Top Tips to Protect the Foundations of Your Home

Did you know that damage can be caused to the foundations of your home by poor drainage, soil shrinkage and tree roots? To avoid severe structural damage and costly repairs, it is important to protect the foundations of your property by ensuring they are dry and damage free. 

Here is some helpful advice from the experts at Screwfast Foundations Limited on how you can protect the foundations of your home…

The first step towards protecting the foundations of your home is by carefully inspecting the land around your property. Have you noticed rainwater pooling in certain areas? This could cause issues to the foundations of your home, as it slowly seeps into the ground. Try to soak up any puddles you find by filling these areas with gravel or soil. Whilst inspecting your property it is also important to look out for signs of water damage. This could be cracks in the walls or mould around the brickwork. It is vital that you act fast and make repairs as soon as possible to stop these issues from worsening.

Clear any debris from your drains and gutters to keep them free from blockages. When foliage and dirt collects in your guttering it can cause water to overflow and leak down the walls. It is also important to look out for any damage or cracks in your drainage pipes that could lead to problems in the future.

Keep your garden well-watered throughout the summer months to prevent the soil from drying up and shrinking around your property. Dry soil can lead to movements in your foundation and cause damage to your home. A great way to keep your grass evenly watered is by investing in a garden sprinkler system.

Finally, it is important to closely monitor any trees that are planted around your property. This is because tree roots can grow rapidly underground and cause major damage to building foundations.


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