Moving House? Here Are 5 Ways To Keep Furnishing Costs Down

Moving house soon? It’s an incredibly exciting time. However, it’s also a period of your life that will be full of stress, worries and near-constant measuring. After all, despite our best-placed plans and our dreams of moving into a beautiful new space, we often come across problems that can make the moving bills skyrocket. For example, that comfy corner sofa you have probably doesn’t fit into the new lounge, and your dining table probably doesn’t fit as snug into the corner as you'd hoped it would.

However, if this is the case, then there’s no need to panic because help is at hand. Here are five simple ways you can keep furnishing costs down when moving house.

Buy furniture online

It’s often far cheaper to buy furniture online than it is to buy it from brick-and-mortar stores. This is because online retailers usually have much lower overheads than physical stores, so savings can be passed directly onto customers. You can also compare prices easily from a range of suppliers.

In addition to this, you’ll experience the added benefit that many online retailers sell all forms of furniture, so there’s no need to stop in hundreds of places and spend days deciding what’s right for you. When we take a look at the range of furniture from VidaXL, for example, we can see how easy it is to buy everything you need from one place. So, not only is it cheaper to buy furniture online, but it’s often more convenient, too.

Cost effective accessories

It’s easy to cut costs without sacrificing style. So, if you’ve already invested large sums in statement pieces of furniture, then you should look for cost effective accessories to make sure you’re getting the best possible value.

For example, your throws, rugs and pillow cushions can all be bought cheaply because they’ll likely only last a few years anyway before they’re damaged by the dog or red wine is spilt on them. You can ring the changes then too.

Keep a close eye on fitting costs

If you’re looking to tile a few rooms or lay new flooring in the house, then it’s well worth picking one tile or flooring style and sticking to it throughout. This is because, if you buy flooring or tiles in bulk, you’re more likely to be able to negotiate a great price.

Similarly, if you have lots of different flooring and tiling options that need to be fitted, this will be time-consuming for a fitter because they’ll need to keep checking plans. If they charge by the hour (as most fitters do), then this cost will rise quickly. For the exact same reason, you should choose plain tiles and flooring options where possible. This is because, if your fitter needs to line up intricate patterns, you may find the fitting costs skyrocket as a result.

Consider DIY

Any time you walk into a furniture showroom or a shop, you could spend £1,000s on beautiful items. However beautifully-made items will often sell for a premium, particularly if they have a designer name attached. If you are happy to take on some DIY yourself you could create the same look yourself if you have the skills.

For example, a simple wooden table can be made cost-effectively and easily if you’re willing to invest the time. As this guide from The Guardian shows, it’s actually relatively straightforward to build a dining table from reclaimed wood, and all of the equipment will cost you under £100.

Buy things over time

As renowned designer Laurie Blumenfeld says, ‘your house doesn’t have to be all created at once’. As a result, you should assess what’s really important to you and prioritise your spending. After all, if you’re willing to wait a bit longer for non-essential items and pieces of furniture you’re happy to upgrade, then you’re likely to be able to pick up these pieces in the sale, which will bring your total furnishings cost down. It often pays to be patient.

Moving house is a fun and exciting time, so make sure you enjoy the experience. By following these five tips, you’ll ensure that your furnishing budget looks after itself. This means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your new space.

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