Top Tips for Groomsmen Helping to Make a Lockdown Wedding Extra Special

On a wedding day, there are many essential roles for the wedding party. For example, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will have important tasks that they will undertake on the day to ensure that the day runs smoothly. 

bride and groom

Traditionally the best man and groomsmen tasks are undertaken by men, although I'm all in favour of a best woman or gent of honour! Obviously, with the current lockdowns and restrictions in place, it has meant that many weddings haven’t been able to take place or those that have taken place have been adapted. This is where the roles of the bridesmaids and groomsmen come in to help to ensure that the couple still has a fantastic day. 

In order to see how a groomsman can help to make a lockdown wedding extra special I thought it would be useful to outline the roles of the groomsman and how this will differ for a lockdown wedding. They have many important roles both before the wedding and on the day. 
So here are some of our top tips for groomsmen who are helping to make a lockdown wedding extra special.

Stag do

One of their most important roles of a best man or groomsman is to organise and plan the stag do. One thing to think about when planning the stag do is what the groom would want. With a lockdown in place, this will make it difficult to travel anywhere so you may have to be creative with your planning. Once the lockdown lifts and people are able to meet up then you could plan a stag do on a smaller scale, just remember that only six of you can meet up in person. You also need to think if participants can travel into certain areas. You could always look at doing a virtual stag do instead via an online platform such as Zoom, think of activities you can do online in your zoom session to make it more focused. Don't forget to get the beers in too!

Make a day out of suit shopping

Many shops and restaurants will be open again soon which means that it’s the perfect opportunity for the groomsmen to make a day out suit shopping. Although the numbers of guests that are currently allowed at a wedding are limited, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the groom and groomsmen’s suits. This is a great opportunity to have a fun day out before the wedding and find those all-important suits for the big day. You could really make a day of it by going for a socially distanced beer tasting masterclass or brewery tour, or if beer isn’t your thing, then why not opt for a whiskey tasting class instead.

Night before together

The night before the wedding is an opportunity for the groomsmen to bond and spend the evening together offering any last-minute advice or help to the groom. Plan an easy meal together if you can, a takeaway is a good idea or socially distanced meal.

Roles on the day

There are lots of important roles for the groomsmen to perform on the day, from getting ready with the groom and doing any last minute jobs, to making sure the groom arrives at the wedding on time. It is the job of the groomsmen to meet and greet the guests on the day.  Obviously, weddings may have restrictions and may have limited guests at the moment but it’s still important for them to meet and greet the couple’s guests and make sure that they are seated okay. With current restrictions, masks need to be worn and hand sanitiser should be used by all the guests, so it would be the job of the groomsmen to ensure that everyone adheres to these guidelines.

Wedding receptions can still take place and this is usually one of the parts of the day that many groomsmen get nervous about, especially the best man as it’s traditional for them to do a speech. One of the best ways to get over these nerves is to make sure that you have prepared and practised your speech, make it personable and fun! All the guests will be enjoying themselves and no one will be critical of you, so just relax and make sure you enjoy it and make it fun for everyone else to listen to as well.

As the numbers for weddings are limited at the moment, something that the groomsmen can do is to set up a live stream for the ceremony so that people who cannot be there can still feel like they are part of the day. This will be really special for the couple especially if there are lots of people that they wanted to invite but can’t. You could even do this as a surprise for the couple to make it even more special.

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