What Are The Best Budget Eco-Friendly Cars?

When it comes to buying a car as a family, you’ll want to get the right balance between cost-effective and safe. I’ve looked at various recommendations, from AA car insurance reviews through to newspaper comparisons and think that the following are some of the best you can get.

It’s important to note that if you are buying a new hybrid or fully electric car, you can’t expect to pick up a £500 bargain. These are technologically advanced vehicles, so they do come with a hefty price tag. Rather than opting for a luxury model, focussing on the more family-orientated alternatives should save you some money.

Electric car

Toyota Yaris Hybrid

Compact but comfortable, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid gives you great value and even the base model is well kitted out. Though small, it still has five doors, meaning that baby and booster seats won’t need wrestling into the back. You can drive more than 50% of the time in electric mode, helping the environment on your necessary journeys.

Hyundai Ioniq

A mid-sized hatchback with at least 170 miles per full charge, this is a great choice for any family that wants to make a significant reduction to their carbon footprint. Not only is it available in hybrid formations, but also as a fully electric model; this is a car that comes with cost-saving benefits, such as no annual road tax.

Kia Kona

The cheaper of the two Hyundai sister models, the Kona offers great mileage, comfort and a family-friendly interior, while never losing sight of the eco-credentials it worked so hard for. Not awful in terms of insurance - as long as you’re not a new driver - this is a car that should last you a lot of years and without significantly depreciating in value as, in recent years, Kia has transformed its image from a budget brand into something of a major manufacturer.

Nissan Leaf Acenta

You can’t talk about budget-friendly eco-cars without mentioning Nissan. The company has taken the green mandate so seriously that it is now on its second generation of fully electric Leafs, or should that be leaves? Much more sporty looking than the first version, it appeals to car enthusiasts now, with an eco-conscious twist. Again, no road tax to worry about either with the Leaf and it’s a known entity, given that the original model was so groundbreaking and is still so popular.

Volkswagen E-Golf

We know that Volkswagen isn’t always the cheapest car option out there but bear with us while we explain why we included the E-Golf. Firstly, they hold their value well, so over time, it will be a more cost-effective investment than other manufacturers. Secondly, the Golf always has and always will be a great family car that doesn’t look like a traditional MPV, it just fits everybody in! You lose some boot space with this electric model, but nothing drastic and of course, the E-Golf comes with zero road tax.

electric car

It’s important to remember that many of these models are eligible for a government grant that will pay up to £3000 of the cost of a new low-emission vehicle. You won’t need to apply, as your chosen dealership will apply the grant to the cost of your vehicle automatically, though always check! You can also apply for a separate grant to help with the costs of installing a charger at your home. Up to £350 can be claimed, in a bid to make the switch from traditional fuel vehicles to electric alternatives more budget-friendly.

Are you thinking about swapping out petrol or diesel for electric now?

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