Signs It's Time To Change Your Flooring

House cleaning is a chore no one enjoys, yet it remains one of the most important household tasks and without it, most households would start to look a mess and become dusty and dirty. One of the most time-consuming parts is the flooring as it demands extensive care and maintenance to look spotless every day. 

The maintenance of flooring is important and it's something you shouldn't ignore but the question arises - how does one know when to change the flooring? 

For every type of flooring, there are different signs and time periods when you should change it.  Here are some signs to help you detect the right time to replace the flooring.

1. Carpeted Floors

Carpeted floors require the most extensive and elaborate cleaning when they become dirty. When something spills on to the carpet, unless you tackle it straight away the stains can mark it forever especially if it is light in colour. Typically, a carpet's lifetime is 10 years, even less so if you have children or pets at home. Signs that will help you detect when its time to replace a carpet include irregular bumps in the material, wearing and holes, mould and a foul smell that you can’t get rid of.

2. Wooden Floors

Wooden floors are much easier to clean than any other type of flooring. Solid wood flooring also has a prolonged life span of approximately 25-30 years. The signs that will make it fairly obvious to you that it’s time to refinish the floor include the finish splitting from the floor, fragments of wood coming off and general damage.

3. Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring that typically lasts 10 to 25 years depending on the type of material used. The lamination requires replacement when you start noticing that it is starting to get damaged, it becomes cracked and the colour is fading. Another sign is when there are peels, deep scrapes and scuffs on the laminate. The good news is that laminate flooring is budget-friendly, and although it can look like more expensive materials, for example, wood, it's fairly inexpensive to replace. You can also update and modernize the flooring more frequently to keep up with the current trends.

4. Tiles

Tiles come in a variety of materials, from ceramic, marble, glass and cement and often last the longest and don’t require replacement unless absolutely necessary.  Getting the base right is important. Always be sure to have a flat sturdy and level base for the tiling. Only in the case that the tile breaks, cracks or sinks does it need replacing. 

So here are some signs that it's time to change your flooring. What type of flooring do you have in your home?

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  1. We've got different types of flooring - carpet, lino, tiles etc. Ours is definitely in need of some change.

  2. I'd love to change the flooring in our hallway. We currently have a carpet, however, as this is the main thoroughfare for the house I'm forever having to vacuum and clean it.

  3. We've got laminate flooring but it gets so dusty right away and it's driving me crazy! If I could re-do it now I would go for carpet in the bedrooms and sitting room and either wood flooring or tile elsewhere.

  4. Using vinyl is often a good in expensive way to fix flooring, my landlord will use it in bathrooms where the floor is harder to replace x

  5. This post reminds me that I really do need to change the floor on the main level.. the previous owners didn't do a good job and some of the floor boards have huge gaps. Great tips here.

  6. I'm glad our rented place has wooden floors, they're so easy to clean compared to carpet! I put a giant fluffy rug in my bedroom so I can have the cosy feel of carpet - best of both worlds!