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How To Choose A Raised Garden Bed

If you have been spending time in your garden recently you may be thinking of a garden revamp. Even if you don't have much garden space, making the area colourful with flowers, planting some fruit and veg and making the outside space comfy with seating is always a good idea. If you haven't got a lot of space, a raised garden bed could be ideal for you. Let's have a look at how to choose a raised garden bed and the benefits of one in your garden.

What is a raised garden bed?

A raised or elevated garden bed is a way of growing plants, fruit and vegetables in a self-contained unit above soil level.  It has many benefits to planting in the soil directly in your garden, and I will look at the benefits more in this article. 

What can you plant in a raised garden bed?

A raised garden bed is good for cuttings of plants to get them well-established as well as planting certain fruit, vegetables and herbs. Soft fruits just as strawberries and raspberries, herbs and also almost any type of vegetables can be planted in a raised garden bed.

The advantages of a raised garden bed

If you have limited garden space the raised garden bed can be useful to place where you want it to be. This could be inside your home if needed. It can be easier to keep weed free and easier for pest control than planting in a garden. It gives you greater control over the health of the soil. The soil drys faster and warms up faster too. You also don't have to bend over as much to tend to a raised garden bed which is great for those with joint or knee problems.

How to choose a raised garden bed

There are some things to take into consideration when choosing a raised garden bed

You need to look at the material the garden bed is made out of.  Materials include cedar, composite wood, hardwood, recycled plastic and more. There are also some that have a trellis for climbing plants too. 

Look at what the design and style are like and if it fits into your home or garden. I like to look at sustainable options and many raised garden beds are made of recyclable or eco-friendly materials. 

You could consider a tiered garden bed so you don't have to bend when gardening. This is great for the elderly and those with health conditions or mobility problems that make it difficult to bend. 

Where to buy

You can get raised garden beds from a range of garden and home stores. One such company that can help you is Yaheetech. They sell a range of items for garden and home such as the Yaheetech garden bed. The style they sell in a light colour wood fits in with most garden decors and is perfect for your gardening needs. It also has a shelf to store any gardening accessories. As you can see a raised garden bed can be a great choice for your home and garden. 

For more advice, check out how to plant vegetables in a raised garden bed

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Tutti Rouge Lingerie - Sexy Underwear for Larger Busted Ladies

If you have a fuller bust like many women then you may have problems getting bras to fit you on the high street. Or you may find bras to fit but they may be old fashioned and not pretty or stylish. Luckily things are changing and there are a few lingerie companies out there catering to the fuller busted woman. Let's have a look at one such company, called Tutti Rouge. This is an advertorial in conjunction with Tutti Rouge.

Who are Tutti Rouge?

blush body

The concept of Tutti Rouge started in 2012 with the idea of creating a sexy lingerie company for bigger busted women and in 2013 the online store was born. Their expertise is in the DD cup and above and they design wearing comfortable and sexy underwear for the gorgeously curvy women out there.

Tuttie Rouge wishlist


There are so many lovely items on the website that I had difficulty in choosing my favourites but chose I had to for this blog post! One of my favourite items is the Hallie bralette above. The Hallie bralette is absolutely stunning in this bright red colour. Now bralettes only offer light support but this bralette has a deep underband and adjustable straps to offer comfort and support in the lacy design. Team with the Hallie high waisted brief for a lovely matching set.

My next choice for my Tutti Rouge wishlist is this Gia bralette. What I love about this is the Ocean Wave colour, and light lace detailing perfect for summer days. The pull over design means it is easy to put on and get off and the support under the band makes it lightly supportive and comfortable too. It also matches with the Francine thong for a gorgeous matching set.

My next choice is the Eva body in mink. I just adore this design, it's so beautiful in the light blush colour. I also think it's incredibly sexy. Whether you want to feel sexy for yourself or for a partner, I think you can do no wrong with the Eva body in sheer spot mesh with panels of lace, the underband gives support and there is no visible panty line either.

What I like about Tutti Rouge, is that they use women to model their underwear that have real curves and don't have perfect bodies. After all, most of us don't have perfect bodies, so it is so nice to see us represented on a lingerie site.

