Pretavoir - Sunglasses Review

Have you been looking for that perfect pair of sunglasses? Well, Pretavoir is a website that can fulfil your every need.

Pretavoir has been serving a growing customer base online since 2009, providing classic and current eyewear worldwide. They strive to offer the best possible eye care service at prices lower than their high street competitors. They have a range of well known and trusted designer brands such as Ray-Bans, Gucci, Boss, Police and Tiffany and Co and a huge selection of designer frames from which to choose. Men and women can delight in the large selection with a range of prices too.

Chanel Ladies Sunglasses

But it's not just sunglasses they sell, oh no, what about the coolest spectacle frames too from Chanel to Superdry they have them all!

Tiffany & Co Spectacles

Pretavoir has given me some sunglasses to review for the purpose of this post. When I opened the box I was excited. Lovely packaging with a gorgeous outer case and stunning Oakley sunglasses.I love the look of these sunglasses and feel very glam in them. What do you think?

As you can see they have a lovely Abalone detail on the side of the glasses. I went for the dark brown gradient but other designs are available. I was also impressed with the lovely case and packaging, all important details don't you think?

And if you are not after sunglasses but after a pair of designer glasses, you can opt to have plain lenses or prescription, varifocal lenses, thinner lenses, and anti-glare coatings.

So have a look at Pretavoir when you are looking for a legitimate eyewear site with free UK shipping and a five-star rating on Review Centre . When looking for those new designer specs -what do you have to lose?

* I was given these sunglasses to review for my blog but the opinions are entirely my own.

#Win Some Cillit Bang Goodies Twitter #Competition CD midnight 9th of June

Bang and the dirt is gone! 

Cillit Bang are running a new campaign across social media run by tweeters and bloggers.  Barry Scott was back with a bang last year in his turbo charged fighter jet. For your chance to win a Cillit Bang cleaning kit you need to think what Barry Scott's new turbo charged vehicle is for this year

The advert will be aired on tv on Monday and Tuesday the 10th and 11th of June, so keep an eye on the television. ITV are showing the advert at 9.15pm on Tuesday 11th June 2013 in between the show "Dirty Britain". Why don't you tune in then to see if you were right?!

To enter the competition please enter on twitter - tweet the hashtag #CillitBang and your answer to what Barry's new turbo charged vehicle is for this year to @melandjake99. You must include @melandjake99 and you must follow me so I can dm you if you win. You can enter the competition more than once with different answers. If you do not use the hashtag your entry will not be counted. 

I will pick a winner at random from all the correct entries and announce the winner within 7 days of the competition ending. If there is no correct answer then I will pick a winner at random from all the entries.

If I pick you as a winner it would be lovely if you could tweet a picture of your prize with the hashtag #CillitBang  to @melandjake99 when you receive it.

Thank you and good luck!

Please allow 28 days for delivery of you goodies if you are so lucky to win.

Website review

I'm a bit of a shopping demon for those who don't know me. I try and support local businesses where I can but also love shopping online. So I was delighted to be given the opportunity to review This website supports local businesses by allowing you to track down that must have item on your doorstep. It allows you to shop by postcode and distance, perfect when you need that gift or going out top for tonight!

This shopping website can be accessed online or via their shopping app from the Apple website. To use the site you need to create a free account with Udozi either online or through their app. You are then ready to shop!

They say "Udozi helps you search specific items across your local high street shops quickly and easily" . I can verify that! It's easy to check stores that are local to you that have the item in stock and available for you to purchase, and collect. You can also reserve the item at no cost to you.

At present Udozi is not nationwide but they are hoping to launch it across the UK soon. They currently have over 150 stores and 500,000 products available to search from toy stores to fashion retailers, electrical stores to jewellers. If you can think of a store that you would like added you ca recommend a store or if you are a retailer you can add your own store too.

So why don't you check it out now to be the first ahead of the crowd, and I will report back on my experiences using Udozi later in the year.