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Disability Aids To Make Life Easier

If you struggle to get around because of disabilities, then you may be considering a disability aid to make your life that little bit easier. Here are some disability aids you could consider to help you. The NHS has a fantastic guide to some of the household gadgets and equipment to make life easier.

With more and more elderly people becoming disabled and struggling to get around, it is important to know just what is available on the market and what is best suited to each individual’s needs. Here are five examples of disability aids you could try:

Walking Stick

For those who need that extra reassurance when walking then a walking stick is a fantastic resource. Taking your weight when you are feeling unsteady on your feet, a walking stick is really handy when you need to get around but may struggle without.

You can get a wide range of walking sticks - there’s traditional canes or wooden walking sticks and also folding walking sticks and stick seats if you require a rest often whilst walking. You can get them in all different designs and get lengths to suit you best.


When it comes to getting around your house, stairlifts can help - meaning you can still get about upstairs if required. These are becoming quite commonplace in homes with disabled people or elderly people now to help them retain a little bit of independence.

The company fitting it will make sure you get the right one for your property to help you get round your home easier.

Mobility Scooter

If a walking stick isn’t an option but you still want to retain some of your independence whilst out and about, a mobility scooter may be the option for you. You can get around with ease and perhaps even do some shopping whilst on it - they really are a handy aid to have.

Mobility scooters come in a few different sizes so it is important to choose the mobility scooter which is most suited to your needs and budget.

Walking Frame

These are often referred to as zimmer frames and are ideal if you have low mobility. They are lightweight but also offer fantastic support if you are unsteady on your legs. They are durable and often great for using in both a domestic environment and outdoors.

These are genuinely very affordable and suitable to most budgets and are constructed from good quality materials. You can use them by using them for support whilst lifting them to move.


A rollator is pretty much a walking frame with wheels. A frame without needs to be lifted for movement whereas a rollator has wheels and can be pushed along without any lifting required. They usually come with a built-in seat too so that you can sit down if you need a rest. If this is something that happens often, a rollator may be a better option than a walking frame for you.

These are just a few ideas of disability aids you could consider for you or a loved one. Perhaps you know of other disability aids that I haven’t mentioned here that you or a family member uses? I’d love to find out about any more aids people can use!

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Top Ten Tips For Visiting Florida With Babies And Toddlers

Today on the blog is a guest post from Kim from OddHogg, a family lifestyle blog about travel and the struggles of living with type 1 diabetes.

Over the last 20 years, I have visited Florida quite a few times. From being a child myself, exploring as a carefree 20 year old and now going back with my own kids I have experienced quite a range. I was quite apprehensive about taking my children to Florida for the first time as they were just 2 and a half years old and 5 months old. I wasn’t sure how we would navigate the crowds and the heat, never mind the change in routine and eating out.

It turns out that I needn’t have worried. We had a wonderful trip and both children adapted really well, thanks to a few extra steps to make the whole experience enjoyable for us all.

1. Make Use Of The Disney Baby Care Centres

For most people visiting Florida Disney World is a must visit. Within the 4 main parks, there are Baby Care Centres. These are fully staffed areas in the parks where you will find private nursing areas with rocking chairs, baby changing areas, a feeding area equipped with highchairs, microwaves and a sink and a television area with seating. There is even a small onsite shop where you can purchase nappies, wipes, formula, sun cream and even some over the counter medication just in case you forgot your own.

I found that having this dedicated baby space where you can really take the time out to focus on your baby set my mind at ease. Knowing that we could go and cool down in an air conditioned room and have a quiet feed away from the madness outside was just what we needed, and I’d urge you to make the most of it too. 

2. Take A Pram

Even if your toddler is usually a fantastic little walker, if you’re going to visit one of the theme parks then a pram is a must. We easily walked 20,000 steps some days and it’s just unreasonable to expect little legs to keep up with that! With a lot of heat, exercise and excitement having a quiet space to have a rest might even mean you get an unexpected nap, meaning you can sit and enjoy the sunshine in peace.

We also found that when things got a bit overwhelming the pram was where the toddler chose to retreat. It is a familiar space and it is safe. So if the crowds were too big, the noise too much or the characters a little too scary then the safety of the pram can mean avoiding a toddler meltdown.

3. Use A Pram UV Cover

Although many areas in Florida try and ensure there is as much shade available as possible, it’s just not always practical. A UV cover for your pram will keep little ones with particularly sensitive skin to the sun out of harm’s way. They are breathable so your baby or toddler won’t overheat, and they can still see through it to watch what is going on around them.

