Hassle-Free Tips To Make Your Next Move Fun

To suggest that the moving process can be fun might seem unlikely to some, however, moves are to be celebrated, because they mean that your life is moving forward and that a new, exciting adventure awaits you. Whether you’re going it alone or sharing the experience with a loved one, there’s a lot of fun to be had during this new adventure you’ve embarked on.

So, how do you eliminate all the dreaded hassle to lighten the load and make things enjoyable in the moving process? Well, check out some tips below.

Unpack Sensibly

Unpacking is where most of the hassle around moving is centred, so drumming up some solutions here is a good place to begin.

While many people move to better their prospects and fortunes, some downsides about moving are almost unbeatable – like unpacking. However, with the right tricks and tips, even this side of things can be done relatively easily with some fun along the way.

The first tip is to park well so that you have less distance to walk between moving vans and the property. That way, the process of lugging boxes will be far less taxing, and when you feel good physically, you’ll be more likely to feel good mentally and emotionally too. Minimising the exertion is a good idea and don't forget to keep your back straight when you lift to help avoid injuries. 

You should also take care to stack boxes in an orderly fashion, away from walls with the harder and larger stuff at the bottom. That way, the process of getting to your goods and arranging furniture can be done without things toppling over or needing to be moved yet again.

Yet how does this make everything fun? Well, with the irritable elements of unpacking removed, you can spend more time taking pictures and admiring your new place and less time tediously moving boxes around and getting grumpy. 

Get Storage Support

Whoever said that moving to a new house needed to be done completely alone?

For example, it’s a good idea to look into the services and storage prices provided by Safestore. They’ll ensure that the awkward ‘in-between phase’ of moving houses is as smooth and stress-free as possible, looking after the belongings you choose in their safe facilities until you have need of them. Location, length of stay, and unit sizes can all be flexibly arranged, so no matter your situation, you have some support if you need it.

Cutting down on the hassle of having too much stuff in your new home can boost your overall mood. When your home is less cluttered you will feel less stressed.  

Make The Most Of Friends and Family

Sticking with the theme of teamwork and unity, calling your friends and family for some help will undoubtedly give the mundane chores of moving a bit of sparkle.

When you and your friends are all unpacking boxes together and taking tours of the property, memories can be made. Take some snaps of before you move everything in and celebrate with a takeaway!  Teamwork always brings an element of spontaneity and creativity, and both can lead to good things that were previously not thought of. Maybe they can give you some design inspiration!  

Sometimes, moving can be quite a lonely experience when done alone, so knowing that you’re not alone in things can be quite freeing. When you have others to share the event with you, they can be a comforting presence, helping you move forward confidently without self-doubt and worry.

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