My Home Renovation Plan

I’ve talked on the blog before about the renovations I have previously completed in my home and if I had the money and opportunity, there is plenty more that I would do! My kitchen is my pride and joy and I’d love to feel that same feeling throughout the rest of my home. They say that people always want to change something about their home and I’d definitely agree with it - there is always something I want to change!

my kitchen

So what would I do? First of all, I’d rip out all the carpets and change the flooring option to some engineered oak flooring. I find carpets can get so grotty and threadbare so quickly and it is much easier to sweep and hoover wood flooring than it is a carpet, especially one that has seen better days.

Why engineered wood flooring? It is the most popular real wood flooring option for a reason - it is durable and long-lasting, it is moisture resistant and it has the same quality finish and design that you’d expect from solid wood flooring. Not only that but it is super easy to install too. It gives a stunning look to any room it is in.

I do love a carpeted floor but I just don’t love the upkeep of them. Our carpet in our lounge has faded badly. Also, they trap dirt and I don't think that's great for hygiene and allergies. Other flooring options look just as good and are far less work to maintain - exactly what I need with a husband and adult son at home. I find that once you don’t have carpet in a home, it suddenly feels much bigger and a lot more open and airy - how about you?

Las Vegas print

Once I’ve taken out all the carpets and replaced them, I would also change some other things around the home. Some rooms would probably only need a change in furniture and soft furnishings whereas others may require a little more TLC. I'm looking to get some new travel-inspired prints for my lounge. I already have a Las Vegas print that I love, and I recently ordered some Venice prints from the company Desenio. I'm just waiting for them to arrive.  

A lick of paint would definitely be welcome in many of my rooms - my lounge walls are very neutral, but even though I love the colour I think neutral walls can be calming in a lounge. I had a statement red wall once in our bedroom and it got sort of boring, to be honest. Maybe I should be brave and try a colour or wallpaper on a statement wall in the lounge- what do you think? There are some great wallpaper designs these days too.

front door

Finally, I think I’d have to show the front of my home some love. We need to paint the front and replace the front door. We have a door that's really cheap looking and I want a really solid front door is our Edwardian home and paint it a nice historic Edwardian blue or grey.  We have lovely mosaic tiles on the front path, but they are broken so a renovation of these would be lovely if we can get together the money. 

These are just some of the renovations I’d love to do in my home - are there any renovations you’ve currently got in the pipeline? Have you recently completed a project?



  1. I need a new kitchen. My appliances need replacing and also the units.

  2. Sounds like you are all set to go! We started our home renovation 6 years ago on a terrible house - back to bricks, the works. Getting there now!

  3. Renovations really do make a difference to not only the house but to satifaction tto. I would love to re-do some of my kitchen too. Need a new fridge and extra storage would be brilliant. The new flooring sounds great!