4 Tips For A Low Key Wedding

One of the big effects of the global pandemic is that large weddings worldwide have been postponed. With government restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, it will be a long time before people can enjoy enormous weddings and parties with all their family and friends.

But this doesn’t mean you have to put your plans on hold completely. It is still possible to tie the knot with your life partner, as long as the event is an intimate affair with a select number of guests. The number of people you can invite to your wedding will depend on the current restrictions at the time, as well as the location in which you get married, but expect to only invite a handful of close family members or best friends.

Perhaps you never wanted a huge white wedding anyway. They can be extremely expensive, and you may prefer to use that money on a honeymoon or towards your first home. If you are planning a low key wedding, here are four tips to get you started.

Narrow down the guest list

If you have a large family or lots of friends, it can be difficult to choose a few people to invite to your big day. Particularly if you already sent out invites for your original wedding. Most people won't make the cut, so you’ll have to let them down gently. Find out how many people you are allowed and keep it limited to immediate family or your closest friends. If you still can’t decide, you don’t have to invite anyone if you don’t want to. Make your big day as romantic as possible by keeping it to just you and your partner.

Scrap the wedding dress


A wedding dress is an enormous expense, especially considering you’ll only wear it once and very few people will actually see it in the flesh. Consider saving a bit of money by scraping the traditional wedding outfit and arranging your own dress code. Some nice clothing like a smart dress or an upmarket suit will more than suffice and will take the impact off your bank balance. Try Balenciaga clothing for some elegant, high-quality outfits.

Pick an appropriate venue

With a limited guest list, there is no need to hire out a huge church or an extravagant country house. Pick a location that is the right size for your particular marriage. A small venue can make the proceedings feel more intimate and cosy and will save you a lot of money too. Small churches, country pubs, registry offices, or even an outdoor setting can be perfect venues for a micro wedding.

Remember what your wedding is about

table set for a meal

If you are the kind of person who has dreamed of a fairytale wedding since you were a child, you may be disappointed that you can’t have the big day you wanted. But the marriage process is not about vast guest lists and extravagant venues; it’s about you and your partner professing your love and agreeing to spend the rest of your life together. Don’t forget it, and you can always have a big celebration when things are back to normality.

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