Popular Windows Styles Explained!

As well as providing natural light and stunning views, windows can be an amazing feature in your home, especially when they have the right window dressing  They certainly provide a stunning focal point for the kerb appeal you’ve worked hard to achieve. The trouble is that, when it comes to buying replacement windows in South Wales, many of us are at a loss as to which would be best. That can make it tricky knowing where to start and could even lead to a choice that doesn’t suit your home’s appearance. That will never do, and it’s a risk you can do away with by finding out as much as possible about popular window styles.

Whatever style you choose, of course, you should first think about fundamentals like double glazing. With enhanced security and incredible thermal benefits, unless it is a listed property, this is guaranteed to be the best option no matter your personal preferences. However, which popular window styles should you pair with the double glazing?

Casement windows

  • Versatile design 
  • Ultra-energy efficient 
  • 5-point locking system 
With multiple frame configurations, casement windows are a popular style for many. Their attraction comes from their versatile design and range of opening options. Casement windows are attached to a frame using hinges on one or more sides. They’re a traditional choice, and they could be the ideal option to complement your home. They’re also fantastic for easy opening and cleaning!

Sash windows 

  • Traditional look
  • Classic colour choices
  • Highly secure

Sash windows are a staple of period properties but guaranteed to complete the look of any property. While they used to be made from timber, a traditional tricky to maintain material, developments in uPVC windows have made them extremely durable and easy to maintain. A great way to combine traditional looks with modern comfort.

Tile and turn windows 

  • An innovative two-way opening action
  • Safer ventilation
  • Easy maintenance

Tilt and turn windows are relatively new on the market and their popularity has soared in the past few years. As the name suggests, they tilt inwards for improved safety, easy cleaning, and general aesthetic appeal. Windows like these increase ventilation while ensuring no one can gain access. Even better, their sleek design is sure to fit perfectly with your modern home.

Bay windows 

  • Improved natural light
  • Increased floor space (up to 3 feet)
  • Versatile to complement modern and traditional homes

Last but not least, we have bay windows. These traditionally consist of casement windows, joined together in an arc to form a bay. As well as adding up to 3 feet of floor space or storage to your home, windows like these can be a fantastic feature on modern and old properties alike. Even better, the large size of bay windows guarantees that you’ll be able to enjoy natural flooding light moving forward. 

While the fine details may change depending on where you look, these four window styles are the predominant popular options on the market, and any of them could take your house up a gear. Simply consider what you’re after, and which style you think would suit your property the best.

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  1. We quite like the idea of sash windows for more ventilation but they're not always the easiest to clean x

    1. I like the traditional look of sash windows too.

  2. We are looking to buy new windows for the front of our house so this post has helped a lot!

    1. Which windows do you think you will have installed?

  3. I like the look of bay windows in a traditional home, and the room looks more spacious with a bay window too

    1. We have a bay window in our lounge and I agree with you, the room does feel more spacious