4. Go Slow

Setting your expectations before you go can really help make sure you go slow while you’re in Florida with babies or toddlers. Too much stimulation leaves them overtired and grumpy, spoiling the mood for everyone. It is unrealistic to expect to do everything on your trip, so pick your priorities and schedule in lots of down time.

5. Use The Child Swap Option

While there are plenty of rides that little ones can enjoy, sometimes you just want to go on a bigger rollercoaster! The child swap option is available on selected rides in both Disney World and Universal Studios and it allows one parent to stay with the children while the other rides, and then they can trade places without having to go back to the end of the queue. So you don’t have to miss out on all the fun! Even better if you can do it over a nap time so the kids don’t even realise it’s happening.

6. Check Out The Accommodation Options

For us - self-catered accommodation in a villa was exactly what we wanted. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main theme parks, we spent our days off swimming in the pool and chilling out as a family. We had a few of our usual home comforts and it allows you to cook at home, which is just what we needed a few nights. Search around for a villa that provides a cot and highchair as standard.

On the other hand, if Disney World is the focus of your trip then there are many benefits to staying in one of the Disney hotels. You get early access to the parks so you can beat the crowds, plus you can head back to your hotel after lunch for a swim and cool down before popping back to the park for fireworks in the evening.

Think about what would suit your family best and then shop around.

7. Don’t Buy A Kids Meal

Portion sizes are HUGE. My eldest would never eat a full kids meal and it was just a huge waste of money. We soon stopped buying him a meal, instead, we asked for an extra plate so he could share what we were having. We never found anywhere that had a problem with this, in fact, that seemed more than happy to help.

8. Hunt For The Hidden Mickeys

Inside the Disney World parks, there are over 1000 hidden Mickeys to find. The could be hidden on window frames, depicted on the spots of an animal or sitting on the side of a lamppost. Looking for these Mickey ears hidden in plain sight is a great way to kill time in Disney World with a toddler while you wait in line for a ride.

9. Explore Outside Of The Theme Parks

There is so much more to Florida than just theme parks. Go and see the classic car cruise in downtown Kissimmee, or to the picturesque town of Celebration for a walk and let the kids play in the water fountains.

10. Relax

A trip to Florida is often a once in a lifetime experience and expectations can be so high. We all know that things often don’t go to plan when you’re with young children, and it’s no different when you’re on holiday. If it turns out that your toddler hates Disney characters, or the baby doesn’t like it in the swimming pool you can feel a bit uptight, but it doesn’t have to ruin your holiday. Take a deep breath, relax, and make adjustments so that you can all enjoy the trip. You deserve it!

Nixplay Seed Digital Photoframe Review

Photography has come a long way in 10 years.  As well as the ability to take a photo on your smartphone, and the advent of mirrorless cameras, how you can display photos has changed too. Enter the digital photo frame. 

A digital photo frame is a modern way of displaying your photos, without the need for a computer or printer. Now as a blogger and one that covers a vast amount of travel on both my blogs, I have a huge number of photos, so I was interested in finding a way to display them without printing them out, thus saving paper and the environment and not having to store endless amounts of photo albums too. This is where Nixplay's offer of a photo frame to review came in handy.

Nixplay are a technology company that sell a range of digital photo frames. Created by family man CEO Mark Palfreeman, Nixplay was created to ensure families stay connected wherever they may be. 

The digital photo frame I was sent to review was the Nixplay Seed 10 inch widescreen photo frame, retailing at £149.99. Using Wi-Fi connectivity this digital photo frames main feature is the ability to display photos sent from anywhere in the world. Now that's cool!

Set up, should have been relatively easy, somehow I managed to mess it up, and had to ask my son to help, but if you have a basic grasp of technology it's not hard to do. Before you set everything up, I recommend installing the Nixplay app first for your mobile phone, which is free from the App store, for Android and IOS.  Then you connect all the equipment, set up the Wi-Fi connectivity and pair the digital photo frame to your phone. To adjust the photo frame the power cord acts as a stand

You need to register for an account before you can do anything. Then you are ready to organise the photos you want to display by creating an album on the app or online on their website. You can even add short video clips. The photos then are sent wirelessly to your photo frame.  How clever is that? 

You can sort the album alphabetically or by date order, and you can also download the album too. Once you create your album you add selected items to your playlist. I found it easy to just drag and drop a whole album.

A great feature is the ability to send photos to your Nixplay email address if you or your family doesn't have a mobile phone, these will then display on your photo frame. 