Postage is £3.50 in the UK which I feel is a realistic price and if you are a student they also offer a 15% discount which is great!

As you can see Tutti Rouge has some pretty designs. Prices are reasonable too, and they have regular sales. If you like the designs, why not check out the Tutti Rouge website for fuller bust lingerie


3 Tips to Make Your Home More Welcoming

Anyone would love to have an inviting and cosy place to come home to. Home is where you are sure that you are always welcomed by a comfortable atmosphere and would not want to be anywhere else. It is your haven, and you can’t wait to get back, no matter where you are in the world. It should be where family members can enjoy bonding with one another at the end of the day.

Fortunately, there are various ways that you can create that cosy atmosphere at home. You can even make use of top-quality fabric from Dalston Mill Fabrics for some home decor projects such as fabric-covered lampshades, throws, cushion covers, and other home decor furnishings for a personalised touch. It is your home, and you want your guests to see a little bit of who you are with your creations.

Here are more tips to make your home pleasant and welcoming.

Go for quality furnishing

The furniture you have at home is essential in making it welcoming and comfortable. It can be challenging to have family members or even guests enjoy your living space if your furniture is worn-out and uncomfortable. You may also experience back pains and other issues when your couch and beds that are not comfortable. Since your furniture plays a significant role in your living space, it is best to invest in quality furnishings that are long-lasting, comfy, and appealing to the eyes. A welcoming home is a well-decorated and pleasant home, so stylish furniture will make a lot of difference in enhancing the overall appearance of your home’s interior.

Maintain neatness and cleanliness

A well-organised and neat home can quickly transform into a welcoming environment for its residents and people who come to visit. It is aesthetically appealing and beneficial for your overall well-being. There is a tranquil atmosphere in a place that is clean and free from clutter. A tidy home has a way of making everyone feel good as it improves your mood. Studies show that clutter and mess can be stressful and keeps you from focusing on whatever you should be doing. Additionally, dust and dirt particles that build up inside the home can cause respiratory problems and allergies. Regular cleaning, decluttering and organising ensure that your home is the healthy environment you want to be in.

Give it a soft touch

A home environment is cosier when you add cushions, rugs, and other soft items into every room. Layered textures and comfy throw pillows are inviting and make you feel nice and snug. Faux rugs are an excellent addition not only to the living room area but in bedrooms as well. There is nothing more comfortable than having your bare feet step on a soft rug after a long day at work. Finally, add some pretty fabric on chairs and other empty surfaces to create that homey feeling you are looking to achieve in your living space.

A home that is welcoming and cosy is a joy for everyone who lives there. Use your creativity to create an environment of tranquillity and warmth for you and your family members. Your guests will also love every minute they spend in your home.

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How to Choose The Right Aesthetician Clinic for You

As medical and aesthetic technologies and treatments advance, it is easier than ever to address your appearance. Many people have things that they perceive as flaws or things that they want to fix, and the fact of the matter is that it is possible to fix them now. Historically, people had to simply live with the face they were born with, but living with these perceived flaws today can be extremely detrimental to many people’s mental health. As it is easier and more accessible than ever to have these flaws taken care of, why not do it?

If you are contemplating having a cosmetic procedure, it is crucial that you pick the right clinic. Choosing the wrong clinic can leave you feeling like you've wasted money or, in the worst case, even make your problem worse. Read on for some tips to help you choose the best clinic for you.


There are so many clinics that you can choose from, so shop around. Get quotes and compare prices between clinics; this can give you a good idea of the average price for the procedure that you want. It may be tempting to go for the clinic that offers you the lowest price, but that is a bad idea - after all, you get what you pay for.

Before and After Photos

You should never be nervous to ask for examples of their work. When you are getting your quotes, ask them to provide some examples of the same procedure that you want doing. This can give you an idea of the competence of the clinician performing the procedures. Do not rely on the website images as they can be older or a compilation of work by all the clinicians; you want to see your clinician's previous work.


