Add Value to Your Home with These Helpful Tips

There’s no doubt that a lot of us have considered renovating our homes this year. Having spent a considerable amount of time indoors over the last 12 months, we do not blame you if you find yourself wanting to tear down that once loved wallpaper! With the indoors and outdoors of your family home to consider, there are so many different avenues to explore. Read on for my helpful tips on how to freshen up your home and add value.


This suggestion seems like the most obvious but is where a lot of thought comes into decision-making. What colour do you choose and how can you ensure it fits with an existing colour scheme? Do you make a drastic colour change, or simply alter the shade? The possibilities are endless. Using a selection of tester pots on the area in question is the best way to go forward and decide which colour stands out to you. Considering the colours which complement the shape of the room you are redecorating, and whether it brightens the area is also another thing to have in mind.


Having a comfortable and welcoming outdoor area is of importance to any home with a garden. Planning which furniture to purchase and how it will fit with your garden is the best place to start. Whether you are looking for furniture suitable for young couples with pets, or for retirees, there is a large range of items out there. If you are planning on putting decking in your garden, ensuring that you make sure smaller family members and furry friends stay safe, is an important thing to remember. Particularly if the decking is raised, you want to prevent any accidents from happening. Companies such as the Juliet Balcony Company provide customers with beautiful yet simple glass designs to line your patio or decking area. Using glass balustrade systems, the glass designs provide a touch of elegance to any home and adds a significant value to any balcony/outdoor seating area. 



If you are changing up the colour scheme of your room and want the furniture to match, upcycling furniture is the best option for you, especially if you are on a budget and don’t want to needlessly throw out an old favourite. Giving a vintage chest of drawers a lick of paint and some new handles can make a world of difference while bringing it into the 21st century. Upcycling furniture will enable you to put a bit of your personality into the design. Make guests envious and question where that delightful new bookstand is from! 


Something which is more expensive than something like upcycling, rendering is a consideration for those looking to completely redo their home to add value. While rendering costs a large sum of money, in the long-term, it is saving homeowners expensive maintenance costs in the future. Rendering can prevent damp from infiltrating your walls, causing erosion and cracks in the building foundations. Used on a variety of different buildings, rendering provides a sleek and aesthetic surface to gaze upon. This is a practice which definitely increases the value of a building! 

Let me know, have you been redecorating your home these last few months?

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