You can set the frames settings to play the last 100 photos, up in increments to the last 1000 photos. To save energy there is a motion sensor that triggers the frame to go to sleep after a set period. To display the photos you have the option to shuffle the playlist, display caption and more.

Overall I was impressed with the Nixplay Seed digital photo frame, the frame is robust, the colours are good, the clarity of the photos excellent and with a little technical know how it wasn't too difficult to set up. You need any memory cards due to wireless technology. 

At the moment they have some great promotions on the Nixplay site, you can get a discount of up to 25%. A digital photo frame like this would make a wonderful Father's Day gift that's for sure. 

If you would like to win a Nixplay Seed digital photo frame retailing at £149.99 then head over to my Instagram and follow me and Nixplay, tag a friend and tell me why you want to win!

Let me know what you think of the Nixplay Seed digital photo frame? 

A Stay In The Nut Hatch Cottage Near Canterbury With Kent And Sussex Cottages

In a beautiful part of rural Kent, is the Nut Hatch, a cosy conversion, in the grounds of the owner's home in the little village of Goodnestone, I was invited to review the Nut Hatch recently by Kent and Sussex Cottages and as I have never been to Kent I thought it would be an opportunity to explore the area too.
After a four and a half hour drive from South Wales, and a wrong turning or two (I blame Mr W!) we arrived in the sleepy little village of Goodnestone, seven miles from Canterbury.

The Nut Hatch is a beautiful small conversion big enough for two and a baby and first appearances didn't disappoint. We were greeted warmly by the owner Emma, her husband and children and given a key to this unique property. 

The accommodation was decorated in shades of white and blue with a pop of colour here and there. It was fresh, modern and stylish, and you could tell the owners had excellent taste. In the lounge area was a sofa and comfy chair, a Smart TV with blue ray player built-in and a wood burner to heat the conversion.

Emma left us some food and drink for our arrival, which was a lovely touch after a long drive. Farm fresh eggs from her own chickens, fresh milk, local cheese, homemade bread, unsalted butter, apple juice, asparagus and homemade cake. A selection of homemade jam, Marmite, tea and coffee was also made available to us.

I wasn't expecting so much food and it was a fabulous surprise! The cake was so amazing we had to tuck right in too.

Next to the open plan lounge was the kitchen, with a washing machine, fridge with small freezer compartment, oven, two ring stove and sink. A kettle, toaster and microwave were also in the kitchen. All pots and pans you could need were provided to make a simple meal. Washing up liquid, and dishcloths were also available so you didn't have to bring your own, which you occasionally have to do in self-catering accommodation. 

There were a small indoor dining table and chairs big enough to seat four.

Granola and porridge oats were available complimentary for your breakfast.

Upstairs on the mezzanine level was the bedroom and bathroom. Again impeccably decorated, the bedroom was gorgeous and looked brand new. Super soft robes and towels were on the bed waiting for us, and as I walked into the bedroom the carpet sunk underfoot, adding an air of luxury. Also how cute is the sheep pillowcases and duvet set?

Two small bedside tables were by the bed and there were plenty of electricity sockets as well as USB sockets too. A hairdryer was stored in the bedside table, and there was a long full-length mirror as well as a mirror in the cupboard which was big enough to hang your clothes for a few days. A small radio and two ornamental birds were also by the bed, adding that countryside decor.

If you wanted to read in bed you had a selection of books from which to choose.

The bathroom had a bath and shower as well as sink and toilet. Toiletries were provided and included good quality soap, shampoo and shower gel as well as a luxury bath essence.

I really loved the blue and white tiles by the sink, such a beautiful design feature. The bathroom has sensor lighting which came on as you entered, and the bathroom was lovely and warm due to underfloor heating.

A welcome booklet from the owners told us about the area and recommended some cafes and restaurants within a short drive. There was also a guide to the Kent area from Kent and Sussex cottages.

As you can see the cool little conversion was beautifully decorated. As well as being spotlessly clean (I never saw one speck of dust)  the owners seemed to know what is needed for a comfortable stay. We felt like royalty being greeted with simple home comforts like homemade cake, and they even provided Mr W's favourite - Marmite, without asking. The Nut Hatch is incredibly well designed too. Although there is only one room downstairs the lounge and kitchen seem to blend into one and the dining area was useful too. Wi-Fi was relatively fast and free and there were plenty of sockets available including USB sockets built into the wall.

The Nut Hatch is also placed well to explore the gorgeous Kent countryside, being in the middle of fields of sheep and yellow carpets of rapeseed. The little village of Goodnestone has a pub, a few houses and Goodnestone Park, a mansion with estate and gardens. Wingham Wildlife Park and Howletts Zoo are both close by and make a great day out for young and old.

