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Can You Use USA Dollars In Dubai? If Not, Where Can I Exchange Once There?

If you are travelling to Dubai and you are wondering if you can use the USA dollar then here you will find out if that will be possible or not. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates and the official currency is Emirates Dirham (AED). Therefore, you will find most places in Dubai accepting the AED. Worry not if you have USA dollars though because you will learn where you can exchange your money.

dubai exchange

Before diving into how you can exchange the USA dollar for AED, it is important to note USA dollars are also accepted in Dubai. Hence if you have the USA dollars and you are applying for the UAE tourist visa extension, you can pay using the USA dollars.

That being said, the exchange rate of the United States dollar to the United Arab Emirates' currency, the Dirham is fixed at AED 3.67 to 1 USD. This is the single most significant fact that you need to be aware of regarding currency exchange in Dubai.

This indicates that you may anticipate buying and selling US dollars at fixed rates of AED 3.66 and AED 3.68, respectively, regardless of market conditions.

All exchange rates, with the exception of those of the US dollar, are fluid and subject to constant adjustment. In Dubai, the majority of stores take US dollars as payment; nonetheless, it is usually to your advantage to carry some Dirhams with you. One may exchange currencies in Dubai at the airport, hotels, banks, or currency exchange counters located throughout the city.

The majority of the airport's bank counters close between the hours of 10 and 11 pm. However, at the airport, there are a few currency exchange desks that are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Doing your work at shopping malls is both the easiest and most convenient way to get your work done. At least one branch of a renowned money changer chain may be found in each and every shopping centre and mall in the country. These locations follow the same schedule as the mall itself in terms of when they open and when they close.

Refer to the following list of top money changers in Dubai to increase the number of Dirhams you have available for your vacation. Simply because they offer reasonable prices and a well-deserved reputation for providing high-quality service, these locations come highly recommended.

The fact that money exchange chains offer competitive exchange rates and a widespread presence in convenient areas makes them the provider of choice for a lot of tourists. These chains, in general, provide consistent pricing across all of their locations.

Where Can You Exchange USD For Dirhams?

Metro stations(Not all of them)
Shopping Malls
Major Hypermarkets/supermarkets

What You Should Know About Exchanging Money In Dubai

If you want to avoid paying exorbitant fees and discover the greatest bargains when exchanging currency in Dubai or any other foreign location, it is essential to educate yourself before making the transaction.

If you plan to stay in Dubai for an extended period of time or if you intend to make significant financial investments there, such as purchasing real estate or automobiles, you should think about opening a bank account there. Exchanging money is a common option for tourists from other countries. However, you should also consider opening a bank account there.

1. Beware Of ‘Zero fees’ Services

While you are away from home, it is highly possible that you will come across businesses that advertise that they can provide currency exchange for 'zero fees' or 'no commission.'

However, this offer is too good to be true because the companies providing these services still need to earn a profit. They will typically offer you a low exchange rate that is not reflective of the actual rate being offered on the market, and they will keep the difference for themselves.

The real exchange rate is also referred to as the mid-market rate, and it is the rate that banks and other financial institutions use in order to convert one currency into another on the international market.

If you do a search for the currency pair that you are using on Google or use a currency converter online, you will probably find that the exchange bureau or bank is offering you a considerably lower value for your money than what it is actually worth.

2. Familiarise Yourself With The Exchange Rate

Now that you are aware that currency exchange businesses do not typically offer their customers the genuine mid-market rate, you should verify the base rate before you go to exchange your money so that you can recognize a poor bargain if you encounter one.

3. Avoid Money Exchange In Airports Or Hotels

In this particular instance, it is unfortunate that one must pay a price in order to enjoy convenience. Airports and hotels are common places to exchange currency at the last minute; nevertheless, these establishments are frequently the worst places to do so because they provide the worst exchange rates and charge the highest transaction costs.

4. Check If Your Personal Bank Operates In Dubai

In the same way that you would use ATMs while you are at home, you are able to withdraw cash from them when you are in Dubai. However, before you begin utilizing automated teller machines (ATMs), you should first determine whether or not your home bank has any connections with local banks in Dubai.

When they do, then it is possible that you will be able to withdraw cash without having to pay any additional costs from the ATM for the opportunity of doing so. Notifying your bank that you will be using your card while you are away from home is something else you should do before you leave the country.

5. Choose To Be Charged In The Local Currency - AED (Dirham)

When you are using an ATM in a foreign country, you can be asked if you want to be charged in the local currency or in your own country's currency. This is not a good idea, as it implies your money will be converted at an undisclosed exchange rate and you’ll likely pay an extra cost for the conversion. Choose to be charged in the local currency if you want the pricing to be more equitable.

