The Essential Guide To The Best Music Tech In 2019

Forget CDs and even the on trend vinyl to get your music kicks, technological advancements in the twenty first century have seen a whole new onslaught of musical phenomena to help you get your melodic thrills. Whereas back in the 1980s, it was all double cassette decks and ghetto blasters, nowadays it is all about connectivity and crisp sounds across every device that you have in your home. Read on to find out about the best music tech of 2019.


Streaming has become the millennial's modus operandi of choice when listening to the latest tunes. Spotify is an exceptional streaming service because of the sheer quality and quantity of current music and back catalogues. Subscribe to Spotify and you have access to a streaming service without adverts or skips or delays. If you want to listen to Spanish flamenco guitar, followed by the latest Ed Sheeran track followed by some heavy metal, you can do with the power to create your very own personalized playlists. Other people who use the service can also make their own playlists to put up for the niche masses to enjoy. The community vibe on the service also sets it apart from the rest.


The big name of Google has also got in on the music scene. With the best price for a Google Chromecast now at under £20, you can soon plug a device into your TV and have your smartphone access the latest music videos on Youtube through your gogglebox. You can even access Spotify or any other music app through your TV, meaning that your music experience becomes all the more immersive for you.

Garmin Vivoactive

If you love heading to the gym and love pounding the treadmill for thirty minutes every session, the chances are that you need some music to help you find your rhythm. Rather than lugging around your smartphone, consider this nifty Garmin GPS wristwatch. It plays your favourite tunes while monitoring your heart rate, telling you how much you are exerting and giving you tips to help keep your breathing rate up. Within the next few months, you can even stream to Spotify from your wristwatch, and Deezer is already available.

Sony 360 Reality Audio

While this may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, Sony has created an all-immersive aural experience by creating virtual speakers. These are set up in the room or venue of your choice and allow you to listen to your favourite band and feel like you are at a live concert (even if you are just watching a music video on TV.) The technology used is object audio-spatial meaning that the instruments used within the music that you are listening to are placed at specific points within the 360 virtual space, giving you that all immersive musical experience that you crave.

Music tech is advancing at an astronomical pace. With the dawn of big players like Google and Amazon getting in on the scene, it won’t be long before music tech is accessible to all.

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