We took a trip to Canterbury one day and really enjoyed this small city. Canterbury Cathedral is the biggest cathedral I've ever visited and it has so much history as people have come on pilgrimages here since medieval times. We also visited the Canterbury Tales, the Roman museum and explored the shops, which were a great mix of independents nd well-known chains such as Debenhams and Marks and Spencer. 

The next day we visited Dover and Dover Castle and it was a super day out, Dover Castle was amazing! Check out our video of what to do in the area above from the dedicated travel blog and YouTube channel that I run with my husband - Fly Drive Explore.

You can book The Nut Hatch through Kent and Sussex Cottages. If we were in the area we would definitely stay again. A beautiful conversion, well situated for exploring the Kent area. Thanks to the hospitality of Emma and her family and Kent and Sussex Cottages for hosting us.

Highly Recommended.

The Best Itineraries On A South Pacific Cruise

The South Pacific is a beautiful area of the world encompassing 11 million square miles, from Australia, New Zeland and Hawaii to the smaller Polynesian islands including Fiji and Papa New Guinea. 
It's such a large area, one of the best ways in which to visit in on a South Pacific cruise. There are a number of South Pacific cruise itineraries that will give you interesting experiences and will let you visit different countries, so let's have a look at where you can visit on a South Pacific cruise. 

Many cruises will depart from or encompass Australia. The largest country in Oceania and the world's sixth-largest country by total area, Australia comprises of the country as well as Tasmania and lots of smaller islands. It is full of iconic cities like Sydney with the famous opera house, and Melbourne, the sporting capital of Australia as well as vast landscapes with desert, tropical rainforests and beautiful coastline such as along the Great Ocean Road. On a cruise, you may visit the Hunter River with its saltwater crocodiles and many species of birds or Collier Bay with the stunning Montgomery coral reef. Excursions booked from the ship could include a scenic Cessna flight over the Bungle Bungle region, or an Ord River experience where you can spot fish, birds, crocodiles and wallabies.

New Zealand

With two large islands - the North Island, and the South Island, and over 600 smaller islands, New Zealand is a remote country and one of the last lands to be settled by humans. A lush green landscape, New Zealand is totally different from Australia and is a popular filming location due to its beauty. One of the lowest populated countries in the world, a number of cruises will combine its big brother Australia with New Zealand.  On a cruise, you may call in at Picton famous for its vineyards and submerged valleys or visit White Island, a volcanic island with a lunar landscape. Take the chance on an excursion to meet the Maori people and also stop off in Wellington the capital of New Zealand, but some culture.


Fiji, an area of the South Pacific with over 300 islands, is home to some of the happiest people on earth. A tropical climate makes this country an idyllic stop on a South Pacific cruise. The white sand beaches dotted with palm trees are particularly fantastic. Viti Levu is the largest of the islands, popular for dolphin spotting.  For a taste of island life, stop at Suva the capital port city with British colonial architecture, a lively food market, a number of parks, and museums and a vibrant nightlife, For a more peaceful scene Vanua Levu the second largest island is less tourist orientated.   Whilst Taveuni, the third largest island, is popular for its secluded waterfalls and abundant wildlife. 

Easter Island

Easter Island, a remote 63 square mile island, home to 5000 inhabitants, is very famous for its 800 moai, giant stone statues. Owned by Chile, this volcanic island, also named Rapa Nui is such a tranquil place, being the most South-Eastern point of the Polynesian triangle.  Rapa Nui National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site, and this is one island which is perfect to see on a cruise due to its remoteness and its place on many people's bucket list. The landscape again is extremly beautiful and wildlife including a large number of wild horses, the Tavake, a tropical bird, and huge giant lobsters in the ocean. 
Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia is a perfect cruise ship destination. Divided into two parts it is made up of the northwestern part, Tahiti Nui, and the smaller, southeastern part, Tahiti Iti. A mountainous island, it was formed from volcanic activity and is surrounded by coral reefs. A visit to Tahiti should take in the beautiful waterfalls, whilst culture lovers would enjoy The Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands for a history of the island and its people, The Gaugin Museum for amazing art and the Black Pearl Museum. 
So here are a number of countries you can visit on a South Pacific cruise. Let me know, have you ever wanted to visit the South Pacific? Which country would you like to visit the most?
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I'm In Diamond Heaven With Cardiff's New Jeweller

Cardiff has a new diamond jeweller - Diamond Heaven. I was invited along recently to check out the diamond jewellery and see what the company has to offer the shoppers in Cardiff.