Below are the Top Money Exchange Places in Dubai

(1) UAE Exchange

(2) Al Ansari Exchange

(3) Al Ghurair Exchange

(4) Lulu International Exchange LLC

(5) Sharaf Exchange L.L.C

(6) Orient Exchange Co. LLC

(7) GCC

(8) The Index Exchange

(9) Rajhi Exchange

(10) The Asia Exchange Centre

(11) The Ravandi Money Exchange

(12) Khalil Exchange LLC

(14) The Habib Exchange Co LLC

(15) The Emirates India International Exchange

(16) The City Exchange

(17) The Joy Alukkas Exchange

(18) The LM-Exchange

(19) Multinet Trust Exchange

(20) Redha Al Ansari Exchange

(21). Al Rigga Metro Station

(22). Emirates Metro Station

(23). Emirates Tower Metro Station

(24). Internet City Metro Station

(25). Burj Khalifa Metro Station

(26). Rashidiya Metro Station

(27). Oud Metha Metro Station

(28). UAE Exchange Station

(29). Jebel Ali Metro Station

(30). Etisalat Metro Station

(31). Union Metro Station

(32). Salah Al-Din Metro Station

The fact that just 12% of people living in the United Arab Emirates are natives, while the remaining 88% are foreigners, means that exchanging money won't be an issue in Dubai.


Robeena Brown is a travel blogger & destination expert living in UAE, working for local tourism companies like Arabiers. If you’ve been looking forward to touring Dubai, getting a visa and/or extending stays and exploring the city, you can follow her on social media.

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5 Ways To Grab A Bargain

We all like a bargain don't we? I mean who doesn't get a buzz out of buying something at a great price? With the cost of living creeping higher and higher, everyone has had to tighten their belt in the last year, and many people have never had to do this before. But there are some things you can do to get a bargain. Let's have a look at what they are.

Make a list

shopping list
If you are looking for something specific make a list. This will help to keep you focused and stop you from wasting money. This applies if you are going shopping for groceries, shopping for clothes or shopping for big ticket items such as a TV or bed. The internet here is also your friend to research the best deals before you buy. You can use comparison sites too.  If you are looking for deals from a specific store, then it can be a good idea to sign up to emails for the latest offers.  

Collect coupons

Another money-saving move is to use discount coupons. Discount coupons are often printed in magazines and leaflets that you get free through the door and in the back of magazines you buy. Many companies also have loyalty cards these days, and it's worth signing up for these for discounts on everything from coffee to groceries to toiletries.  Signing up for loyalty cards is a good idea to earn discounts on a range of items and you can even get your shop for free! They love coupons in the US and we bargain-loving Brits are starting to love them too. 

Save a pot of money

saving money

If you can afford it and can wait then if you put aside an amount every month you are in a great position to pounce when the offers come in. For example, if you need a new laptop then saving an amount of money every month throughout the year can help you have the cash ready when you need to buy, this can mean you are in a great position when the Black Friday or Boxing Day sales are on. You won't have to rely on finance meaning it will be cheaper for you to make that big purchase. This relies on forwarding planning and some disposable income so it's not for everyone but can definitely be worth doing. 

Use social media

Using social media is a great way to keep up to date with the latest offers from companies big and small. Follow your favourite companies on Twitter and Facebook to see when they have offers on, discounts and deals.  You could make a Twitter list with your favourite companies so you can see when they have offers and discounts. Sometimes following a certain hashtag can help you spot the deals too, such as #deals #blackfriday #boxingdaysales #discounts and #sales. Be quick though as sometimes these deals can go quick.

UK Deals And Giveaways

UK Deals and Giveaways

A specific Facebook group I love is UK Deals And Giveaways. UK Deals And Giveaways has 285,000 followers on Facebook and over 300000 online in total. The Facebook group is brilliant as they have dedicated admin and fans of saving money, who post the latest, greatest, and best deals available online and in-store. They also have a website where you can spot the trending hot deals. Every offer on their website is categorised so it's easy to search for, and there are many deals from Kids and Toys, to Fashion, to Home and Garden to Groceries and much more. If you like entering competitions they have those too as well as freebies and samples, perfect for trying something for the first time or even taken on holiday. Whenever I am on the lookout to buy gifts for a family member I search the group to see what offers are on. Some of the best deals at the moment are Addidas trainers with 45% off and Hugo aftershave at half price. 

