Tips For Buying An Engagement Ring

Giving your significant other an engagement ring is a practice that has been existing since time immemorial. The ring is a symbol of commitment to a bride, but do you know where this tradition came from? Are you aware as to why people place an engagement ring into the fourth finger? This tradition began in ancient Rome, whereby the Romans believed that the vein in this specific finger led to the heart, and so, this practice has stuck with all the generations. Use these tips to buy the right engagement ring.

Understand Your Partner's Lifestyle

Some people do not mind shopping for engagement rings together. This action eliminates the surprise element. If you want to surprise your better half, you can request help from a friend or sibling. This other person can disguisedly obtain information from your partner without making them suspect any intentions.

If you want to maintain total secrecy, then you better pay attention to your partner's jewellery. Note down their preferences, such as do they love silver or
gold? You can then use this information whilst you search for the best engagement rings for sale in Denver or take the information to jewellers near you to help you in your quest.

Have A Budget

You need to set your budget prior that guides you on which type of engagement ring to buy. Do not let this act of purchasing a ring drive you into debt. Only spend what you can afford. Shop for alternative options that are within your budget. Let your partner appreciate a ring for what it symbolizes and not for what it's worth. If they want what you cannot pay for, then you might have to save your money.

Have A Good Understanding Of Buying A Diamond Ring

If you decide to buy a diamond ring, then it's worth getting an in-depth understanding of what to look for, as it's an expensive purchase. The diamond has what jewellers call the 4C properties. These characters stand for clarity, carat, cut, and colour. Let's delve into each one of them.

The Colour And Cut

Diamond rings come in all colours, with colourless being the most prized for an engagement ring. Your jeweller will confirm that the hue is graded from D to Z. With  D being almost colourless while the latter nearing a tint of yellow. 

Antique diamonds are usually not graded. The diamond's cut quality determines how it reflects light. A round brilliant cut diamond that sparkles well, is popular for an engagement ring but square princess cut diamonds, as well as emerald cut diamonds, are also popular. 

The Clarity And Carat

Clarity refers to how the ring lacks blemishes or inclusions.  The highest clarity is flawless to the lowest clarity included. However, at the top end, most minor inclusions cannot be seen with the naked eye. 

Carat, also known as weight, determines its size. The price of the diamond increases more on each half carat, and some think a one-carat diamond ring is a size to aspire to. 

Consider the Shape

The shape comes even before the colour, clarity, carat, and cut. Rings come in various sizes and shapes, and so do hands. An engagement ring that may look beautiful on someone's hand may look completely different on another. Try and find out the shape your better half loves. Buy one that flatters your partner's finger and a shape that they love.

Deal with Trusted Sellers

When buying an engagement ring, it's a good idea to ask around your relatives or friends for recommendations. Alternatively, go for stores that have industry affiliation to accredited jewellery organisations such as the National Association of Goldsmiths in the UK or the Gemmology Institute of America. 

If you haven't bought from any jeweller before, whether big or small, have a chat with the sales assistant, check out their knowledge base and always enquire about the return policy since you may need to exchange the ring.

Shop for the right engagement rings by knowing your partner's lifestyle, having a budget, understand the 4cs of a diamond ring,  consider the shape and 
deal with trusted retailers.

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