Undergoing an aesthetic treatment is a big deal; it can be anxiety-inducing. The clinician that you choose should be patient enough to discuss all your concerns with you. You need to feel totally comfortable talking with your clinician about all of your qualms and questions and be able to address them in a way that satisfies you.



There are a few different ways that you can source recommendations for clinics. Firstly, word of mouth can be extremely useful as often you receive these from people you know well, and so you can see the clinics work up close. You can also ask them about their experience. Online reviews can be helpful, although as you cannot verify their claims, and so they should be taken with a pinch of salt. Finally, there are awards; external bodies rewarding clinics can show the calibre of their work. For example, the Pico Clinic has won several awards and accolades for its work in aesthetic medicine.

In Conclusion

The choice of a clinic can make or break your experience of cosmetic treatments by directly impacting the care that you receive. If you are looking for an aesthetic procedure, research is key. You also need to be sure that you are going into it for the right reasons. Is it something that you truly want?

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How to Raise a Resilient Child

Resilience allows us to pick ourselves back up after setbacks and gives us the courage to try again. Children need to learn resilience in order to get through life’s ups and downs and will benefit from the ability to bounce back after adversity or disappointment. As a parent, your primary role is to care for and nurture your child, yet it is also important to teach them how to face some problems independently and to give them the tools to help manage stress and keep calm under pressure. An independent school in London has shared the following advice for parents looking to help their child become more resilient.

Don’t Overprotect

Accommodating every need or worry your child faces actually only fuels their anxiety as they never learn to face adversity or overcome a problem. One example of this could be a child who is reluctant to try new food. By only serving them the meals they are uncomfortable with you aren't giving them the opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone. A little bit of discomfort isn't always a bad thing, once your child has overcome an obstacle they were apprehensive about they will learn that taking risks and trying new things isn't as daunting as they might have imagined.

Allow Them To Fail

Failure is never a nice thing, but learning to fail and try again anyway is a really important life skill. If you allow your child to win at every board game you play or score every goal in the back garden penalty shoot-out, the chances are they will take it pretty badly when things eventually don’t go their way. Teaching your child that they can’t win at everything all the time will help them to deal with failure better, meaning over time they will find it easier to move on after a setback.

Help Manage Emotions

child crying
Teaching a child to manage their emotions in a healthy way is an important foundation for building resilience. Allow your child to express their feelings and give them a sympathetic ear, but also establish what is an appropriate reaction and what isn’t. If your child tends to respond to upsets by throwing tantrums or lashing out, you should give them time to calm down and then try to put the situation into perspective and help them to look for solutions to the cause of their problem. This teaches them that even when things are tough, they can still look for ways to make things better.

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Helping Your Child Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking helps children to navigate and make sense of the world around them. Encouraging creative thinking makes your child a more ambitious learner and helps them to be more independent and self-reliant as they will be able to look to themselves for solutions.  An independent school in Oxfordshire has shared the following tips on how to help your child develop their critical thinking skills, read on to find out more.


Jumping in to rescue your child at the first sign they might be struggling with something might be instinctual as a parent, but unfortunately, this can teach kids to be overly dependent on you and could make them feel that they’re incapable of solving problems themselves.

Allowing your child to tackle a task independently will build their confidence and encourages them to use critical thinking to get the job done. They may not get it all right the first time but learning to use their imagination and intuition to try and tackle a problem is a priceless skill to develop.

Children asking questions about the world around them is a brilliant sign of intelligence and curiosity. To encourage them to think even deeper, try to respond to their questions by first asking them what they think the answer might be. If they ask why the sky is blue, first ask them what they think the answer is, and why. 
It doesn’t really matter if the explanation they arrive at is right or wrong, the process of trying to figure it out will strengthen their critical thinking and encourages them to try and work things out independently before they look to others for answers.   

children looking at bugs

You can of course give them the correct answer once they are done, just be sure to praise them for using their imagination to try and work it out.

Maybe they can think of where to look to find the answer, such as science-based websites aimed at kids or books they have at home or in the school library. As they get older they need to look at the sources of information and be able to assess if they are accurate and worthy. All information sources aren't equal and the difference between fact and fiction, objectivity and subjectivity could be discussed.

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