So here are 5 ways to grab a bargain. What's the best bargain you've had?

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How To Create A Perfect Email Newsletter In 2022

Email marketing is an old communication channel — it appeared before social networks and targeted advertising. People say that email marketing is gone, others that it's ineffective. But if it were so inefficient and useless, why would you get a bunch of various emails in your inbox every day?


Of course not and many companies understand this. In fact, it's hard to create an effective email newsletter that will be read. The more practice you have, the easier this task will become. Business owners invest heavily in email marketing strategies and business promotion. They increase sales while others speculate about the future of this communication channel.

In this article, I will tell you why you need to pay attention to email newsletters; how to build an effective email marketing strategy and drive traffic to your website.

How to Build an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

  • Choose the best time to send emails

Having strategy is good, but it won't work if you don't take into account people's interests. You can read a lot of articles about the best time to send emails on the web — we won't delve into details and describe by days and hours. We just want to draw your attention to the fact that the success of your email marketing campaign depends on the timing and frequency of your emails.

It's worth noting that your target audience also plays a significant role. Use analytics data to understand when users read your emails and click and follow the company's blog.

Remember that someone will send emails several times per day, adhering to certain email marketing templates, and for someone — three times a month is enough. It all depends on your business field.

  • Use video content in your email newsletter
video content

It's a well-known fact that video content surrounds us everywhere today. Video is a great way to show emotions, reveal the topic, and convey crucial and not-so information to the client. There are various types of video content that you can include in your email newsletter, so don’t ignore this opportunity.

Experiment with video content — it works well as entertainment and as a part of promotional campaigns for a new product. For the email newsletter, shoot short videos of up to two minutes. It's not necessary to hire one more person for video editing. You can just use some proven and user-friendly video editing software like iMovie for Windows and Shotcut, which even a beginner can master. Moreover, don't forget to mention the video in the subject line and title — this way, your email will have a better chance of being opened.

  • Personalise your emails

Personalisation increases the overall effectiveness of the email newsletter and makes users see it as a letter from a friend. There is nothing worse than sending irrelevant or dry emails to the client. It's a direct way to lose your base. The strategy works best when a client opens an email from your company and understands that this isn't a general newsletter but personalized content.

Consider this information when composing a letter and choosing an email marketing automation tool. First, you should address your client by name in the subject line or headline. In addition, personalize your email newsletter with individual bonuses, offers, discounts, and coupons. It will significantly increase conversion and engage your customers.

  • Use the same template for all emails

man checking emails

The method works well when the structure and design of all emails look the same every time. This way, the client gets used to receiving regular newsletters from you, and you don't need to spend half a day deciding on the design and best fonts — you should think over email newsletter content only.

For instance, you can send your customers articles like “Top 5 Products of the Week” or “Last Week’s Most Popular Content” weekly. In addition, allow readers to benefit from your newsletter. Make it useful. How? Share essential tips, help people feel better, and inspire them.

As a result, the use of email marketing templates allows you to:

  • Save time: you don't need to compose a new letter every time by having a ready-made template at hand. 
  • It's enough just to replace the main blocks with information and start sending emails;
  • Increase brand awareness: with a corporate template, your emails stand out and are remembered and associated with you and your company.
  • Add interactivity

One way to improve the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and increase metrics is interactivity. For instance, you can ask your customers to share their opinions on a service provided or your business expansion plans. People always like when companies ask their opinion. They begin to feel important and needed, and you, in turn, understand what they want. Therefore, offer customers interactive surveys and polls. They're engaging, simple, and, most importantly, don't take much time.

Plus, add infographics, animations, GIFs, and more. Use simple services to create this content like Infogram and GIPHY, or hire an email marketer who will do everything perfectly. In any case, this method will have a beneficial effect on your business promotion.

  • Add an avatar
man on laptop

An avatar is a necessary element of your email newsletter. Numerous companies ignore this point or simply don't pay attention to it. And this is a mistake. It's much nicer to receive an email from a company with a brand logo. So the recipient immediately sees whether it's worth opening the letter or not. Certainly, not all of your emails will be read, and you should accept this as a fact. But to neglect the avatar is a gross mistake.

Make sure that the image is visually perceived and doesn't turn into something incomprehensible from pixels. Moreover, you can't upload any picture you like. It must be your logo, brand name, or something that customers associate with you. If you put something else, you can confuse people.

Wrapping Up

In theory, everything looks easy and simple, but, in practice, it may seem harder. If you want to win your client's heart, the email must be sent at the right time and to the right audience.

