The Fairytale Collection of Engagement Rings From Savicki Jewellery

A diamond solitaire is the perfect classic engagement ring, but what do you get someone who wants something different, something unique like her? I suggest a ring from the fairytale collection from Savicki Jewellery. This post is in collaboration with Savicki Jewellery.

Savicki Jewellery is an online jewellery store, with over forty years of experience in providing exquisitely crafted and unique jewellery to their customers. Their jewellers are highly trained in making engagement rings, wedding rings and dress rings for their customers as well as gold earrings, necklaces and celebrity inspired jewellery. Savicki Jewellery is always well designed and beautifully made with the highest quality materials. However rather than just talk about how beautiful their jewellery is, let me show you and let me talk about my favourite jewellery from Savicki Jewellery - the Savicki Fairytale Collection.

The Savicki Fairytale Collection is an imaginative range of jewellery, with bold coloured stones such as shimmering sapphires, exotic emeralds and rich red rubies. You create your own fairytale ring by choosing your main stone and then sides stones from a range including many precious stones.

The rings take you into a fantasy world of dreams and hopes, a world of love and affection, a world of forever and eternity. Here are my favourite rings.
white gold and white sapphire and blue sapphire ring £759.20

This white gold and white sapphire engagement ring from the Savicki Fairytale Collection has the look of a diamond ring but with the cost-effective choice of white sapphire instead. The white sapphire centre stone is large and beautifully set in 14-carat white gold and surrounded with small sapphire stones adding extra glamour. A beautiful and different ring that is certainly eye-catching.

rose gold, white sapphire and emerald ring £919.20

If she is a fan of rose gold, then consider this pretty rose gold, white sapphire and emerald ring as the perfect engagement ring. This glamorous engagement ring comes with a diamond-cut emerald stone of 0.50-carat weight and white sapphires set in 14-carat gold. It's a stunning ring and one she won't find elsewhere that's for sure. A unique choice for an engagement ring or dress ring for a special occasion such as an anniversary.

white gold, white sapphire and pink sapphire ring £759.20

Similar to the white gold, white sapphire and blue sapphire ring mentioned above is this stunning ring with pink shoulder sapphires. For the lady who is unashamedly girlie, the pink stones add a pretty hue to this exquisite ring. Set in 14-carat white gold, she is sure to love this ring when you propose.  A beautiful ring for that special woman in your life.

rose gold, ruby and white sapphire ring £912.20

When she loves the warmth of rich red ruby, then this rose gold, ruby and white sapphire ring will surely be cherished. With a 0.50 carat ruby, this gorgeous ring would be perfect for that special moment when she says 'I do' as well as that special fortieth wedding anniversary. 

As you can see buying a Savicki engagement ring from the Savick Fairytale Collection will ensure you have that unique ring for that special woman in your life, ready to propose at that special moment. 

Every item of Savicki jewellery over £250 has a lifetime warranty as well so you have complete peace of mind when you make your buying decision. So whether you are buying something else from their website or a Savicki Fairytale Collection ring you can be assured of quality too.

Let me know, what do you think of the engagement rings from the Savicki Fairytale Collection? 



  1. This is such a pretty selection of rings, sure to make an engagement extra special.

  2. What some absolutely beautiful looking rings! I have to admit I love the white gold and sapphire one that is stunning.

  3. All the pieces are so pretty. I love the designs and the stone combinations. The white gold with pink and white sapphires is unusual and gorgeous!

  4. What a beautiful selection of engagement rings! The rose gold, white sapphire and emerald ring is gorgeous.

  5. Oh my gosh, they are all stunning. As soon as I saw the white gold and sapphire one, I thought that would be my favourite but then I loved each one. Mich x

  6. Such beautiful rings, these are gorgeous and definitely unique. Sapphire and emeralds is always a winner to me.

  7. Beauty rings! I love the rose gold, white sapphire, and ruby ring the most. It looks so very royal! x

  8. What beautiful rings! I love the pin sapphire one most of all. Kaz

  9. The ruby ring would be great for my mum for her ruby wedding anniversary