my code JEWELL35. This is the biggest discount available online for Black Friday! You can order from the Nordgreen website here, don't forget to enter the code JEWELL35 at checkout for your huge 35% discount.

Check out their special Black Friday watches deals too.

So let me know, what do you think of the Nordgreen Philosopher watch? Do you like the sleek design?


Win 1 Of 5 'How To Live' Healthy Lifestyle Books And £30 To Spend On Italian Food Ends 15/12

Most of us want to live as long as possible don't we? However, there is so much information out there it can be difficult to sieve through it all and work out what we should do and what we should not do to live a healthy life. This is an ad.

How To Live

Well, one book I suggest you read is the new bestseller 'How To Live' by Professor Robert Thomas. 

'How To Live' is a guide on how to make the best nutritional and lifestyle choices to live a happy healthy life by one of the world's leading oncologists.  Whether you are in your 20s or 70s, it will help you to empower your body against ageing and degenerative disease. 

The book is divided into 4 chapters - How The Body Works, Food and Eating What To Avoid, Food and Eating What To Embrace, and Habits and Lifestyle. 

I found the book reinforced what I already knew about healthy eating, such as the benefits of a diet high in colourful fruit and vegetables and the importance of regular aerobic exercise as well as teaching me a few new things such as these takeaways below.

Did You Know?

  • That eating egg white and celery lowers blood pressure
  • That house plants can remove airborne toxins
  • That eating pomegranate can help prevent breast cancer
  • That you should swap energy drinks for beetroot juice to improve exercise performance 
  • That your choice of deodorant can affect your long term health
  • That dirty children get less cancer

The language is easy to understand and is generally free from some of the technical jargon you get in academic circles. It's a comprehensive read, and best read in sections so you can absorb the information that makes this book incredibly relevant to our modern lifestyle. There is a whole chapter on improving immunity and reducing chronic inflammation for example which is so important with many illnesses and especially to fight COVID-19. 

This book focuses on lifestyle strategies to prevent illness in the first place and is designed to be complementary to your doctor's advice and medical treatments and not an alternative to conventional medicine. 

This is all backed up with scientific research, not just anecdotal evidence, which you can follow through with the extensive citation references in the back.

Who is Professor Robert Thomas?

Professor Robert Thomas is one of the UK's leading cancer doctors and is an expert in the integration of nutrition, health and lifestyle strategies to lead a healthier way of life. 
He is a practising consultant oncologist with over thirty years experience in patient care and now leads chemotherapy services at the Primrose Oncology & Research Unit, Bedford as well as treating patients with radiotherapy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.  As a clinical tutor at Cambridge University he teachers medical students in clinic and at the bedside. 

He has won numerous awards including 'Doctor Of The Year' 2000 by Hospital Doctor magazine, and 'Oncologist Of The Year 2006/7'  by The British Oncology Association. He has been featured on TV around the world including Panorama and Newsnight and his latest book 'How To Live' has been serialised in The Daily Mail. His previous book 'Keep Healthy After Cancer', aims to empower individuals with reliable information to ensure they can make the right lifestyle choices after cancer.

You can buy 'How To Live' from keephealthy.com and Amazon.  It would make a great stocking filler or gift for anyone who is looking to improve their health and immunity. 

Today on my blog you can win one of 5 'How To Live books' and the first winner will also get a £30 voucher for the Italian deli Diforti.com part of the Taste Of Sicily brand. The benefits of a Mediterranean diet are widely documented and Diforti sell a range of Mediterranean food including olive oils, olives, grilled vegetables and more.

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