5 Pros of Becoming A Teacher

There are many benefits that a person can get by being a teacher. Here Teaching Personnel look at some of the major benefits of being a teacher.

1. Job Satisfaction

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Job satisfaction was mentioned by most of the teachers we spoke to. Many educators often go into teaching because they care a lot about their students and would like to make a difference in the lives of their students. A teacher spends so much time with his or her students throughout the year and is a role model and authoritative adult the students can trust. There aren’t many people who get to say that.

Teachers usually talk about the ‘Aha!’ moment (the moment when a teacher is physically able to see a student understand the matters or subject at hand after struggling with it for a certain amount of time). As a teacher, you feel good when this happens as your help, your teaching skills and patience have enabled the student to understand the concept. It feels good when your hard work pays off.

Apart from helping students pass exams, a teacher is also an important emotional stability in a child’s life. Emotional stability is very important as without it passing exams and future success may not be likely.

2. Summer Vacations and Holidays Off

Teachers get summer and a few weeks off throughout the year. It's a definite pro of being a teacher and this can work well if you are a parent too.

3. Constantly Developing and Practicing New Skills


The teaching profession often requires different skills including patience. Students expect their tutors to show patience with them throughout the year. Different people learn differently and every individual has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. As such, a teacher needs to understand this and adapt.

It can be very frustrating when a certain student understands a particular thing but the student next to them does not understand. However, as a teacher, you can use such a situation as an opportunity to enhance your skills, show understanding, flexibility, and patience to help. Keep in mind that it is impossible to always reach every student. This may be hard to swallow but as a teacher, you will be practising those important skills every hour and every day and become better as time goes by.

4. Being Part of a Community with Fellow Teachers

Let’s face it, teaching is a hard profession. The profession is physically and emotionally demanding but the good thing is that you can rely on other teacher’s help to get you through the day! As educators, you understand each other’s struggles and there is someone to listen to you and offer great advice. As a teacher, you will most likely have a strong team of friends around you at work. This team will help you a lot. Such a team may not be found in other work environments.

5. Offers You A Good Opportunity to Expand Your Knowledge


Even though we see schools, colleges, and universities as a place for students to learn, it is not only the students who learn. Teachers learn too. This is because teachers further their knowledge while teaching their students. There are several opportunities for professional development and picking the brains of school leaders and colleagues. Teachers have said that they learn a lot from their students. In some instances, the roles are reversed.

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