Redesigning Your Bathroom? Here Are Some Tips from the Pros

A bathroom is the smallest room in a house set up, which becomes overwhelming when redesigning it. It comprises so many things, including the floor, ceiling, tubs, toilets and much more which needs changing. One gets torn between the materials and the designs to use. However, everything that's happening around was done before. This article will share some of the best tips in redesigning your bathroom, straight from the bathroom pros. 

Here are the tips.

1. Work On What You Have

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To prevent the whole process from becoming overwhelming, experts recommend working with what you have in redesigning your bathroom. Suppose you are working on a low budget; it's better to stick with the original design while working on the parts and fixtures. It becomes surprising how a bathroom gets better by just putting in new fixtures. For more space, you can consider swapping to what's on the floor with the floating varieties. Relieving some space makes your bathroom appear larger and may make it accommodate more items. You can also make your doors swing out, instead of in, to relieve some space. 

2. Make Fixtures A Focal Point

Instead of overhauling everything in your bathroom, you can begin with the fixtures first. Instead of having old, rusty, stained items that make your bathroom look old and unkempt, you can change such to new designs and see it shine again. You don't have to go for expensive items, especially when working on a low budget. According to bathroom experts from Duravit, you can opt for high-quality toilets, basins, brassware, and furniture, which don't cost much but will make your bathroom look amazing. The good thing about these fixtures comes in different sizes, colours, designs that can easily fit in your bathroom. Adding fixtures will improve your bathroom look at a lower cost since you don't have to change the entire structure.

3. Be Open
 to Going Bold

Don't get afraid to include many things in your bathroom. So many people are against this idea since they consider a bathroom to be of occasional use. An ordinary modern house comes with separate bathrooms, with different designs, including the main family bathroom and others found in master bedrooms. You can opt to pimp your master bathroom with added fixtures, including wallpapers, to make it unique and have a wow effect. You can also change the tiles; add some jewel-toned fabric or some dark paint colour to improve its appearance. Such make your bathroom beautiful and gives a better experience when using it. 

4. Embrace Natural Light


Most people use their bathrooms early morning, late evenings, and at night, but still, your bathroom requires some natural light. Natural light has several benefits, including preserving what's inside and enhancing the view with less energy use. If there is a bathroom window, ensure it's cleaned, free from curtains, blinds, and any other obstruction, unless it's for privacy reasons. If it's a must you should have curtains, get the sheer curtains that allow more natural light. If there are no windows, get some daylight lights.

Other things recommended by the pros are reconsidering the bathtub, getting a better lighting system, and interchanging some tiles. By doing these procedures, you will end up redesigning your bathroom more affordably, making it look modernized and better. You can also contact the professionals to handle the redesigning as they recommend the best materials to use. 

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