Dream Home Designs

If you love home decor programmes such as Location, Location, Location or home decor magazines such as Home Beautiful, you probably spend many hours dreaming about your perfect home.  Unless your property is 100 per cent perfect, you may have dreamt of a bigger property, a new smart kitchen or even a top-class swimming pool if you have space, I mean why not? 

Here are some dream home designs if money were no object.  

Home spa

The ultimate luxury to many of us would be having a home spa at home, and perhaps a pool too. How amazing would it be to relax in a sauna, have a swim in your own indoor pool and then relax in a jacuzzi? For the ultimate in luxury, a bespoke spa design made to your specifications would be a treat, you can have whatever you want, from a traditional Nordic-style sauna or a super modern minimalistic spa, it's totally up to you.

Swimming pool

So this leads me on to having a swimming pool installed in your home. As well as the apparent benefits of swimming for physical exercise, there is the stress reliever of swimming as an exercise too. You can also cool down on a hot day in an outdoor pool and warm up on a cold day in a heated pool. If you have young children having your own pool can make it easier for them to learn to swim. As you can see a swimming pool is a big asset to some and can be a huge selling point to many.

You can elevate your home with a luxury pool. Check out Minnesota pool builders or similar pool builders in your area if you want to have a bespoke pool in your home.

Wine Cellar

If you are a wine connoisseur, a wine cellar in your home is the ultimate indulgence. A professionally installed wine cellar can even make you money if you are in the know. As well as adding value to your home, it can save wine from spoiling, it can save you money as you can buy wine by the case and it can help you invest in more expensive wine. If you know what you are doing investing in wine can be lucrative, but do your research thoroughly beforehand.

Walk-in closet

If you have seen the film Sex In The City 2, you may remember the scene where Carry was built a walk-in wardrobe by Mr Big. I remember the gasps of the audience when I saw the film at the cinema. Cosmopolitan Magazine thinks you need at least a spare £5000 for this, but what a wardrobe you will have! The ultimate in luxury for the fashionistas among you.

State of the art kitchen

A beautiful modern state-of-the-art kitchen is top of the list of many people's dream home designs and is often within the reach of many people. With integrated appliances, easy-to-clean surfaces, plenty of storage, and spotlights for added illumination when you are cooking, a kitchen like this is of high importance if you like to entertain. It's again, a great selling point too when you are looking to move.

Let me know, what would your dream home be like?



  1. That is a kitchen of dreams. That is always my wish for our home, to have a good-sized family kitchen!

  2. I would want a library if money was no option and I had space big enough, somewhere filled with all my favourite books and maybe one or two first editions x

  3. I would have a room dedicated to writing. Full of books, a decent sound system (for ambient sounds), motivational posters and a computer to maximise my output.

  4. We are about to get a new kitchen installed, along with a wine fridge! (If I had the space I’d go for a wine cellar)

  5. Yes, yes to all of these please! A swimming pool is the dream!