4 Ways To Make Your Home More Beautiful

If you are into interior design you are probably constantly thinking of how to make your home more beautiful. Many of us strive to get that magazine cover look and may try to throw money at the objective. However, it's not just about money, sometimes we can do some simple things to get that chic and stylish look. So whether you have five pounds or five thousand pounds, let's have a look at 4 ways to make your home more beautiful - with or without money. This is an ad.

Reduce clutter

Reducing clutter can be cathartic as well as making your home more spacious and beautiful looking. Be brutal, take away the ornaments, old photos, nick nacks and the like and then think - can you donate to charity, sell, or recycle? Pick your favourite photos in frames and put them back, if an ornament isn't beautiful give it to charity. If something is particularly sentimental wrap it up and store it away in a box to keep it safe or make a feature of this one item, but only one.  By doing this your home will look less cluttered and you will feel more focused.

Add some luxury

Add some luxury at the level you can afford. If you can afford a stylish art print then make that a feature. If you can afford real wood flooring then that can add a real warmth and luxurious feel to your home. A newly fitted kitchen or bathroom can also make your home feel modern and stylish. So add some luxury to your home at a level, but at a level you can afford.

Embrace light

light and airy kitchen

You can also transform your home using light. Simple changes like illuminating dark corners will open up the area and make the room look more spacious. You can also utilise natural light and mirrors that reflect light to bring an airy feeling.

The use of natural light also blends your indoor space with the outdoors, thus eliminating the boundaries. Think about using uplights, lowlights, wall lights for any setting and candle lights to add warmth to your home and keep it practical too. A selection of different types of lighting will mean you can set the ambiance to how you like it for the situation. 



Don't be afraid of colour but colour-coordinate to keep your home chic and fresh. Check out a colour wheel for complementary colours and tones, taking into account cool and warm colours. The 60, 30, 10 rule can help you plan your room. The main colour for your room should take up 60 per cent of the design, the secondary colour should take up 30 per cent while the accent colour 10 per cent.

As you can see there are a number of ways to make your home more beautiful with or without money. Let me know - do you strive to get that magazine cover look? Do you have any tips you can share with my readers?



  1. I love real wood flooring, it looks very smart

  2. Some great photos. I agree it doesn't always need money to make your home more beautiful but it can help