Apply newsjacking, use current information trends to promote your brand, and send memes to subscribers (if appropriate). Users don't like to read promotional emails. You can solve this problem by making commercial messages look like neutral ads. For instance, say that a new product is on sale, prices are reduced, and delivery terms are updated.

In general, be creative, value your customers, and invest not only money but put your soul into business promotion and your company's email marketing strategy.

We wish you the best of luck, and stay safe!

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Menswear Tips for Summer

We are now well and truly into the summer season, which means we can finally enjoy some much-deserved visits to beer gardens and outdoor trips enjoying the fine weather. This also means you need to peel away the layers and consider comfortable clothing wear for the summer. 

man in t-shirt

Roll up your sleeves, pour yourself a nice cold beverage and dive into my picks of the most comfortable menswear to keep you as cool as a cucumber this summer.

Consider Your Underwear

Underwear is the foundation of whatever you decide to wear for the day, so it’s vital that you choose pants that are cool, refreshing, and comfortable. The last thing you want is a tightly packed, constricted, sweaty package. The best men’s underwear for hot weather can handle friction, moisture, and heat all in one, but it can be hard to spot the gimmicks from the worthy options.

Of course, you still have to settle the debate on what style of underwear you like, whether it be briefs, boxers, or whatever else – you should always decide what is most comfy for you. A reputable underwear brand is Bawbags. Based in Scotland, they provide high-quality underwear that supplies all the breathability and comfortability you need for summer. And not only is the quality good, but they come in different patterns and colourways for you to choose from.

Choose Carefully with Socks

When it’s sunny, most of us enjoy slipping on a pair of sandals with no worry about socks whatsoever, but unfortunately, most of us don’t have access to a beach, so socks are a common necessity. So, what socks should you wear during the hot weather?

Ensuring that your socks and shoes provide plenty of breathability is important and will help protect your feet against common problems with foot perspiration.

Cotton socks are the most common option as they are a pretty good, well-rounded sock; however, they aren’t going to do an overly great job during the hot summer weather. Opt for a performance synthetic or natural bamboo for moisture-wicking, as they are brilliant at giving your feet plenty of breathability. The same applies to any mesh-styled socks that provide a breathable fabric around the toes and sweaty areas of your feet. If you take note of these tips you will never have to worry about smelly feet again!

Explore Different T-shirts

Perhaps no garment is more necessary during the summer months than a t-shirt. However, every tee comes in a unique shape, size, and material. With all that in mind, how do you choose the best t-shirts to tackle the summer heat?

Choosing your style should always be the most important aspect, whether slim fit, boxy or wide, but it is worth considering the shirt’s breathability. Lighter and looser fit tees will always be better for the warm weather. Opting for linen is also a fantastic call. Linen fabrics have more open weaves, allowing more heat to escape and air to pass through; this is particularly effective if you are going on holiday in extreme heat.

Luckily for us, many mainstream brands are bringing out lots of new dry-fit clothing, which we see introduced into many different outfits and styles. Dry-fit clothing will provide an odour-resistant finish so you can get about your day without hassle. And best of all there are always plenty of colours to choose from.

It’s no scientific mystery that black attracts heat but considering this when choosing your clothes will make a night and day difference. So be sure, when you can, to try and pick white – or at least light-coloured clothing to stay as cool as possible.

Embrace Sun Hats

Sun in your eyes combined with prickly heat is not a good combination. Luckily hats are becoming more and more into recent fashion. Baseball caps are great for blocking head-on sunshine or even protecting the back of your neck if you turn it backwards; however, they can tend to get a little sweaty if not made out of a mesh-like material.

Bucket hats are a great option and are becoming incredibly popular. Not only do they cover all areas of your head from the sun, but they are also very fashionable, featuring never-ending colourways and patterns. A good quality bucket hat can add heaps of character to an outfit while keeping the most important part of your body nice and cool.

To Conclude

There are many ways to stay cool this Summer and many more out-widths in this article. Hopefully, this article was able to help you think about some of the clothing fundamentals you should know going into Summer.

Have a great summer and remember to bring a hat!

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4 Tips That Can Help You Be A Better Business Leader

Being a business leader is not for everyone. It takes time and patience to climb the corporate ladder, and you may find that your hard work does not give you a return in the short term. However, if you are patient, and your hard work pays off, you will find yourself in a position to effectively manage those around you. 

woman leader

Being a business leader means that you need to be constantly evolving and that you always take the time to find ways to improve your leadership skills. Within this article, I am going to discuss four tips that can help you be a better business leader.

