Lighting Choices To Reduce Energy Consumption As Dark Nights Return

The way you feel about the winter months will determine your outlook on life as the dark nights' return.  Cosy nights in front of the telly, need ambient lighting, yet irrespective of comfort, there’s a more pressing matter facing humanity, and that’s climate change. Getting the right eco-friendly lighting can save on electricity, reduce our energy consumption and help to save the planet. Pagazzi Lighting provides an essential range of contemporary lighting solutions perfect for reducing your energy consumption during those dark winter nights when we need them the most. Take a look at what they recommend below to reduce your energy consumption as the dark nights' return.

LED Lighting 

LED Lighting is a perfect way of reducing energy consumption within the home. You may be reluctant to move away from the traditional illumination of your standard bulbs, but it must be known the energy savings that come with the faithful LED. Experts say that the LEDs we put around our Christmas trees are long-lasting enough to last as many as 40 Christmases. That’s a lot more than can be said for our bulbous friends who omit most of their energy through heat wastage. We say most, but 90% of their energy is lost through secondary heat. The modernisation of LED lighting has allowed us to create more aesthetically pleasing lighting that provides a wonderful atmosphere in the winter months while also saving on energy, too.

Install dimmers

Not only does installing light dimmers in your house provide you with the ability to dim the lights and create that wonderfully romantic and cosy atmosphere, but it also means you can save up to 20% of your energy because of the reduced wattage. Dimming your bulbs also increases their life span by up to four years – just think of the cost-savings and environmental benefits. It seems like dimmers have gone out of fashion in recent years, but they truly are the Brad Pitt of the lighting world, providing benefits on all playing fields. It doesn’t matter whether it’s energy reduction, cost savings, or improved life spans, the faithful dimmer has your back well into the climate change crisis.

Solar energy is the future 

Although the effects of climate change are being realised more than ever, our understanding of solar energy is increasingly being leaned upon to provide a natural source of energy. It seems silly not to make the most of that large natural light source we have up in our skies, that big ball of energy they call the sun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the darker winter months either, solar panels on top of your home during the daytime hours power those ambient dimmers long through the wintery nights. The costs of solar panelling have also fallen 99% since 1977 and will continue to decline with further use.

In our life-long search for meaning, there are only two certainties. The first being that climate change is a real and quantifiable phenomenon that needs to be tackled. The second is the warm feeling of comfort you get while enjoying a relaxing evening in front of the TV as the rain batters your windows. Create the ambience you’ve always craved with a range of lighting solutions from Pagazzi. 

Do you think of ways to reduce your energy consumption?



  1. We have dimmer switches in every room except the bathroom and I am never sure that they do save money, but we have them and we have low energy bulbs too x

  2. I've never thought of dimmers what a good idea x