Why You Should Buy A Scooter

Have you ever wanted to buy a scooter but not sure if you can justify it? Maybe your son or daughter are looking to get their first mode of transport and you don't know much about them? There are plenty of amazing scooters out there that it can be hard to choose one. 

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should buy a scooter. Check out this post in collaboration with Direct Bikes.

They are perfect for young and old 

You cannot start driving a car until you are 17 but you can start learning to ride a scooter at the age of 16. Whether you are young or older with young family members, a scooter can be a versatile mode of transport that the whole family can potentially use.

The lightweight form of the scooter makes it perfect for people of any age - if you’re a little older, you might be concerned about being able to handle such a mode of transport but this would be perfect for you.

They’re better for the environment 

I bet you didn’t realise just how eco-friendly they are! They produce a much less CO2 than the average car, so if you are eco-conscious, this might be the best mode of traffic for you.

Research different scooters to see which one is most eco-friendly and efficient for you - you are bound to find the perfect fit.

They are cheap to run

Whether you are thinking about maintenance, fuel, tax or scooter insurance, this is inevitably going to be cheaper than running a car meaning your bank balance and your wallet will look a little healthier.

Scooters are very fuel efficient - how regularly you refuel does depend on the engine size, of course - but this is very cost effective for you.

They are easy to handle 

Scooters are extremely light and are perfect for driving safely through traffic as scooters can legally take full advantage of bus lanes at certain times and zip through stationary traffic. They can handle slower speeds better than motorcycles and are less powerful than a motorcycle too which is great if you find it a little daunting on your first outing.

Scooters have a much better urban advantage than other forms of transport. Even if you live in a really congested city, you are able to zip through tight traffic jams. You are able to park pretty much anywhere and the automatic transmission makes it much easier on your body if you happen to get stuck in traffic.

The initial outlay is inexpensive 

If you are looking at your bank balance wondering if you can justify purchasing a scooter, it is important to remember they are much cheaper to buy than cars and motorcycles. In fact, you can usually pick up a scooter for around the price of a monthly paycheck - you wouldn’t be able to do that with a car!

You can even pick up a used one in fantastic condition for a relatively cheap price - of course, doing your research is key so you can find the right scooter for you.

Maintenance is simpler 

Do the words maintenance strike fear into your heart? Scooter maintenance is fairly easy and many people are able to fix simple problems with the basic tools. This is virtually impossible with cars these days. Of course, the most expensive models will have more sophisticated technology, and you should take your scooter to a garage when you don't have the capabilities or knowledge but if you are looking for a simple scooter to learn to drive then simple maintenance is much easier than a car.

They look good 

You might not be a person who puts a lot of stock into their image but if you are, consider this: scooters look great. You can find them all over pop culture - many famous films feature them - what about the classic ‘Roman Holiday’ or even ‘Quadrophenia’? There is no denying it - scooters look good.

Have you ever considered a scooter?



  1. Having a scooter is very advantageous to those living in big cities. I think having one is a great idea and awesome way to get around in traffic that's bad for cars. So many positives to owning one.

  2. I wish I had this during my college days in the past. I bet it would have made made it even more fun for me.

  3. When I was 16 I really wanted to learn how to ride a scooter but my parents weren't keen on the idea. If I lived in a big city I'd definitely consider getting a scooter over a car.

  4. A scooter definitely seems like a great alternative method of transport compared to a big and bulky car or a motorcycle.

  5. Never had a scooter but have always wanted one as they look so good. Love the fact that they are low maintenance and great for city life, would be much easier to park than a car!

  6. How cool are these scooters for sure. Love that they are super funky and I am sure will cut through traffic too xx

  7. There is some really nice scooters out there, I wish I could ride one because they're probably easier than driving a car... And heck of a lot cheaper xx

  8. If my mummy had a shorter commute she'd consider getting a scooter! The red one looks really good fun! My daddy gets the bus to the station and might consider one!

  9. Was never scooter type of girl always preferred motorbikes, but I do think scooters are a great option for city dwellers as they are so eco friendly!