Putting The Finishing Touches To Your Wedding

After you’ve booked the venue, sorted out the dress, and arranged the food, you may think there is nothing else to worry about when it comes to your wedding, but the thing is there’s so much more to do. There’s the wedding favours, the flowers, the invites and the envelopes you send them in- I suggest some stunning envelopes from bestbuyenvelopes - and so much more. So how can you put the finishing touches to your wedding? It’s all about the little things, let's discuss.

Sort The Seating Plan

The seating plan at a wedding can be one of the most stressful things to ever work out. Trying to make sure people who don’t get on aren’t seated near each other but also giving people the opportunity to meet new people, it can take some time to get it perfect. Perhaps consider putting together a wedding planning party to help you get it just right.

Choose Your Favours

You know your guests better than anyone else so you will know what makes the best items to use as favours for the big day. Some give a little memento, or a camera to record those special moments, and others a gift of some sweets, chocolates or cookies.  It is important to think about what would suit your guests best and work from there.

Pretty Stationery Is A Must

When it comes to a wedding invite, you want it to make an impression. This is why both the invite and the envelope you send it in have to catch the eye. It can take a while to find the perfect wedding stationery to suit you and your partner’s tastes but once you’ve chosen it, you can get round to undertaking the hard task of working out who to invite - and who to leave off the guest list. Make the envelopes or invite even more personal by adding using a custom wedding stamp.

Have You Thought About The Flowers?

You might have thought about the flowers the bride will be carrying but what about the blooms the flower girl will be carrying, as well as corsages for the groom, the groomsmen, and some for the mother of the bride? Also, you need to think about decoration of the church if you are going to get married there and the reception venue. It can be easy to overlook these when arranging the bridal bouquet so don’t forget to start thinking about what flowers you’d like for these.

Don’t Forget The Little Extras

You’ve probably already chosen your wedding cake but what about some little mini cupcakes for guests? Sometimes these little extras, although unexpected, make all the difference. It is all about making your wedding that little bit unique and make it a memorable day, not just for you but for your guests too.

Wedding finishing touches are so important and not to be forgotten. Are you fully prepared for your big day?

*Collaborative post 


  1. When we were planning my brothers wedding, my SIL did most of the DIY herself but we got her some pretty stationery and cute envelopes were a hit.

  2. It can be so easy to get caught up in the big things and forget about the small things. Wedding stationery and favours are so important.

  3. For my sisters wedding last year she didn't have a proper wedding cake but lots of cupcakes in the shape of a wedding cake.