The Best Countries To Immigrate To For Work, School, And Family Life

Moving to a whole new country is a huge deal, so it’s important that you pick the very best countries to immigrate to before you pack up your bags and go. So, which one’s for you?

Picking a country to immigrate to is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life.

People often choose where they want to live based on employment opportunities, schooling and overall quality of life for their families. Immigrating to another country also requires a lot of planning, so speaking to an immigration solicitor can really help.

I hope this post will take some of the pressure off you by going over what it’s like to be an immigrant of another country. I’ll also discuss what some of the best countries to immigrate to are and whether you’ll still be able to live in Europe after Brexit. Take a look…

What Is It Like To Be An Immigrant In Another Country?

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Before we get into the best countries to immigrate to from the UK, I'm going to share a little of what it's going to be like to be an immigrant living in another country. This way, you can prepare yourself for life there.

National Holidays

National holidays are different from country to country, and some of the ones you enjoy the most might not be celebrated in the country you move to.

However, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the culture. You might find a new national holiday in the country you immigrate to that you like even more! Or, you can take time off work and just celebrate the holidays you love with your family.  It could be a totally different culture but try to embrace the local traditions. 


Some of the most desired countries to immigrate to have wildly different weather than the UK. Usually, the weather is better, but if you move to somewhere like Canada, you’re in for a big shock when winter comes around. It's freezing!

It might not seem like a big deal right now, but a drastic change in weather, and of the seasons in general, can be disorienting for a while after you make the big move.  For example, celebrating Christmas in Australia when the weather is warm is totally different than the UK.


One of the biggest surprises, when you immigrate to another country, is the difference in culture. Even countries who have similar values and history to the UK can have wildly different cultural practices.

For example, if you immigrate to Italy and you sit down in a restaurant or are invited to someone’s house for a meal, there are a lot of rules. If you don’t follow them, it can come off as extremely rude. It's a good idea to read up on these.

Another way to appear rude in another country is to either use or not use their language. For example, in France, some natives don’t like it when English people try to speak their language and end up speaking it poorly. That said, in Italy, trying to speak their language, no matter how badly it comes out, is seen as a compliment.

Basically, some of the best countries to immigrate to require finesse and an understanding of what they expect of their immigrants. As long as you do your research beforehand you should be fine.

What Are The Best Countries To Immigrate To In 2020?

Now that we’ve gotten the ‘how to be a good immigrant’ part out of the way, it’s time to help you pick the best countries to immigrate to.

According to The Office For National Statistics, in 2019 around 397,000 people emigrated from the UK. If you know your days of the year, this is over 1,000 people a day!

As I alluded to in the intro, the main reasons people move to other countries in the first place are:

  • Economic migration: moving for work or to follow a specific career path.
  • Social migration: to live somewhere with a better quality of life for your family, including schooling, sociability of the locals, and crime rates.

This list of the best countries to immigrate to have all of these qualities, and are some of the most immigrated to places by people from the UK. Check it out:

1. Australia


Australia is a huge favourite for people immigrating from the UK. They’re drawn to the warm climate, friendly Aussie culture and attractive work-life balance.

On top of that, Australia’s highly rated education system and impressive salaries drew 1.3 million migrants from the UK in 2017; the most popular location for Brits by far.

If you’re interested in living somewhere that’s good for your family, Canberra is a good choice as it has affordable properties and a small-town feel. If you’re looking for a high-flying career, you might be better off in Sydney or Melbourne which have a wide range of job opportunities.

2. Spain

If you’re not a fan of jetlag, and you don’t want to move too far from extended family and friends, one of the best countries to immigrate to is Spain. Spain has been a long-beloved country for UK migration with its:

  • Beautiful beaches;
  • First class healthcare;
  • Hassle-free property market;
  • cost-effective living.

The country is huge but, no matter where you go, you’ll find close-knit families, the well-known Spanish pace of life, and a stress-free approach to work and timekeeping in comparison to the UK.

3. Canada


Canada is an up and coming player in the countries to immigrate to, with 620,000 UK migrants moving there in 2017. The country also scored high in the Expat Explorer Survey for education, level of disposable income, welcoming communities, quality of life and economic stability.

Canada has a points-based immigration system. But, if you are a biologist, scientist, architect, chef, plumber, electrician, nurse, dentist or social worker, you’ll breeze through your visa application.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand really takes the cake as one of the best countries to immigrate to. It has beautiful views, a relaxed way of life, a world class education system, and great job opportunities where trades are paid much higher than they are in the UK.

Not only that, the cost of living is very similar to the UK. So, you don’t need to worry about running out of money, especially if you’re being paid more money for the same trade.

Auckland is a vibrant city that’s great for families, as are Queenstown, Napier and Rotorua.

5. France


France, like Spain, is a better choice for those who want to immigrate to a country closer to their friends and family.

It has one of the largest British-born populations, with over 190,000 Brits living there. France has amazing wining and dining, an excellent education system, and great property markets.

The work-life balance is similar to the UK, with a 35-hour week and an average of 5 weeks paid holiday. It’s up to you whether you want to live in a big city like Paris, a chic life in the South of France or a more 
leisurely life in the French countryside 

6. USA

In the interest of jumping back and forth between distant lands to immigrate to, and closer European ones, one of the very best countries to immigrate to in my opinions is the USA. For anyone who’s grown up on American television and movies, moving to the States is a big deal. Home to one of the world’s greatest economies, the USA has one of the largest markets for professionals looking to progress in their career.

The country is basically a continent, which means you can move to a state that most closely aligns with your values. Denver is popular for professionals, Florida has tropical weather and affordable property, and San Francisco has financial stability.

There is no country more diverse in the way you can live your life as an immigrant from the UK.

Can I Still Immigrate To Another Country After Brexit?

Before we end this post, we’re going to quickly go over what the situation looks like for people who want emigrate from the UK to the EU after Brexit.

There are three separate agreements between the UK and the 31 European countries that accept freedom of movement. Each one provides a strong level of protection for UK citizens living in or moving to Europe until the end of the transition period.

This period is predicted to end on 31 December 2020. Any UK citizen who has moved to these countries either before or during the transition period will have to apply for residence status before the 30 June 2021.

Some countries are apparently looking to extend this date due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the exact terms for settlement vary between different EU countries.

Basically, you have until the 31 December 2020 to move and, once you’ve moved, you have around 6 months to apply for residence. It seems like the window to migrate to Europe the current way is closing quickly. That said, there will likely be new rules on how to achieve this in future.

Are There Any Other Countries I Should Consider? 


Today, I’ve covered what life as a migrant from the UK might be like, and what the best countries to immigrate to are. I’ve also looked into how long you have to migrate to Europe before the end of the Brexit transition period.

The countries I’ve listed above are some of the best for work, school and family life, but there are hundreds of others that might be exactly what you’re looking for

Thanks for reading this post, and good luck immigrating to a new country.

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