A Guide To Interior Door Selection

Certainly, throughout the course of 2020, we spent far more time at home than we normally would have done and with that came more than a passing interest in what our homes looked like. This created a boost in so many different aspects of DIY and interior design as many people became a lot more houseproud! One aspect of interiors that can sometimes be overlooked are the interior doors but the doors can have can a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your space. 


Cost is almost always a consideration when doing any work to houses so this must factor into any work to be done. But fortunately, these days, nice doors don’t have to cost the earth. Here’s my guide to interior door selection and the things you must consider before your purchase:

The supplier

You don’t have to stick with your local wood merchant or DIY supplier and their perhaps limited selection. In fact, buying doors online through websites such as Internal Doors UK means you’ll have access to a huge range to suit all tastes and budgets and it is a very straightforward process too. Furthermore, you can be assured of the quality; just make sure wherever you buy from is trusted and reputable with good customer service to avoid disappointment.


In the past, doors used to be far more limited in terms of colour so you had to make do with whatever was available. Now, there are so many options which are already finished, then there is also the option to buy doors already primed which you can then paint yourselves. So, you can literally have any colour you desire!


Pine, oak, composite, laminated, glazed, unglazed; there are many choices in material and they vary in price. Were you to opt for a material such as oak, for example, you might find you pay a little more but it will be worth it? Solid oak doors can genuinely add value to the price of your property as they are such an asset. Consider the overall appearance of your home and what ‘look’ you want to achieve. Also, consider what level of security you want to have – internal fire doors, for example, are a good option in some properties.


This may seem an odd suggestion as many doors are a standard size. However, there is an increasing popularity for oversized doors, i.e. very tall or very wide ones. These can add an impressive level of drama to any home and really make it feel a lot more modern. You could also opt for wide, sliding doors which can turn two rooms into a more open-plan space if you want to have the best of both of these worlds.

Your internal doors really can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your home so it is worth spending a bit of extra time to make the right choice. You don’t have to spend the earth to ensure you get the right doors for your home too as long as you buy them from the right place!

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