Blinds, Curtains, Shutters - Which Are Best?

Have you been considering whether to have blinds, curtains or shutters on your windows? It can be tough to decide exactly which one is best for your needs. This is as Ad.

I’ve put together a guide to help you choose which is best. There are various reasons why you should choose any of the three options depending on your window style, so hopefully, this guide will help you make up your mind.



You can get all different types of blinds including roller blinds, wooden venetian blinds and Roman blinds. It is important you know which one you want and which will suit your house best.

You can even get wooden Venetian blinds made to measure. So why should you consider blinds? They have many advantages, one being that they allow you to control the exact amount of light entering that particular too.

They are also a great option when it comes to privacy - passers-by are unable to see into your home. You can even get Blinds Central Coast (or wherever you are located) to match your decor - perfect if you like things to match.

Blinds tend to give a home a cleaner and cooler feel whereas other options tend to give a cosier feel. They also tend to be one of the cheaper solutions, depending on the type of blind you choose.

If you know what fit you want and what type, then you will soon be good to go.



Curtains are great as they are so simple. You can open and tie them back and can choose from a variety of colours to best suit your home’s decor. These are definitely the cosiest of the three options and can easily be picked up from a variety of places, both online and offline, in the length you need. You can also choose for them to be custom made but this will be more expensive.

Curtains are a fantastic choice for dressing a child’s bedroom especially as you can get different cartoon characters on them. These can be as costly or as affordable as you let them be - you can buy them from a variety of different places, even on the high street.



With shutters offering different degrees of privacy and light control, shutters are a stylish way of dressing your windows. They can really create a wow factor in a room. They are versatile and can be custom-built. They’re probably the most expensive option due to usually being custom built but they are a great choice.

Shutters also allow you to ventilate your room when it's hot and dark outside and help prevent insects from entering your home. They have wonderful sound insulation too.

venetian blinds

So now you know the differences between the three and which one is best suited to your needs. Which one is the perfect choice for your home?



  1. I love wooden blinds and shutters as they look so smart

    1. I think wooden blinds and shutters give a very classic look to a home

  2. We love curtains in the bedrooms as it gives quite a homely feel to it, and then we plan on having blinds downstairs so you can adjust it. I'd love shutters one day as they seem more durable x

  3. My favourites are blinds as they are so cheap