The company, Diamond Heaven, established itself in 2004, and since then their bespoke diamond jewellery has been delighting customers around the UK, first online and then through a number of stores.  Now a welcome presence on the high street in Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Manchester, the Cardiff store recently opened and is the newest addition in St David's shopping centre.

The Cardiff store is chic and stylish, much like the jewellery they have on offer. Selling a range of diamond and gemstone jewellery from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds, the most expensive item in store, is a stunning diamond necklace, just under £30,000. Now that's a necklace!

There are plenty of items of jewellery though if you don't have a spare £30,000. I think I fell in love a little with this emerald cut diamond ring in a halo setting.

With an emerald cut ring, the stone has to be of good quality as you would see any imperfections easily with the naked eye. This ring didn't disappoint. It sparkled well and really caught the light. A modern take on an engagement ring it would also be perfect for an anniversary ring or a dress ring too. Priced at £6500 for 1.4cts of diamond it certainly is an eye-catching ring any bride would love. 

A very classicly designed engagement ring and their most popular style is this 4 claw diamond solitaire ring above. The ring featured has a brilliant cut diamond of 1.7ct and retails at £10,500. Simple, stylish, beautiful. 

Of course, with all the diamond rings on sale, you are assured of the highest quality stones, with independent certifications from the likes of GIA and other top diamond laboratories, giving you peace of mind and informing you of the 4 C's - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.  

Diamond Heaven also sell loose diamonds and different settings so you can make your own bespoke ring as well. A number of loose diamonds are available in store but if you want something specific they can source diamonds too. Jewellery is made in their workshop in Birmingham and in less than two weeks a gorgeous bespoke item is yours to adore.  Of course, it's good to know that all diamonds sold are ethical diamonds that adhere to the Kimberley process to ensure they are conflict-free. 

As well as diamond engagement rings and dress rings, Diamond Heaven have a range of diamond earrings. These diamond earrings above are set with baguette cut diamonds and surrounded with small brilliant cut stones. True statement earrings and extremely glamorous, I can imagine them being worn for a special birthday, on a cruise ship and at a cocktail bar. Priced at £3600 these 3ct diamond earrings are just fabulous darling!

Of course, any self-respecting diamond lover needs a statement ring of epic proportions, and I think this 18ct white gold dress ring set with baguette cut diamonds surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds fits that bill. A perfect match for the earrings too, why not get both and really spoil yourself or the woman in your life? Priced at £4150 this ring has 3.14ct of diamonds.

It's always a good idea to go back to a jeweller that you have bought an engagement ring with and if you are looking for wedding rings then Diamond Heaven sells them too, in a range of precious metals, and both plain and diamond set. They also offer help and advice on the type of wedding ring that compliments an engagement ring, so take them up on the offer of their expertise.

Another type of jewellery that Diamond Heaven sell is precious jewellery with coloured stones. Their ruby, sapphire and emerald jewellery goes well, and I adore the sapphire and diamond set bracelet I saw in their Cardiff store. It really had the wow factor. Priced at £3500 this sapphire and diamond bracelet would make a wonderful anniversary gift.

Their sapphire jewellery is exceptionally popular and is traditionally given on a 45th wedding anniversary. This pretty sapphire and diamond ring above is just stunning and priced at £1100 it is a bargain too. 

Before I go you may wonder about that diamond necklace I spoke about earlier. This diamond necklace is just outstanding. A scintillating item of jewellery, it has 29ct of diamonds and retails just under £30,000. Complete with a certificate detailing the diamond quality this is an amazing and timeless piece of jewellery. The sort of necklace you can imagine the old school Hollywood stars wearing like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

If you are serious about buying a precious item of jewellery from Diamond Heaven then they have a range of 0% finance options available and the process can be completed in as little as ten minutes. So if you really have to have that special item of jewellery, and cannot pay for it in one go then you do have this option available.

I enjoyed my time at Diamond Heaven in Cardiff. The staff on duty led by Ruena were friendly and helpful. A special shout out to Kirsty who was full of smiles and eager to help and for also being my hand model. 

You can drop into the store at any time but to ensure you get an allocated time where your requirements can be discussed, then an appointment is a good idea.

Diamond Heaven is a great addition to Cardiff's luxury shopping scene. If you are looking for diamond jewellery, at a fair price, from friendly staff then I recommend you check this new store out.

Diamond Heaven
Unit 14
St David's Way
CF10 2EN
029 2034 4487