This Is How To Transform Your Garden Into An Outdoor Room!

How would you like to add a whole extra room to your house, without having to lay an extension? Well, that is precisely what you can do if you take your garden and make it into an outdoor room. You can even add things that will allow you to enjoy your garden room in the sunshine or in the rain. Just keep reading to find out how. 

Carpets & flooring

If we are to treat our garden as a room, then it makes sense to breakdown the transformation into chunks we would recognize indoors. That is why we are starting with carpets and flooring. Of course, you won't actually be laying carpet down, but there are a lot of other options to consider here.

One is a lawn, something that can provide a lush green colour as well as some comfortable ground which to sit, walk, or play. You can even choose to lay fake grass if the upkeep of a real lawn is too much for you.

In addition to the lawn, many people also install decks in their garden. Something that can help to provide the perfect space for a table, chairs, BBQs, or even an outdoor sofa.

Of course, it is entirely possible to lay a deck yourself, as long as you can source the timber supplies and other materials needed to do so. In fact, you will likely find that doing so can save you a great deal of money, especially if you want your deck to be on the larger side of things.


Rooms have ceilings, which, for the most part, is how we know they are rooms. Of course, that means your garden room should have the same. Don't think for one minute; however, that means you have to build a sunroom or conservatory over your outdoor space.

In fact, for a ceiling, you can choose a sail, shade, or veranda that protects your outdoor space from much of the weather but still leaves the sides open to the elements. Something that ensures you get all the fresh air you need, and you retain that sense of space outdoors. 


Most rooms inside also have furniture, and so it is with an outdoor room as well. In fact, carefully choosing sun loungers, chairs, sofas, and the like should be a priority when creating a room out of doors.

The reason is that if you want to spend as much time enjoying it as possible, you will want to be just as comfortable as if you were lounging on your sofa in your front room.


Just because your room is outdoors, it doesn't mean that you can decorate in a similar way to how you would inside. In fact, there is a definite trend for adding objet d'art and ornaments into the garden now. 

The good news is because it is so common, you won't be limited to slightly risque garden gnomes. In fact, you can get all sorts of items from the more traditional fountains and statues, to the novel pieces like garden mirrors and even fairy houses. All these will help you to add interest dimension, and even a little magic to your outdoor room.

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