Tips For Making Space In Your Shed

When most people think about garden storage, the shed springs to mind, a single place for every single tool, bike, and disused pot to be stashed away.

However, when sheds start fulfilling too many functions at once, they can become a cause for headaches. In fact, The Telegraph is advising people on converting old garden sheds into luxury hideaways, replacing the clutter with something more immediately pleasing and simple. However, the shed is still incredibly useful, and it might be you just need to free up some space to put things right.

Fortunately, sheds can share their burden with other forms of storage. There’s variety here, ensuring everything doesn’t get clumped together in one place where misplaced items, slips, and trips are all bound to happen at some point.

Therefore, here’s how to make some space in your main shed.

Utilise Garden Storage Units

garden shed

Sheds can quickly become overcrowded with bikes and other bits and bobs, so it’s important to consider a plethora of other options to distribute your storage efforts more evenly.

For example, you should browse the wonderful range of garden storage units from Shedstore provides affordable timber and metal sheds, stylish log and bin stores, and efficient garden tool storage units too. If that’s not enough, they also supply customers with garden storage benches, dual purposed as a comfortable seat and yet an incredibly useful storage option too. Ultimately, this is all about spreading your options out and using your space as economically and efficiently as possible.

Garden storage units will keep your belongings safe, protected from criminals and the elements both. Additionally, it will all just help you clear the space both in and around the shed and ensure that everything isn’t just concentrated within a single area. The more you spread things out here, the less you have to worry about.

Once again, there’s also something to be said here for aesthetics too. By including garden storage units, your back garden can be suitably transformed into a quaint and cosy village, of sorts. From extra little sheds to dynamic storage seating, it all adds to the appeal of the space. It’s nice when belongings can be divided into organised, designated areas, lending your garden an air of rustic efficiency.

Repurpose Other Items

watering can

Contrary to some circles of belief, bits and bobs and in gardening can be both stored and put-on decorative display simultaneously.

Why store your ladders in a shed when they can give outside areas a lift? Something as mundane as a ladder might not, at first, seem to have much going for it in the way of aesthetics. However, if you gently rest the ladder against a wall, and artfully arrange disused pots, trowels, and watering cans on each step – well, you just turned your ladder into a makeshift shelving unit!

It might seem like a cheat, but a rustic garden always has a feel of rough and ready improvisation. Moreover, upcycling is now a cool and trendy pastime, converting ‘junk’ into something worthwhile. Why not apply those principles to your own efforts, here? In having some items fulfil a different function than they were originally designed for, you’re giving your outdoor areas a slice of quirky charm. At the same time, that’s one less ladder taking up space in the shed!

Of course, it’s also worth mentioning that disused pots, watering cans and other items are usually shoved away in a corner of the shed or left on the ground in their own rights, too. This clutter is incredibly attractive to pests, making for a perfect nest that's sheltered, warm and full of materials to curl up and hibernate under. Skunks in particular are rather apt at finding their way into cluttered sheds, so if you find a skunk holding your hoe hostage, you'll need to find skunk control services as soon as possible to remove them. Luckily, with the ‘ladder shelving unit’, all of that clutter can be lifted off the ground, keeping the floor clear. You can even grow a plant or two out of the watering can! Twine, gardening gloves, and any other bits and bobs you find lying around could also sit decoratively alongside, so get creative with your arrangements!

Customise Your Shed

tools organised

Once you’ve made some ample space in your main shed, make sure you don’t stop there!

Try to customise your main shed so that, in the future, things don’t get quite so unwieldy again. You can install hooks and shelving units for all your tools or to hang up fresh pegboards to meet the same ends. The use of magnets can also keep all your equipment secure and off surfaces too. Use the opportunity to get organised, because, in the end, efficient storage makes gardening, and life overall, so much easier!

You can even install hooks on the ceiling of your shed, where boats like canoes can be securely held in place with hanger and hoist systems. Additionally, you can attach a hose hanger to the side of your shed, so that you can coil the hose neatly and tidily around it. That way, you’re removing trip hazards from the floor of your shed, and once again just giving items their designated areas.

When it comes to the main sheds, it’s been said that the ‘best’ are often those that have been converted into something else. If you’re making great use of other storage solutions, then it could be that you no longer need to use your main shed as, well, a shed! People have made makeshift bars and work offices out of these kinds of areas with a quick and easy conversion, creating enough space for multiple occupants to walk about freely. If you have made the space up to now, why not follow suit?

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