Interior Design For Small Homes

When it comes to home decor, we all have different challenges we need to overcome in order to create the perfect home. For some people, this hurdle is that their home is small. 

If this applies to you, I have some great tips and pieces of advice to help with. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know.


The first thing you need to do when it comes to a small home is to make clever use of mirrors. The reflective surface of a mirror is something that can be used to a huge advantage in a small property. If you place mirrors opposite windows. The sunlight from outside will reflect off the surface and bounce back into the room. This will open up the space, making it look brighter and feel a lot bigger too. You can make the mirror the statement feature of the room. There are lots of stunning and striking mirror designs on the market today, like these Hollywood mirrors. Reflective surfaces also have the same sort of effect as high gloss furniture too.

Clever use of storage

Another tip when it comes to small homes and rooms is to get clever with storage. If you take a look online, you will find tons of inspiration in this regard. Instagram and Pinterest are also excellent resources. Something as simple as choosing a divan bed can make a massive difference, as you are going to benefit from lots of storage space under your bed. When you look at each room, consider how you can add some extra storage options to the space without it detracting too much from the overall interior design. 
For example, a hanging storage bag for the back of a door can help you store shoes and accessories. Can you use the space under tables to store possessions? 

Choose colour wisely

In addition to the suggestions that have already been mentioned, you also need to be careful when it comes to your choice of colour scheme too. Some colours can open up a space and make it bigger whereas others can make it smaller. In general, it is best to go for a light colour scheme. Neutral shades and light hues work really well. You should also consider painting your ceiling the same colour as your walls, as this can make your rooms look bigger because it does not cause such a distinct separation between the ceilings and the walls. Instead, your eyes continue upward, and this can create a feeling of there being more space.

Multi-use furniture

When you buy an item of furniture think if it can use for more than one purpose. If you don't have a room for guests consider buying a sofa that can also convert to a bed, other ideas include a stool that can be used as a bedside table, and of course suitcases can be used to store clothes and bed linen when not in use. If you have a very small apartment you can even have a bed that fits on the wall that you can pull down at night.

Don’t Forget To Personalise

The last thing that I am going to say is that you don’t want to forget to personalise your space. You want to be able to look at the memories that you hold so dear to yourself, giving you a little dopamine boost every time you see them. You can get things like perspex frames without breaking the bank to frame these memories, and display them in a way that gives a personal feeling to your home. You want to be reminded that it’s yours from the second you walk in, and this will really help.


All in all, there is no denying that having a small home can be a bit frustrating in terms of creating the perfect interior environment. However, it does not need to be this way. If you follow the tips that have been provided in this blog post, you can make your property look a lot bigger than it is. You will also find the design process a lot more fun rather than just being frustrated by it.

*Collaborative post

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