Festive Fitness Tips

You’ve done the online shop, you’ve stacked up on the wine and spirits and those advent calendars are starting to get emptied day by day.

Yes, the thought has gone into the festivities and luxury foods, but how do you keep on top and survive those luxuries by the time the New Year rolls around? Even if you are undertaking one of the fitness instructor courses Plymouth you can still fall foul of December party food.

So now is the time to plan around those activities and keep your personal fitness in check over the festive period when food and drink are plentiful. Here's how.

Beat the Cheat


No matter what, Christmas is not the time to cut back and most of us are going to want all the extra trimmings on those festive meals, so it’s better to prepare ahead.   It’s the perfect time to earn those cheat meals through a great workout beforehand. 
One of the best ways to do this is to fit in some exercise before your meal. If you regularly work out try to keep to your set time for training, and even put in a little extra effort to work off those pigs in blankets. 

Or train a couple of hours after a meal and this will help reduce those instances where you feel the need to snack on some treats later in the evening. Go for a walk around the block or take the dog for a stroll if you are prevented from taking advantage of the gym. It’s still a bit of much-needed exercise.

All kinds of activities and events can offset your fitness goals and if those involve a few drinks and some party food, then you could think of doing some extra reps on the weights or running an extra mile on your workout to help flush those toxins afterwards.

Pack In The Greens

When Christmas dinner is laid out in front of you, start healthily. 

Your first port of call in piling up your plate should be your greens and colourful veg, and there is no limit to how much you can dine on. By boosting your vitamin
s and minerals, you will also help your immune system and probably won’t be lethargic later in the evening. Then follow with the lean turkey protein, boiled potatoes and a smaller portion of roast potatoes. 

Leftover Temptation


Next day leftovers are a curse to fitness that we all can succumb to.

Start Boxing Day with 
a delicious smoothie instead of picking through the leftover roasties and turkey stuffing.  This will help you resist those cakes and sweets left in the cupboards too by getting your sweet tooth fix. You could also remove the temptation by giving the leftover sweets to a neighbour for their kids.

Water, Water Everywhere

Your water requirements over the festive season will need to double.

With all the salty and sweet food as well as alcohol you may have more hangovers, as well as digestion problems. Be sure to rehydrate with lots of water during this period. Coconut water is great for those mornings where you feel a little tender and headachy. This will also help flush the alcohol out of your system. 

Get Sleep


Don’t spend too many nights staying up late as sleep is still one of the most important parts of your overall fitness.

If you lose sleep you get tired and fatigued which results in a loss of motivation to stay to your fitness plan. It also increases stress levels and can leave you run-down. By ensuring you get enough rest and relaxation your body has a chance to recover quicker from any indulgence.

For those undergoing or contemplating a fitness instructor course during the holiday season, following these guidelines can help you stay focused and energetic throughout the festivities.


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