The UK Needs Electricians For Greener Pastures

Demand for green energy is at an incredible high, but do we have enough expert installers and are they skilled in what is required?

The world is on a rapidly ascending change for greener pastures with smart meters being installed, electric cars becoming common and requiring home charging and eco-friendly technology becoming more integrated into everyday life. As the requirement for these areas are now firmly entrenched and only growing in positive steps, the urgent need to fill the pool of certified electrical contractors with the skills and expertise to successfully implement change is at an all-time high throughout the UK.

As it stands, we are not topping up our expert pool quick enough and the workload is overbrimming, which is where a green energy apprenticeship is required.

Call To Action

In order to meet the growing demand for installation of smart and clean energy technologies, around one and a half thousand certified workers are required throughout the UK alone.

New technologies such as smart meter systems, Electric Car charging points, LED lighting and building controls, as well as green energy and renewables, require specialist training so even established electrical contractors need to learn around new regulations and procedures in the implementation of eco-friendly electrical innovation.

Many are finding that smart meter apprenticeships provide the best solution to gaining a required and professional qualification in this newfound lucrative advancement in engineering.

Smart Energy Shift

The positive shift towards smart technology such as app-based equipment, smart controls and wireless communications for smart meters will have an effect on lowering carbon emissions over the course of the next decade. This will help the UK take giant strides towards becoming a carbon-neutral nation.

Smart meters will play a big hand in how people use their energy throughout the home and workplace in the future. With smart meter technology being installed in many homes and businesses, qualified electrical contractors will find a huge influx in workload over the next few years as well as maintenance contracts to solidify their workload for years ahead.

Training Courses

By undertaking green energy apprenticeships you open up golden opportunities whilst helping to fill the pool of highly-skilled and in-demand workers within the field. Learning skills in renewable energy is the way forward to a greener future for our planet.

From school leavers looking for a way into a lucrative field to older people looking to expand their horizons, training to undergo a successful transition into smart energy is not only smart in name but smart in nature too.


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