Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Fillers

With advancing age, wisdom grows, but at the same time, the skin can lose its glow and youthful exuberance. Taking care of your skin by using a face cream with an SPF, of course, is what we all need to do, and having good genetics is key to looking youthful, however, we can't stop ageing and wrinkles is one of the signs. Some of us wish to let nature take its course, but if you want to try and turn back time, why not? There are many treatments available for reducing these marks and making one look younger, but the one with the most noticeable effect are injectable neuromodulators. In more layman terms, Botox injections are the miracle wrinkle-erasers that are suggested. Looking up for best Botox® in London might land you with many search results, but before you jump into it, are you aware of what options you can have and what the process does? 

Botox Cosmetic, Jeuveau, Dysport or Xeomin are some of the popular names that you might come across when consulting for a neuromodulator injection. There are certain things that you should keep in mind about the process, be it in the consulting phase or the actual cosmetic procedure.

Everyone’s facial structure is different and the extent to which the facial muscles stretch for each person is also different. Your doctor will be observing these facial muscles before making some marks on the face, at the points where the injection is to be done. This helps in identifying the origin points of muscle movements on the face. Doctors with many years of experience in this cosmetic procedure can do this, to make sure symmetry is preserved after the injections start taking effect.

Typically, after a minute or two of the Botox injections, nerves that stimulate the muscle movement are blocked from sending any signals. This can feel a bit odd at times but rarely lasts long. After the muscle movements are constrained, the body naturally starts to repair the wrinkles because it detects no muscle movement there. Based on the product used, the patient's physiology and the area of the injection, the effect of this wrinkle filler has varying onset times, typically three days to show its effect, with peak results at around one and a half weeks for most individuals.

Based on how neuromodulators work differently with different people, no two people can have the same type and dose. After a careful analysis of the facial structure, muscle movement and strength, doctors can advise different types of anti-wrinkle treatment for different patients. Every dose and maybe even every consultation can have differences based on the physiology of the patient. Neuromodulators often come in the form of a powder and need to be diluted in saline water so that they can be injected. Based on the body’s physiology, small bumps might appear near the area of the injection, but they could last only for 30 minutes at best before being absorbed back into the tissue.

The process of using a neuromodulator is very subtle and needs expert calculations as you don't want a frozen expression or looking continually angry. Yes, the results will wear off in a few months, but if you choose a doctor who has years of experience in this procedure, every session can be a beautiful and safe one. 
As always check out the clinic, the credentials of the staff and its reviews carefully before you agree to treatment.

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