Great Communication Skills

One of the most important parts of being an effective business leader is having great communication skills. Your business will only run successfully if everyone has a positive attitude towards open communication. Sometimes, in a workplace, open communication can be difficult, which is why you need to lead by example. Ensure that your employees know that they can come and talk to you if there is ever an issue. Talking about issues when they occur and being proactive to prevent them in the first place is the best way to stop them from blowing out of proportion.

Work With, Not Above Your Team

Another important step for being an effective business leader is always making sure that you work with, not above, your team. Of course, you want to avoid being a micro-manager, but it is also important not to present yourself as above your employees. Take the time to get to know each of your employees and work with them if they are struggling with the workload. As a business leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees have access to everything they need to help do their job. Make sure that your employees know any tools or software they can use to make their jobs a bit easier. For example, they may be able to use compression tools that can make large files smaller and easier to share.

Set Clear Goals

Setting goals is an extremely important part of being a business leader. When working as a leader, you must ensure that your employees are meeting their goals so that the business can continue to be successful. Once you have gotten to know your employees, you should have a better understanding of what they are capable of achieving. This information will be helpful in setting goals for your employees as you can make sure the goals you set are realistic, manageable and measurable.

Ask For Feedback

The final point we are going to discuss is asking for feedback. As a leader in the workplace, it is likely that a lot of your role involves giving feedback to your employees. While this is effective and important, you must also ensure that you are willing to receive feedback as well as give it. Be open to feedback from your colleagues and make sure you actually listen to what they have to say. Giving feedback to your boss can be difficult for some people, so it could be a good idea to set up some sort of anonymous survey, so your employees can freely give feedback without any judgement.

So these are four of my tips that can help you become a better business leader. What do you think of my tips? Do you have any tips yourself?

Best Games For Adults 2022

It's 2022 and you are bored, but you shouldn't be in this day and age. There are plenty of games out there aimed at adults.   Adult games may have more mature content, such as swearing, gambling or adult themes or may be complex or have sophisticated themes younger people may not understand. Some of these games you may not have heard of and some you may have but haven't tried. So let's have a look at some of the best games for adults in 2022.

Escape Rooms

escape room

Escape rooms are a relatively recent phenomenon, springing up in many towns and cities over the last 10 years. I've reviewed a number of these rooms myself like this Cardiff escape room and escaped from a few too! There are a number of escape rooms you can play online now as well. The general premise is that you have to get out of a themed room in an hour as a team, and you solve the puzzles to get out. Escape rooms can be played with older children, but the puzzles are often complicated and are better played with a group of adults. I have also found the best ones have more adult themes such as escape rooms based on horror films like Saw.


Risk is a classic old-school board game that has been around since 1957. It has been updated for modern times and you can now play Risk as an App, on a PC, on Xbox one or online. Risk is a strategy board game of diplomacy, conflict and conquest for two to six players. Your goal is to build an army and conquer your enemies' territories. Traditionally it's played as a board game with dice. It teaches strategy and the consequence of actions. It is aimed at those 10 and over so can be played as a family if you have older children. 


I have a confession to make, I learnt to count by playing cards. After I learned how to play simple games like Snap, I moved on to playing Gin Rummy and Poker. When I was older I learned to play Blackjack - a version of poker with strategy involved. To play Blackjack you need a dealer that plays against you. The simple objective of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over or the dealing beating you. You can play at home with playing cards and chips or you can bet real money. There are many variations of Blackjack that you can play through games consoles, via apps, or online like 777 Blackjack. Always be sure you can afford what you bet. 

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a game which you generally play in teams, where you take turns throwing a ball into a row of cups.  Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks the contents of the cup. There are variations on riles so be sure you know what they are before you play. For example, check if the ball is allowed to bounce or not or hit the rim of the cup.  It's not a sophisticated game that's for sure but it's a fun drinking game especially great at parties. Of course, always drink responsibly.

Cards Against Humanity

Card Against Humanity is a modern classic game aimed at adults. Basically, it's a card game where a group of players takes it, in turn, to answer questions from a black card by using the funniest reply from their white cards.  The person with the funniest answer wins that round. Cards Against Humanity is a game to play with broad-minded adults, it's not for the faint-hearted but it can be hilarious. Prudes should not play that's for sure, you wouldn't want to play it with grandma at Christmas unless she has a dirty mind!

So here are some of the best games for adults in 2022. Have you played any of these games? Which adult games are your favourite? Let me know.

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