Gifts That Are Always Eternally Appreciated

It can be very easy to overthink finding the perfect gift for someone.  It’s not hard to see why. We often appreciate the gifts that have had some real thought put into them, irrespective of costs. We appreciate when someone makes a real effort to treat us to something special so choosing something special for others can be a real task.

For this reason, sometimes, it can be worth going back to basics and discovering gifts that are always appreciated. Here are three types of gift ideas below that you should consider.

A Memento 

A memento or keepsake can serve as a fantastic gift, provided you are careful as to what you choose. You need to remember that a certain item could send a certain message. A locket, for example, is a great memento as it can open to hold a photo or lock of hair of a loved one and keep something precious close to their heart. A charm bracelet can be another memento that can be personalised with individual charms, such as initials of children, birthstones, and hobbies.  Check out stores that sell independent fine jewellery, speak to the experts, and consider what your message is.

A memento, such as a necklace, ring, or watch, can potentially last decades however if you have a limited budget, a souvenir of a trip is another option that can be very much appreciated. I am making a photo book for my husband for a trip we took to the US, driving Route 66. Looking back on the photos together will make, I think a thoughtful and uniquely personalised gift.

An Experience 

They say that investing in experiences is always worthwhile, because the memory is forever yours, and the impact it has on a life can be far-reaching. An impromptu surprise trip to Europe, a luxury afternoon tea for two with champagne, or an experience like driving a supercar (like I gifted my husband), or shooting zombies in an abandoned shopping mall (like I gifted my son) could provide that perfect gift someone will remember for the rest of their life!

You could make this even more special. If gifting this experience to your spouse, for example, you may decide to visit the town or city you both first met for an overnight stay, giving you the chance to revisit old memories, feel nostalgic, and experience the place once again.

Experiences are often eternally appreciated because reliving that memory and talking about it to others, sharing connections makes us feel nostalgic and alive. Some people say, would you rather have a house full of stuff or a passport full of stamps? I know what I would rather have.

Life Considerations 

Like an experience or something that can serve as a memento, purchasing something that can allow your recipient to learn something about themselves could be a cherished gift to give. A course to learn a new skill could be an interesting gift. Another could be learning about your history and heritage.  I learnt about my ancestry through Ancestry DNA and that would be a perfect gift for people curious about their background. 

Helping them learn how their genetic makeup is comprised, or where they might hail from, or the story of a long-lost ancestor could send them on a journey of self-discovery. Giving someone the tools to unlock more about themselves is at once a very personal gift, perfect for family members, good friends and partners, maybe not so great for colleagues you don't really know.

I hope you can use this advice to think of unique gifts for your family and friends that are always eternally appreciated.

*Collaborative post

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